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Mobile phone providers in Australia

There are just 3 mobile networks in Australia but over 50 phone companies to choose from. We've rounded up the top 10 mobile service providers on Finder to make it easier for you to find the best one.

Most popular


from $15/mth

  • Runs on Vodafone 4G network
  • Unlimited national standard calls & texts
  • 50% off for the first 6 months


from $10/mth

  • Runs on Optus 4G network
  • Unlimited national standard calls & texts
  • Double data for 3 months on selected plans

Compare the top 10 mobile service providers in Australia

  1. TPG
  2. Catch
  3. felix
  4. Dodo
  5. Belong
  6. Southern Phone
  7. iiNet
  8. Boost
  9. Optus
  10. Circles

What you need to know

  • Telstra, Optus and TPG/Vodafone operate the 3 mobile networks in Australia. They also sell their own mobile plans.
  • Other phone companies called mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) offer plans but do not own their own network infrastructure.
  • When you sign up with an MVNO, it is important to check which network they operate on as this will determine your mobile coverage.

1. TPG: 50% off mobile plans for 6 months

TPG offers excellent value for money with its range of mobile plans slashed at half price for the first 6 months.

Most popular TPG plan on Finder:

TPG Large

Calls & Text
per month
TPG Large logo

for the first 6 months then 45GB for $30. T&Cs apply.

TPG could be right for you if you:

  • Want expiry periods that last a full month – recharge just 12 times a year compared to 13 times from some other prepaid providers that offer 28-day expiry plans.
  • Are already with TPG internet and want to save an additional $5 a month by bundling a mobile plan too.
  • Keep in mind: TPG is one of the few providers to sting you with a port-out fee when you move your number to a new service.

2. Catch Connect: Great value long-expiry deals

You might know Catch for its deals on everyday items, but that extends to its mobile plans too. Catch runs on the Optus 4G network and has a bunch of great value mobile plans to last you a full year.

Most popular Catch plan on Finder:

Catch Connect 365 Day Plan 120GB

Calls & Text
per 365 days
Catch Connect 365 Day Plan 120GB logo

for the first 365 days then 120GB for $150.

Catch could be right for you if:

  • You're looking for a way to save money on your yearly mobile bill.
  • You're looking for a budget provider on the Optus network.
  • Keep in mind: Catch's long expiry plans are great value but you'll need to commit for the long term. Make sure you're happy to stick with it for 365 days before you sign up.

3. felix Mobile: The only unlimited data mobile provider in Australia

felix is currently the only provider in Australia to offer a mobile plan with no data caps.

There are a couple of other providers that offer endless data, but your speeds will get slowed down once you reach your monthly data limit.

Most popular felix plan on Finder:

felix Subscription Unlimited GREEN COMPANY

Calls & Text
data. Slowed down to 20Mbps after full speed data used up
per month
felix Subscription Unlimited logo

for the first 3 months then Unlimited Data for $40. T&Cs apply. Use code FELIX50. Ends 30.6.24

felix could be right for you if you:

  • Want a carbon-neutral plan from a Finder Green Award-winning provider. It also plants 1 tree per active subscription each month.
  • Want an unlimited data mobile plan.
  • Keep in mind: There's a 20Mbps speed limit imposed on felix's unlimited subscription. This may not be fast enough for some users.

4. Dodo: Lots of data options

Whether you're after a small or large amount of data, Dodo has you covered. This month, you'll get double data for the first 3 months on most of its mobile plans.

Most popular Dodo plan on Finder:

Dodo $10

Calls & Text
per month
Dodo $10 logo

Dodo could be right for you if you:

  • Are looking for a simple mobile plan with unlimited calls and text in Australia, plus unlimited texts overseas too.
  • Value multiple customer support options – Dodo has a call centre, live chat service and an account portal to submit a request.
  • Keep in mind: Despite being advertised as a postpaid plan, you'll have to pay for the plan at the start of the month.

5. Belong: Telstra's eco-friendly sub-brand

Owned by Telstra but standing up on its own 2 environment-friendly feet is Belong Mobile. It has won a couple of Finder Green Awards thanks to its carbon-neutral plans and sustainable business practices.

Its mobile plans offer great value on the Telstra 4G/5G network and are even better if you can score a double-data deal when it runs them.

