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Title Date Category
Finder’s RBA Survey: 44% of experts say BNPL is at alarming heights as cash rate holds 18 June, 2024 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA Survey: 1 in 5 experts say rate will hold until July 2025 or later 14 June, 2024 Home loans
Mortgage cliff countdown: 27% of borrowers due to come off a fixed rate 14 June, 2024 Home loans
Jittery jet-setters: Half of Aussies reluctant to travel 13 June, 2024 Travel insurance
Telling tax tales: 1 in 10 Aussies have lied on their tax returns 12 June, 2024 Money
Easy entry: Almost 1 in 3 Aussies hide a spare house key 5 June, 2024 Home insurance
Mortgage mayhem: 1 in 8 borrowers have missed a repayment 4 June, 2024 Home loans
Desperate for dosh: 1 in 10 in critical need of a tax refund 3 June, 2024 Money
Cutting coverage: Millions switch or ditch health insurance to save on costs 31 May, 2024 Health insurance
What’s yours is mine: Over 3 million Aussies reliant on partner for money 29 May, 2024 Money
Bills set to sizzle: Aussies will pay $1.7 billion to heat their homes this winter 28 May, 2024 Energy plans
Urge to splurge: Australians spending $47 billion a year on impulse purchases 22 May, 2024 Money
Treading lightly: Almost 8 million Aussies can’t change a tyre 21 May, 2024 Car insurance
Dreams on hold: 10 million Aussies delay major milestones due to cashflow woes 20 May, 2024 Cost of living
Power-less: 7 million households desperate to save money this winter 15 May, 2024 Utilities
Finder’s RBA Survey: $171K is the minimum income needed to afford average Aussie house 7 May, 2024 RBA cash rate
Too broke to be sick: 4 million Australians avoid healthcare visits due to affordability issues 6 May, 2024 Health insurance
Finder’s RBA Survey: All experts confident the cash rate will hold 3 May, 2024 RBA cash rate
Losing sleep, hair and their cool: 10 million Aussies suffer unexpected consequences from high cost of living 1 May, 2024 Money
Scratched, cracked and bald: 1 in 4 drivers delaying car service due to financial trouble 30 April, 2024 Car insurance
Shady shoppers: Petty crime escalates as Australians hit hard by cost of living crisis 23 April, 2024 Money
Pet or pay? Aussies would fork out more than $6K to save their furry friend 22 April, 2024 Pet insurance
Flat sharing when flat broke: 2.5 million Aussies move in with family or friends in past year 18 April, 2024 Money
Card-astrophe: Australians lost almost $1 billion to scammers in past year 15 April, 2024 Credit cards
ASIC appeals Finder Wallet ruling 10 April, 2024 News
Cranky customers: Workers face rising tide of abuse 10 April, 2024 Money
Your body or your cash: 1 in 5 Australians say money cheats are worse than adulterers 9 April, 2024 Money
Uninsured and out of luck: 3 million Australians burnt from not having appropriate insurance coverage 8 April, 2024 Health insurance
Roadside resistance: 3 million Australians axe car insurance as cost of living bites 3 April, 2024 Car insurance
Finder’s Credit Card Report: Rising costs mean Aussies more reliant on plastic 2 April, 2024 Credit cards
Surgery stalled: 3.3 million uninsured Australians languish on wait lists 28 March, 2024 Health insurance
Eggspensive: Aussies plan to shell out $4.4 billion this Easter 26 March, 2024 Shopping
When one gig ain’t enough: 6.7 million Aussies looking for a second job 25 March, 2024 Cost of living
Skint: More than 9 million Aussies have less than $1,000 in savings 21 March, 2024 Savings accounts
Finder’s RBA Survey: Cost of living improving but overall economic positivity near record low 19 March, 2024 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA Survey: 1 in 4 experts say rate cut could be off the cards until 2025 18 March, 2024 RBA cash rate
Federal Court of Australia rules in favour of Finder 14 March, 2024 Corporate news
Eyes on your pies: Australians fed up with over the top supermarket security 13 March, 2024 Shopping
Finder’s 2024 Financial Figures: Young Aussies turn to online personalities to learn about money 12 March, 2024 Budgeting
Gen StreZZed: 3 in 4 Gen Z Aussies under financial strain 11 March, 2024 Cost of living
Finder’s International Women’s Day Report: Women in financial ‘survival mode’ 6 March, 2024 Money
Taxing times: 64% of Aussies think they pay too much tax 5 March, 2024 Money
Second-hand scams: Australians selling used goods getting conned online 4 March, 2024 Money
