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The best pet insurance for both cat and dog people

We analysed 60+ pet insurance policies and spent 80+ hours researching the best plans (we reeeeally love our pets!). These are the top dogs.

Best Pet Insurance

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All the pet insurance policies below will cover your pet for accidents and illnesses. They all have an annual limit (how much you can claim back each year) and a benefit percentage (how much of the vet bill it will cover you for, e.g. 90%).

To select our top picks, we used our Finder Awards data and researched 69 pet insurance policies (that's nearly all pet insurance policies available in Australia), looking at features including annual limit, benefit percentage, discounts and excess. Remember, there's no single best pet insurance policy that suits each one of our furry friends, since we all have different budgets and priorities.

Why you can trust our research

60+ pet insurance policies analysed

140+ prices gathered

80+ hours of research

Gary Ross Hunter
Expert picks selected by Gary Ross Hunter – insurance expert

Top pick for features: Medibank Max with Extra Care Pet Insurance


Our verdict:

  • $30,000 annual limit – one of the highest on the market.
  • Covers 90% of eligible vet bills. The average is 80%.
  • GapOnly cover lets you claim on the spot and 24/7 VetChat subscription lets you chat to a vet.
  • Up to $2,000 towards dental conditions – most insurers don't offer this.
    • 90% back is higher than average but some can cover 100%.
    • There's a 10% discount but it's only available to Medibank and ahm health members.
    • Its other plans are not as comprehensive.

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Top pick for routine care: PIA Major Medical Cover

Pet insurance australia

Our verdict:

  • The only policy out of 60+ to automatically cover routine care e.g desexing, microchipping, council registration fees and vaccinations.
  • Claim up to $30,145 per year, the highest annual limit out of all Australian pet insurers.
  • First 2 months free. Based on average pet insurance costs, this could knock $160 off your bill.
    • You get 80% back on vet bills. Insurers including Coles offer up to 100% back.
    • It has some sub-limits, a $3,000 cap on tick paralysis and $1,200 for emergency boarding.
    • The $145 routine care benefit might not be enough for everyone.

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Top pick for no sub-limits: Knose Pet Insurance

Knose pet insuance

Finder Pet Insurance Award Winner

Our verdict:

  • No sub-limits on specific conditions.
  • Covers 90% of eligible vet bills and you can claim up to $25,000 per year.
  • Most cover 80% of vet bills and have a $15,000 cap.
    • A small number of policies cover 100% of vet bills.
    • It doesn't do GapOnly payments. You need to pay the full vet bill and wait to be reimbursed.
    • It's no good for pets aged over 9. They aren't eligible.

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Top pick for value: Bow Wow Meow Ultimate Care Plan

Bow Wow Meow pet insuance

Best Pet Insurance - Value

Our verdict:

  • It won the Finder Awards for best value policy. It's cheaper than other insurers but gives you more for your money.
  • Covers 80% of eligible vet bills. Most cover 80% of vet bills.
  • Claim up to $20,000 per year. Most have a $15,000 cap.
    • A small number of policies cver 100% of vet bills.
    • Some insurers cover up to $30,000 a year.

Top pick for perks: Everyday Comprehensive Plus Pet Insurance


Our verdict:

  • 10% off your Woolies shop every single month.
  • Free access to VetAssist with every policy, valued at $199 per year.
  • GapOnly cover lets you claim on the spot, as opposed to pay for the full vet bill and wait to be reimbursed.
  • $30,000 annual limit – one of the largest on the market.
    • 80% back on vet bills. Coles, Medibank and Knose can cover 90% or 100%.
    • The discount is no good if you don't shop at Woolies.
    • No multi-pet discount.

Top pick for comprehensiveness: Platinum Cover pet insuance

Best Pet Insurance - Features

Our verdict:

  • Comprehensive policy winner in the 2024 Finder Awards.
  • It covers 80% of eligible vet bills and comes with GapOnly cover.
  • Claim up to $30,000 a year for accidents and illnesses.
  • There are cheaper and more basic policies elsewhere.
  • It has sub-limits for certain treatments including cruciate ligament conditions ($3,000).
  • Some policies can cover you for 90%.

Top pick for price: Budget Direct Pet Insurance

Budget Direct

Our verdict:

  • It's typically cheaper than other pet insurers whether you own a cat or a dog.
  • It covers vet bills for accidents and illnesses and you can take your pet to your preffered vet.
    • It's a pretty basic policy. You can claim up to $12,000 a year towards vet bills. That's below the average of $15,000.
    • It comes with sub-limits on specific conditions (e.g a $1,200 cap on snake attacks). Lots of insurers don't do sub-limits now.
    • It doesn't cover routine or preventative care.

    Go to Budget Direct Pet Insurance's website

Tips to find the best pet insurance policy

Keep these 3 tips top of mind and it'll be much easier for you to find a good pet insurance policy:

Don't settle for a low annual limit

Pet insurance policies typically let you claim up to $15,000 a year. This may seem like a lot but surgery can exceed $20,000 in some cases. Always check the annual benefit limit before you buy. Everyday ($30,000), Petsy ($25,000) and RSPCA ($20,000) all offer more than average.


Look for a reimbursement rate of 80% or higher

The reimbursement rate, or benefit percentage, is the amount of the vet bill the pet insurer will cover you for. Most comprehensive pet insurance policies will pay 80% of all eligible vet bills. Some, such as Coles (100%) and Petsy (90%) offer more. A high benefit percentage is best for those who don't want to risk facing big out-of-pocket expenses.


Don't hold off on pet insurance until your pet is older

If they develop any health conditions before you've taken out pet insurance, they will be considered pre-existing conditions by the insurer and you won't usually be covered for any treatment related to that condition. Some insurers won't cover your pet at all once they are 9 or older.

Once you have narrowed down your options, get some quotes from each insurer. This will help you see who offers the best-priced pet insurance policy for you.

Read our pet insurance reviews

If you're still not sure which pet insurer is right for you, you can check out our pet insurance review page which outlines the main pros and cons of each provider. We also have individual pet insurance reviews to help you make a decision.

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