Most popular Belong plan on Finder:

Belong 40GB

Calls & Text
data. Slowed down to 1Mbps after full speed data used up
per month
Belong 40GB logo

Belong could be right for you if:

  • You tend to use a little over your monthly data limit – Belong offers no excess usage charges and will just slow your mobile internet speed down to 1Mbps instead.
  • Environment is top of mind and you want to support an eco-friendly phone company.
  • Keep in mind: All of Belong's mobile plans are capped at a max download speed of 100Mbps. This is still fast enough and shouldn't cause too much hassle.

6. Southern Phone: Great value carbon-neutral plans

Southern Phone has a wide range of mobile plans operating on the Optus 4G and 5G networks. It also offers some great low-data plans if you're not a data guzzler and are keen to keep your bills low.

Most popular Southern Phone plan on Finder:

Southern Phone Finder Exclusive

Calls & Text
per month
Southern Phone Finder Exclusive logo

for the first 3 months then 100GB for $25. T&Cs apply. Ends 29.4.24

Southern Phone could be right for you if you:

  • Value Australia-based customer support.
  • Want a carbon-neutral phone plan.
  • Keep in mind: Southern Phone is one of a handful of providers that charges a fee when you port out your number to a new service.

7. iiNet: Half off for half a year

iiNet's mobile plans offer the same deal as TPG, but with different plan inclusions. You'll get 50% off the plan prices for the first 6 months.

Most popular iiNet plan on Finder:

iiNet Medium Plan

Calls & Text
per month
iiNet Medium Plan logo

for the first 6 months then 16GB for $24.99. T&Cs apply.

iiNet could be right for you if you:

  • Have an iiNet internet plan and want to get 80GB bonus data (only available on the iiNet Large plan).
  • Would like access to 24/7 technical support.
  • Keep in mind: If you like to use an app to manage your plan then iiNet might not be for you. Its app is only for managing its internet plans.

8. Boost Mobile: Full Telstra network coverage at a cheaper price

Boost Mobile comes with the unique advantage of sharing the same coverage as Telstra itself, across both its 4G and 5G networks. While it's not the cheapest Telstra MVNO, its prices are definitely a lot more budget-friendly than signing up directly with Telstra.

Most popular Boost plan on Finder:

Boost $230 SIM

Calls & Text
per 12 months
Boost $230 SIM logo

for the first 12 months then 160GB for $230.

Boost could be right for you if you:

  • Want or need access to the full Telstra network.
  • Want access to international calls and texts on your mobile plan.
  • Keep in mind: Boost's bonus data offers only last for the first 3 recharges. Make sure you're happy with the standard data amount after the promotion ends.

9. Optus: Affordable plans on Australia's second-largest network

Optus has plans across both its 4G and 5G networks to suit different needs. Its prepaid plans are great value, with loads of data limits to choose from.

Most popular Optus plan on Finder:

Optus Flex Plus $35

Calls & Text
per 28 days
Optus Flex Plus $35 logo

for the first 3 recharges then 20GB for $35. T&Cs apply.

Optus could be right for you if:

  • You prefer signing up with Australia's second-largest 4G network that covers 98.5% of Australians.
  • You want data rollover – up to 200GB.
  • Keep in mind: Optus's Prepaid Epic Data plans come with quite a bit of data for the first 3 recharges but drop significantly after this. Check the full plan details to make sure you're happy with the ongoing inclusions.

10. Circles.Life: Bonus data for 12 months

Circles.Life is known for slinging big data deals and it's partnered with Finder this month to offer bonus data on 2 of its plans.

Its most popular plan on Finder will give you 4 times the data for the same price for the first 12 months - that's insane value!

Most popular Circles.Life plan on Finder:

Circles.Life could be right for you if:

  • You like big data and you cannot lie - our Finder exclusive discounts this month offer great value for money.
  • You'd like to sign up with peace of mind thanks to Circles.Life's 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Keep in mind: Circles.Life's bonus data expires after the first 12 months, but there's no lock-in contract so you're free to switch providers if you're not happy with the ongoing data allowance.

Who is the best mobile phone provider in Australia?

The best provider for you is going to depend on what you value most in a mobile phone company. That can range from anything such as network, price or included plan features.

There are a few stand-outs that we've awarded across a range of categories to help narrow down the list for you.

How do you compare mobile service providers in Australia?