Pumping premium: Health insurance costs have risen at double the rate of inflation 28 February, 2024 Health insurance
Savvy spenders: 79% of Aussies use rewards points to cash in 27 February, 2024 Credit cards
Aussies to save $11,200 by completing Finder’s Financial Fitness Challenge 26 February, 2024 Money
Debt disaster: Millions of Australians unable to make credit card repayments 22 February, 2024 Credit cards
Traffic tantrums: 74% of drivers have experienced road rage 20 February, 2024 Car insurance
Til debt do us part: 1 in 6 Australians dumped over money matters 14 February, 2024 Money
Love takes a backseat: Just 23% of Australians plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day 13 February, 2024 Shopping
Cash flow crisis: Millions of Australians turn to credit to make ends meet 12 February, 2024 Credit cards
Supermarket stress: 92% of Australians taking action to save at the checkout 9 February, 2024 Cost of living
Plastic pitfalls: Australians paying $1.3 billion credit card loyalty tax 7 February, 2024 Credit cards
Finder’s RBA Survey: Experts say 1.2 million homes won’t be built by 2029 as cash rate holds 6 February, 2024 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA Survey: 1 in 4 experts say supermarkets guilty of price gouging 2 February, 2024 RBA cash rate
Kicking, screaming and stinking: Plane neighbours annoy millions 1 February, 2024 Travel insurance
Pricey premiums: 1 in 2 Australians battling rising car insurance costs 29 January, 2024 Car insurance
Whisker watch: 1 in 5 pet owners spy on their animals 23 January, 2024 Pet insurance
Housing headache: 35% of homeowners struggle to pay their mortgage 22 January, 2024 Home loans
Back-to-school burden: 1 in 3 Australian parents can’t afford costs 18 January, 2024 Education
Lapsed cash: Australians have $1.4 billion worth of unused gift cards 16 January, 2024 Shopping
Finder’s RBA Survey: 1 in 3 experts forecast a cash rate cut by August 15 January, 2024 RBA cash rate
The lazy tax: Brand loyalty costing Australians $4.5 billion 11 January, 2024 Utilities
Palate pursuits: Almost 6 million Australians will try a new diet in 2024 10 January, 2024 Money
Back-to-school budget blowout: Families to fork out $12.9 billion 8 January, 2024 Education
Riches beyond reach: Average Australian needs over $300K to feel wealthy 4 January, 2024 Money
Dashing through the bills: 7.7 million Aussies in Christmas debt 2 January, 2024 Debt
More laughter, less calories: Almost 15 million Aussies have a resolution for 2024 27 December, 2023 Money
Boxing Day blowout: Shoppers set to spend $2.3 billion on sales 22 December, 2023 Shopping
Summer sizzler: 7.3 million households cut back energy usage to save money 19 December, 2023 Energy plans
Is Christmas cancelled? More than 1 million Aussies won’t be celebrating the occasion 18 December, 2023 Shopping
Finder’s Travel Inflation Report: International trips cost 33% more 14 December, 2023 Travel insurance
Black Friday bandits: 21,800 parcels targeted by thieves 13 December, 2023 Shopping
Sinking savings: Shock stats reveal how much cash Aussies have for an emergency 12 December, 2023 Savings accounts
Bushfire blindness: 6 million Australians close to bushland not ready for fires 6 December, 2023 Home insurance
Finder’s RBA survey: Cash rate holds but rents could rise as much as 9.5% in 2024 6 December, 2023 RBA cash rate
Finder’s Cost of Living Pressure Gauge: Australians under extreme stress 4 December, 2023 Insights
Finder’s RBA survey: 82% of experts confident the cash rate will hold 1 December, 2023 RBA cash rate
Plastic promises: 1 in 5 Aussies will splurge on credit this Christmas 30 November, 2023 Cost of living
Cheap but deadly: Australian travellers skimp on insurance 23 November, 2023 Travel insurance
Saving at the supermarket: 11 million Australians turn to reward points for cheaper groceries 21 November, 2023 Shopping
Swiping away inflation: 3 million Aussies reach for credit as pressure climbs 20 November, 2023 Credit cards
Markdown madness: Shoppers expected to spend $6.7 billion on sales 14 November, 2023 Shopping
Mooching mates: 1 in 4 Australians sponge off a friend 13 November, 2023 Money
Tenant tripwire: Almost 1 in 3 renters avoid their landlord for fear of increase 10 November, 2023 Renting
Finder’s RBA survey: Rate rise means $182K is now the minimum income to afford the average Aussie house 7 November, 2023 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: Bets are on as 69% of experts predict rate hike on Melbourne Cup Day 3 November, 2023 RBA cash rate
