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Pet insurance statistics

A majority of Aussies have a pet in their home. So it figures that we would want some more figures on pets and pet insurance, to figure out...something. Anyway here are some pet and pet insurance statistics.

Aussies love pets, and Aussies love statistics. If they say they hate statistics, they just haven't discovered the joy in regression analysis. Most people don't love pet insurance. That's fine, but people should learn a bit more about it.

At Finder, we're obsessed with data about greyhounds. Also other animals, I guess. Below you'll find a tonne of statistics we've gathered about pets, pet ownership, and pet insurance.

Most of these data come from the Finder Consumer Sentiment Tracker. It's a nationally representative survey we run every single month. If the data aren't from there, I'll note where it comes from.

How many Australians own pets?

Pet ownership in Australia is one of the highest in the world, especially after the pandemic. This chart shows the number of Aussies with dogs, cats and other animals. Dogs come out ahead of cats because they are clearly superior.

How much will we spend to save our pet's life?

This one's a bit morbid, but important. When pets get sick or injured, Aussies say they'll spend an average of $2,965 before considering putting their pet down. Rough.

This is probably a good time to mention pet insurance. It's literally made for this, and when things go poorly (or pawly lol) it can be a literal lifesaver. Learn more about pet insurance here.

How much Australians are willing to spend on their pets to save their life.

How many times have Aussies taken their pet to the vet in the last 12 months?

What's the average amount people spend at the vet? (Last 12 months)

How many Australians have ever attended a pet birthday party

The average cost of pet insurance for cats and dogs

We crunched the numbers in Australia and checked 560 dog breeds and 99 cat breeds. Here are the average prices of pet insurance for a 5-year old dog and cat per month:

Most common pet insurance claims for 2019

Accident or illnessAverage Claim Amount FY 2019
Multiple fractures$2,066.31
Irish Wolfhound$567
Tick paralysis$1,156.87
Snake bite$2,133.31
Ear infection$883.38
Urinary tract infection$814.49

PetSure claims data (June 2018-July 2019), from RSPCA

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