When looking for a new mobile phone plan you'll want to consider a few factors:

Network icon


This determines the kind of coverage you get. Those outside of metropolitan cities should focus on plans on the Telstra or Optus network. If you're looking at 5G plans, make sure to check the provider's coverage map before you sign up.

Price icon


Decide how much you're willing to spend and whether you want a postpaid or prepaid plan. Postpaid plans are month-to-month but prepaid plans are more flexible with monthly, short-term and long-expiry plans up to 365 days.

Features icon


Consider which features are most important to you. Some plans include endless data with speed caps while others offer data rollover. You can get plans with or without international calls and handy options such as data rollover or Wi-Fi calling.

Tom Goodwin

Inclusions like unlimited calls and texts are pretty standard on mobile plans these days. When you're picking a plan, look out for considerations like data amounts, data speed and extra data charges. Look out for inclusions like international calls, too. These can make a big difference to your overall mobile spend.
— Tom Goodwin, Commercial Content Editor

What are the differences between mobile networks in Australia?

The primary difference between mobile networks in Australia is coverage. Each network covers the following percentage of Australians:

  • Telstra: 99.5%
  • Optus: 98.5%
  • Vodafone: 96%

Where it gets a little tricky is when we start to include smaller network providers known as MVNOs. These providers don't own their own mobile network but basically rent it out to sell their own plans. MVNO network coverage really only differs for Telstra:

  • Telstra MVNOs operate on the wholesale Telstra network that covers 98.8% of Australians, meaning you don't have full coverage access.
  • Optus MVNOs operate on the full Optus network which covers 98.5% of Australians.
  • Vodafone MVNOs also operate on the full Vodafone network which covers 96% of Australians.

How many phone companies are there in Australia?

ProviderNetworkConnectivityTypes of plans
Accord MobileOptus3G/4GPostpaid
ALDImobileTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4G/5GPrepaid
Aussie BroadbandOptus3G/4G/5GPostpaid
Australia PostOptus3G/4GPrepaid
BelongTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4G/5GPostpaid
Bendigo TelcoOptus3G/4GPostpaid
BetterLifeTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPrepaid
Boost MobileTelstra (full)3G/4GPrepaid
Catch ConnectOptus3G/4GPrepaid
CMobile BlueTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4G/5GPostpaid
CMobile RedVodafone3G/4GPrepaid, Postpaid
Coles MobileOptus3G/4GPrepaid
Commander MobileOptus3G/4GPostpaid, Plan with a phone
EscapeNetTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPostpaid
Everyday Mobile (Woolworths)Telstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPrepaid, Postpaid, Plan with a phone
ExetelTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4G/5GPrepaid
felix mobileVodafone3G/4GPrepaid subscription
gomoOptus3G/4GPrepaid subscription
GoodtelTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4G/5GPostpaid
Hello MobileVodafone3G/4GPrepaid
JB Hi-FiTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4G/5GPrepaid, Postpaid
Kogan MobileVodafone3G/4GPrepaid
KonecTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPrepaid
LycamobileTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPrepaid
MateTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4G/5GPostpaid
Moose MobileOptus3G/4GPostpaid
MoreTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPostpaid
numobileTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPostpaid, Plan with a phone
OptusOptus3G/4G/5GPrepaid, Postpaid, Plan with a phone
PennytelTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPostpaid
Reward MobileVodafone3G/4GPostpaid
Southern PhoneOptus3G/4G/5GPostpaid, Plan with a phone
Tangerine TelecomTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPostpaid
TeleChoiceTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPrepaid, Postpaid, Plan with a phone
TelsimTelstra (wholesale)3G/4G/5GPrepaid
TelstraTelstra (full)3G/4G/5GPrepaid, Postpaid, Plan with a phone
Think MobileVodafone3G/4GPostpaid
Think Mobile ClassicTelstra (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPostpaid
VodafoneVodafone (full)3G/4G/5GPrepaid, Postpaid, Plan with a phone
WestnetVodafone (wholesale)Parts of 3G/4GPrepaid

Methodology: How we researched the best mobile phone providers

To calculate the top 10 best mobile phone providers, we look at the total number of clicks by Finder users over the last month. This includes all different types of plans including prepaid, postpaid and subscription-based plans.

Keep in mind that the providers on this list are Finder partners, which means we may be paid if you click links to partner websites. Learn more about how we make money.

We're still editorially independent, and in our breakdown of these providers and their plans, we'll be upfront about any sneaky terms and conditions we think is important to call out.

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