Bulging balances: Australians’ cash reserve hits $40,000 record high 2 November, 2023 Savings accounts
Cost of Christmas: Australians plan to fork out $30 billion 30 October, 2023 Shopping
Spare room boon: Australians missing out on $1.2 billion in potential rental income 27 October, 2023 Cost of living
Buyer’s remorse: More than a third of shoppers missing out on discounts 24 October, 2023 Shopping
Bargain bandits: 2.4 million Australians admit to petty crime 23 October, 2023 Cost of living
Coming home: 662,000 Australian households reunite with adult children 20 October, 2023 Home loans
Electrified era: 2 in 5 cars purchased in next year to be hybrid or electric 19 October, 2023 Car insurance
Finder’s Housing Market Report: Australian homeowners limit spending to stay afloat 18 October, 2023 Home loans
Superannuation shortfall: 4.6 million Australians are too poor to retire 17 October, 2023 Super funds
Home loan hell: Mortgage stress a growing threat to Australians 13 October, 2023 Home loans
Debt regret: 6 million Australians remorseful about purchases on plastic 10 October, 2023 Credit cards
Parents pitching in: Just 1 in 10 received help from the bank of mum and dad 4 October, 2023 Home loans
Finder’s RBA survey: 1 in 3 chance Australia could fall into recession next year 3 October, 2023 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: Almost half of experts expect another rate rise this year 29 September, 2023 RBA cash rate
Expensive “ever after”: The eye-watering cost of being invited to a wedding 27 September, 2023 News
Non-Labour Day: Having a ‘long weekend sickie’ could cost $980 million in lost productivity 27 September, 2023 News
Frugal fashionistas: 6 million Aussies have bought an imitation product on purpose 25 September, 2023 Shopping
Supermarket sting: Australians struggle to keep grocery bills down 22 September, 2023 Shopping
Big bank energy: Rising cost of living pushes consumers toward big four 19 September, 2023 Savings accounts
Vanity insanity: Aussies forking out $1.6 billion a month on self care 18 September, 2023 Shopping
Early withdrawals: Aussies ready to cash in super to ease financial burdens 13 September, 2023 Super funds
Artificial investments: ChatGPT and Bard face off against top funds 11 September, 2023 Share trading
Frugal flyers: Millions of Aussies opt for budget airlines when travelling 6 September, 2023 Travel insurance
Finder’s RBA survey: Renters continue to feel the squeeze even as cash rate holds 5 September, 2023 RBA cash rate
Selling scared: Half a million homeowners stressed they might have to sell 4 September, 2023 Home loans
Finder’s RBA survey: 66% of experts believe rates have peaked 1 September, 2023 RBA cash rate
Dad day delirium: Aussies set to drop $950 million on Father’s Day 30 August, 2023 Shopping
Savvy stockpiling: Aussies searching for higher returns 29 August, 2023 Savings accounts
Collectible craze: Aussies turn to memorabilia to give their cash flow a boost 28 August, 2023 Share trading
A marathon to mortgage: First home buyers need more than a decade to save for a home 24 August, 2023 Home loans
Settling for less: 3 in 5 Aussie renters forced to overlook property flaws 22 August, 2023 Renting
Treat yo’ self: 4.4 million Aussies are squirrelling money aside for a vacation 21 August, 2023 Savings
Set, forget, regret: 13 million Aussies paying the lazy tax 18 August, 2023 Savings
Thinking theft: 41% of Aussie drivers brace for car crime 16 August, 2023 Car insurance
Fixed rate fallout: New tidal wave of mortgage stress on the horizon 15 August, 2023 Home loans
Credit clarity: 2.7 million Australians say they’re better off for knowing credit score 10 August, 2023 Credit score
Little treat culture: 15 million Australians reluctant to forgo certain luxuries 8 August, 2023 Shopping
Sweet savings: Homeowners pocket $476 million in cashback offers 7 August, 2023 Home loans
Mobile madness: 5 million Aussies get new phones every 2 years or less 2 August, 2023 Mobile phones
Finder’s RBA survey: Homeowners avoid cash rate hike, but stress on energy costs hits record high 1 August, 2023 RBA cash rate
Rolling the dice on debt: 3.6 million Aussies are gambling more amid cost of living crisis 31 July, 2023 Cost of living
Finder’s RBA survey: 72% forecast a rate hold, say mortgage stress is yet to peak 28 July, 2023 RBA cash rate
Lights out: Aussies slapped with $800 hike to energy bills 25 July, 2023 Energy plans
Deadly distractions: Driver behaviour that’s too common on our roads 24 July, 2023 Car insurance
3.3 million Aussies will switch or ditch their health cover in 2023 21 July, 2023 Health insurance
Financial slip-ups: The most common mistakes Aussies are making 18 July, 2023 Savings accounts
Don’t ask, don’t get: Australians' banking wish list 17 July, 2023 Savings accounts
Purr-plexing: Thousands of Aussies dump their pets as cost of living pressures grow 13 July, 2023 Pet insurance
Credit catastrophe: 1.8 million Aussies drowning in debt 12 July, 2023 Credit cards
Count on me: 2 in 5 Aussies step up to help others during the cost of living crisis 11 July, 2023 Savings
Tourists in trouble: More than 3 million Australians suffer travel mishaps 10 July, 2023 Travel insurance
Buy now, eat later: Almost 3 million Australians prioritise BNPL over other expenses 7 July, 2023 Buy now pay later
Finder’s RBA survey: Homeowners welcome rate reprieve as cash rate holds 5 July, 2023 RBA cash rate
Shiver me timbers: 6 million Aussie households cutting back on heating to save money 3 July, 2023 Energy plans
Finder’s RBA survey: Experts divided on cash rate decision, households in mortgage prison expected to grow 30 June, 2023 RBA cash rate
Debt dilemma: Average Australian has $20,238 in personal debt 29 June, 2023 Credit cards
The secrets we keep: What Aussie renters are hiding from their landlords 28 June, 2023 Renting
Retail royalty: Finder reveals the top rated brands ahead of EOFY sales 23 June, 2023 Shopping
Hungry for healthcare: 4.3 million Australians say they are underinsured 22 June, 2023 Insurance
Tax tales: 2.4 million Australians admit to lying on their tax return 19 June, 2023 Savings
AI at your service: 3 million Australians are now using ChatGPT 14 June, 2023 Tech
“Hit and run” health patients jump to front of the operating queue, drop cover 14 June, 2023 Health
Holidays halted: Aussies priced out of overseas travel 13 June, 2023 Travel
Finder’s Green Report: Environmental efforts dip as cost of living increases 9 June, 2023 Green
Finder’s RBA survey: $15K (and counting) added to the average annual mortgage repayment 6 June, 2023 RBA cash rate
Mortgage misery: 40% of Aussies struggling to pay their home loan 5 June, 2023 Home loans
Finder’s RBA survey: Cash rate decision uncertain as 50% of renters struggle to keep up 2 June, 2023 RBA cash rate
Bank of mum and dad: The five-figure first home buyer deposit 30 May, 2023 Home loans
Refunds to the rescue: 3 million Aussies to use tax returns for household bills 29 May, 2023 Tax
2.3 million Aussies unaware of Indigenous Voice To Parliament 26 May, 2023 General
Paws-itively pricey: Aussies forking out $2.9 billion on vet checkups for their furry friends 24 May, 2023 Pet
All work and no play: 1.4 million Aussies forced to take a second job 23 May, 2023 Cost of living
Parents who went private paid three times more out-of-pocket for childbirth 17 May, 2023 Cost of living
Mail fail: 4.2 million parcels have gone missing in the past year 17 May, 2023 Shopping
Plodding plastic: Australians paying $1.1 billion credit card loyalty tax 12 May, 2023 Credit cards
Mum’s the word: Australians will spend $1 billion on Mother’s Day this year 12 May, 2023 Shopping
Cash flow emergency: Half of Australians living paycheque to paycheque 11 May, 2023 Cost of living
Standing by for surgery: 3 million uninsured Australians have languished on hospital waitlists 9 May, 2023 Insurance
Student debt shock: Australians with HELP loans face biggest hike in decades 4 May, 2023 Student debt
Rental rates run rampant: 4 in 5 Australian renters say controls needed 3 May, 2023 Renting
Finder’s RBA survey: $14K added to the average annual mortgage in 12 months 2 May, 2023 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: 55% of experts predict a cash rate rise in May 28 April, 2023 RBA cash rate
Tablets are a bitter pill to swallow: 43% of Aussie parents forced to cut back on spending 26 April, 2023 Cost of living
Car conundrum: 2 in 5 Aussies can’t afford repairs 19 April, 2023 Cars
Raiding the piggy bank: 1 in 3 parents dip into their kids’ savings 18 April, 2023 Savings
Deer in the headlights: 1 in 3 Australians feel unfit to make financial decisions during inflation 17 March, 2023 Inflation
Finder’s RBA survey: Homeowners breathe a sigh of relief as cash rate holds 5 April, 2023 RBA cash rate
Cost-cutting cohabitation: Aussies rush romance to save on housing costs 5 April, 2023 Property
Rental car rort: Hire car costs skyrocket 151% over the Easter long weekend 3 April, 2023 Car insurance
Finder’s RBA survey: Households hopeful as growing number of experts predict rate pause 31 March, 2023 RBA cash rate
Dark ages: Inflation sucking the life out of Aussies 29 March, 2023 Inflation
Lean on me: 6 million Australians turn to family and friends for financial support 28 March, 2023 Savings accounts
Hoppy Easter: 11 million Aussies plan to celebrate 27 March, 2023 Easter
Revved-up rates: More than half of Australian drivers facing car insurance hikes 23 March, 2023 Car insurance
Credit card crisis: Australia’s dependence on credit cards is growing 21 March, 2023 Credit cards
The cost of living diet: 14 million Australians change eating to save cash 21 March, 2023 Cost of living
Tech tots: 2 in 5 kids under 12 own a smartphone 15 March, 2023 Tech
ChatGPTakeover: Millions of Aussie workers using AI chatbots 14 March, 2023 Tech
Grocery gloom: Consumers to spend an extra $18 billion in 2023 13 March, 2023 Cost of living
Mortgage lifeline: Refinancing tidal wave looms 8 March, 2023 Home loans
International Women's Day statistics 2023 8 March, 2023 International Women's Day
Finder’s RBA survey: Over $1,000 added to average monthly mortgage since April 7 March, 2023 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: 93% of experts confident the cash rate will rise again 3 March, 2023 RBA cash rate
From fun to food: Australian kids caught in cost of living crunch 1 March, 2023 Cost of living
Trading freedom for finance: Aussies could save $138k over 5 years 27 February, 2023 Saving
Freeloading friends: 1 in 4 Australians owed money by a mate 23 February, 2023 Money
Pint-sized pay cut: Kids caught in cost of living crossfire 21 February, 2023 Cost of living
Healthcare hurdles: Millions of Australians skip medical appointments due to cost 20 February, 2023 Health
Keeping up with credit: Aussie credit scores defy cost of living crunch 15 February, 2023 Credit score
I can’t buy myself flowers: Cost-of-living crisis wreaks havoc on relationships 14 February, 2023 Cost of living
Can’t keep up: 1 in 8 homeowners behind on loan repayments 13 February, 2023 Home loans
Love is in the air: 1 in 3 Australians plan to celebrate Valentine's Day 10 February, 2023 Valentines Day
Sweating out their savings: Aircon costing Australians $2.4 billion 8 February, 2023 Shopping
Finder’s RBA survey: $12K added to average yearly mortgage since April 7 February, 2023 RBA cash rate
Banking blind: 2 in 3 savers don’t know their interest rate 6 February, 2023 Savings accounts
Finder’s RBA survey: 95% of experts predict another cash rate hike 3 February, 2023 RBA cash rate
Up in flames: Smoking habit costing Australians their life insurance 31 January, 2023 Life insurance
Lying for their loan: 1 in 8 home owners fibbed on the application 30 January, 2023 Home loans
A nation divided: How Aussies feel about Australia Day 25 January, 2023 Australia Day
Blindsided by bills: 2.4 million Australians caught off guard 23 January, 2023 Bills
Rate wrecked: 1 in 5 homeowners now say they borrowed too much on their home loan 18 January, 2023 Home loans
Breaking up with booze: 400,000 Aussies plan to quit drinking in 2023 17 January, 2023 Health
Gift cards gathering dust: $1.9 billion languishing on unused cards 16 January, 2023 Shopping
Oh No-el: 10 million Aussies in debt from Christmas 11 January, 2023 Debt
Private school exodus: Families exit expensive schools as cost of living soars 10 January, 2023 Education
Back-to-school costs: Aussie families to fork out $11.4 billion 9 January, 2023 Education
Fortune fantasies: Average Australian needs $336K to feel rich 6 January, 2023 Money
Hikes to home insurance: 63% of customers say their premiums have gone up 4 January, 2023 Home insurance
Saving and slimming: 14 million Aussies have a resolution for 2023 3 January, 2023 New Years Resolutions
Festive frugality: 10 million Aussies under bill stress this Christmas 16 December, 2022 Bills
It’s beginning to look a lot like debtmas: 5 million Aussies will put Christmas on credit 8 December, 2022 Credit cards
Finder’s RBA survey: $180K is now the minimum income needed to service a $500K mortgage 6 December, 2022 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: 88% of experts confident the cash rate will rise again 2 December, 2022 RBA cash rate
If you don’t, who will? 12 million Australians have no estate plans 29 November, 2022 Home loans
Credit card complacency: 6 million Aussies have never changed their card 28 November, 2022 Credit cards
Arbitrary airfares: 7 million Aussies priced out of travel 23 November, 2022 Travel
Independent investors: 16.8 million Aussies don’t have a financial adviser or planner 22 November, 2022 Financial advice
Power move: Soaring energy bills push 3 million Australians to consider solar 21 November, 2022 Energy
TikTok made me buy it: 8 million Aussies admit to impulse spending 18 November, 2022 Tech
Bingeing on Black Friday: Aussies set to splurge $7.5 billion on sales 15 November, 2022 Streaming
Pubs, pumps & perfume: Aussies' biggest money regrets 9 November, 2022 Money
Scared to stop: 12 million Aussies concerned about retirement 8 November, 2022 Retirement
Phishing for fools: 15 million Australians have received a fraudulent text or phone call this year 7 November, 2022 Scams
Finder’s RBA survey: 97% of experts predict another cash rate rise 28 October, 2022 RBA cash rate
Rationing to roulette: 11 million Australians are taking action to combat the cost of living crisis 27 October, 2022 Cost of living
Cash is king: 12 million Australians are fattening up their bank accounts 18 October, 2022 Money
Debt to impress: 3.2 million Australians are spending money they don’t have 17 October, 2022 Debt
Frequent flyer fail: 15 million Australians missing out on flights 13 October, 2022 Frequent flyer
Switched on: Energy price hike forces 5.5 million households to adapt 11 October, 2022 Energy
Where credit is due: 14.6 million Aussies don't know their credit score 10 October, 2022 Credit score
We need a hero: Finder’s Super Saver campaign to help Aussies minimise money worries 5 October, 2022 Saving
Finder’s RBA survey: Almost $9K will be added to the annual cost of a $500K mortgage 4 October, 2022 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: 97% of experts confident the cash rate will rise 30 September, 2022 RBA cash rate
Nothing to sneeze at: 2.6 million Aussies ditch or downgrade their health cover 27 September, 2022 Health insurance
Boomerang generation: 858,000 Aussie households have an adult kid living at home 26 September, 2022 General
Won't hang up: Australians remain loyal to their mobile provider despite price hike 20 September, 2022 Mobile phones
Wagging work: Chucking a sickie this Friday could cost $461 million in lost productivity 19 September, 2022 General
Frantic frequent flyers: Aussies are having a hard time redeeming points 14 September, 2022 Frequent flyer
Guard your card: Australians swindled out of $1 billion in bank card fraud in past year 13 September, 2022 Scams
Anti-social media: The shocking amount of time Aussies spend looking at their phone 8 September, 2022 Tech
Finder’s RBA survey: 97% of experts predict another cash rate rise 2 September, 2022 RBA cash rate
Supermarket swindlers: 1 in 5 Australians confess to stealing everyday items 1 September, 2022 General
Fathers Day: Australians tipped to spend $1 billion 26 August, 2022 Father's Day
Fear thy neighbour: What first home buyers are most afraid of 25 August, 2022 Home buyers
Super savers: Australians’ cash reserves hit almost $40,000 in August 23 August, 2022 Saving
Strapped for staples: 3.8 million Aussies don’t have funds at the checkout 22 August, 2022 Money
Boost your balance: 6.8 million Australians are finding ways to make extra cash 16 August, 2022 Money
On the brink: 145,000 homeowners would consider selling if rates rise 15 August, 2022 Home loans
Thirsty Thursday: The point in the week when you actually start earning 10 August, 2022 Money
A distant dream: 37% of Australians say they’ll never afford a home 9 August, 2022 Home buying
Missing a super sale: 86% do not top up their super fund regularly 8 August, 2022 Super funds
Bang for your buck: The savvy swaps Australians are making to save cash 4 August, 2022 Saving
Finder’s RBA survey: Cash rate rise to cost the average homeowner $7,300 a year 2 August, 2022 RBA cash rate
Which asset classes deliver the best returns? 27 July, 2022 Finder
Lingering to their loan: 1 in 5 first home buyers take a year or more to buy 25 July, 2022 Home buyers
Show me the money: 22% of Aussie workers hoping for a pay rise 21 July, 2022 Money
Financial fibbers: 1 in 4 Australians lie about money 19 July, 2022 Money
Best for the bub: Finder reveals the top-rated parenting and baby brands 18 July, 2022 Shopping
Budget blowout: 1 in 3 first home buyers exceeding their limit 14 July, 2022 Home buyers
The $1,300 holiday howler: Hospital bed costs 44 times more than travel insurance 13 July, 2022 Travel insurance
Surfing the sales: 15% of Australians plan to shop Amazon Prime Day sales 11 July, 2022 Shopping
Home loan hangover: Refinancing booms to defend against mortgage pain 7 July, 2022 Home loans
Finder’s RBA survey: Cash rate hike to cost the average homeowner $424 a month 6 July, 2022 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: 91% of experts confident the cash rate will rise 1 July, 2022 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: Cash rate rises for first time in over a decade 3 May, 2022 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: 84% of experts say the cash rate will move by August 2 May, 2022 RBA cash rate
Credit card fails: The bad spending habits costing Aussies 20 April, 2022 Money
Pandemic push: COVID inspired thousands of Aussies to start a business 14 April, 2022 Business
Affluent Aquarians? What your star sign could say about your financial habits 11 April, 2022 Money
Finder’s RBA survey: 88% of experts expect a rate rise at least once in 2022 4 April, 2022 RBA cash rate
A destination debt wish: 1 in 8 Aussies pay for holidays with credit 31 March, 2022 Credit cards
Mobile mania: 7 million Aussies look to buy a new phone in 2022 28 March, 2022 Mobile phones
Double whammy: Flight fares soar amidst rising fuel costs 23 March, 2022 Travel
Cooped up: 1 in 4 Australian millennials live at home after 30 22 March, 2022 Money
Eating or cheating: 1 in 4 Aussies will try a new diet in 2022 17 March, 2022 Money
“Keeping up with the Joneses”: How peer pressure has sent 4.3 million Australians into debt 14 March, 2022 Debt
Too hard (to return) basket: 9 million Aussies fail to take back unwanted purchases 9 March, 2022 Shopping
Finder’s RBA survey: Stamp duty to go? 54% of experts say a property tax could help first home buyers 1 March, 2022 RBA cash rate
Finder’s RBA survey: Home loan costs to rise, but not savings rates 28 February, 2022 RBA cash rate
Join the party: Finder’s giving away $200k worth of Bitcoin 23 February, 2022 Finder
Finder launches Season 2 of Two Broke Chicks podcast with NOVA Entertainment 22 February, 2022 Finder
The 5 skills Australians wish they had been taught in school 17 February, 2022 Money
Return of the travel agent: 30% of Aussies are booking travel through a third party 16 February, 2022 Travel
Not cupid’s year: 1 in 4 Australians plan to celebrate this Valentine’s Day 11 February, 2022 Valentines Day
Full cart, empty heart: 5 million Aussies regret a pandemic purchase 9 February, 2022 Shopping
Finder’s RBA survey: 58% of economists expect a rate rise in 2022 31 January, 2022 RBA cash rate
Australians have spent $50.9 million on crypto trading fees 31 January, 2022 Cryptocurrency
$1.8 billion languishing on unused gift cards 25 January, 2022 Shopping
Unattainable wealth aspirations: Average Aussie needs $330,000 to feel rich 18 January, 2022 Money
The average Aussie investor earned $5,356 in 2021 5 January, 2022 Investing
It’s a new me: 14 million Aussies have a New Year’s resolution for 2022 4 January, 2022 New Years Resolutions
Santa in transit: Aussies concerned about delayed gift deliveries 23 December, 2021 Shopping
Room for improvement: Renters are more stressed than homeowners 17 December, 2021 Renting
The cool tax: Australians will waste $396 million on summer aircon habits 14 December, 2021 Energy
Bowser blues: Petrol prices soar to $1.68 per litre 10 December, 2021 Petrol prices
Fly away before you pay: Millions of Aussies plan to use BNPL to fund their international travel 9 December, 2021 Buy now pay later
Finder's RBA survey: 77% of experts say major banks will follow CBA's crypto decision 7 December, 2021 RBA cash rate
Finder's RBA survey: 73% of experts say rental prices will increase significantly 6 December, 2021 RBA cash rate
Supplementing your sweetie's super: Just 6% of Australians pay into their partner's pensions 2 December, 2021 Retirement
Cashed-up Christmas: Australians set to spend $23.9 billion 1 December, 2021 Shopping
About last night: 3.5 million Australians have shopped online while drunk 25 November, 2021 Shopping
1.9 million Australians will take advantage of Black Friday travel deals 24 November, 2021 Black Friday
Tap and (let's) go: 37% of credit card holders got their most recent card to travel 19 November, 2021 Credit cards
Shopping wars: Black Friday overtakes Boxing Day for first time ever 18 November, 2021 Black Friday
Trust in big banks reaches lowest level in 20 months 17 November, 2021 Banking
No new car smell: 25% of Australians will never buy a new vehicle 16 November, 2021 Cars
Don't mess with the money: 4 million Australians say financial infidelity is worse than an affair 12 November, 2021 Money
Pay it forward: 1 in 5 gen Zs have accessed their pay ahead of time 9 November, 2021 Money
Black Friday billions: Australians set to drop $3.8 billion on sales 8 November, 2021 Black Friday
You are not a loan: 28% of Australians debt-ridden with student loans 4 November, 2021 Student debt
Finder's RBA Survey: 68% foresee a labour shortage as international travel returns 2 November, 2021 RBA cash rate
Finder's RBA survey: Sydney property prices to rise another $102,000 in 2022 1 November, 2021 RBA cash rate
Surge pricing: Aussie parents providing $20bn worth of free rides 29 October, 2021 Cars
In debt and dateless: 2.5 million Australians have been dumped for being poor 27 October, 2021 Debt
House deposit drain: How long it takes to save in Australia's priciest suburbs | Finder 25 October, 2021 Property
Busted from booking: Holiday rental prices skyrocket in travel hotspots 21 October, 2021 Travel
Not now: Just 35% think it's a good time to buy property 20 October, 2021 Property
Finder launches 'Two Broke Chicks' podcast in partnership with the NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network 13 October, 2021 Finder
Pub for jab: Millions of Aussies would get vaccinated to get back to the pub 11 October, 2021 Vaccines
RBA Survey: Average Sydney house price to increase by $216,300 in 2021, say experts 11 October, 2021 RBA cash rate
Home stretch: 1 in 3 Aussies would move if they could work from anywhere 7 October, 2021 Property
RBA Survey: Half of experts say Big Four will raise rates out of cycle, cash rate holds 6 October, 2021 RBA cash rate
RBA survey: 56% of experts predict a cashless Australia by 2031 5 October, 2021 RBA cash rate
Kid-vestors: Nearly 300,000 Aussie children are investing in the stock market 30 September, 2021 Investing
No interest in saving: 29% of Australians moved money elsewhere 20 September, 2021 Money
Dialling up despair: Dissatisfied phone customers spend $1.2 billion more 14 September, 2021 Mobile phones
Not super-savvy: 1 in 4 Australians don't have a superannuation fund 13 September, 2021 Retirement
Debt on arrival: Cost of childbirth exceeds $5,000 for 1 in 7 parents 9 September, 2021 Health insurance
RBA Survey: Experts predict $76,000 increase in property in next 12 months 7 September, 2021 RBA cash rate
Finder's Cryptocurrency Report 2021 reveals Australians' outlook 7 September, 2021 Cryptocurrency
82% of experts say vaccine passports are an economic necessity 6 September, 2021 Vaccines
Generation Mobile: 1 in 3 kids under 12 has a smartphone 1 September, 2021 Mobile phones
Pocket pay-raise: Aussie kids receiving $2 billion in allowance each year 30 August, 2021 Money
Rising tension: Home loan rate rise would put 1 in 20 Aussies in strife 27 August, 2021 Home loans
Hand clicked food: 6.4 million Australians have started grocery shopping online 26 August, 2021 Shopping
Green and gold: Australian sustainable investment assets grew 25% in 2 years 23 August, 2021 Investing
The baby bucket list: Top milestones before starting a family 16 August, 2021 Families
Bad behaviour behind the wheel: 3 in 5 Australians drive distracted 10 August, 2021 Cars
Finder appoints first Head of Growth to supercharge app growth 10 August, 2021 Finder
Finder named on Australia's Best Workplaces list for second year in a row 10 August, 2021 Finder
Budgeting for bubs: 10% of Australian parents had no savings before starting a family 5 August, 2021 Money
RBA survey: 63% of experts say Sydney lockdowns could cause another recession 2 August, 2021 RBA cash rate
Bummed with broadband: 11 million Australians aren't happy with their provider 23 July, 2021 Broadband
Property pump persists: 3 million Australians plan to buy before 2022 22 July, 2021 Property
Scam surge: Australians lost $851 million in 2020 15 July, 2021 Scams
Finder's Consumer Sentiment Tracker: Aussie savings hit lowest level since March 2020 14 July, 2021 Money
Bitcoining the bill: 1 in 3 Australians think BTC could surpass AUD 13 July, 2021 Cryptocurrency
Lying for their life: 3.8 million Australians are untruthful on life insurance applications 8 July, 2021 Life insurance
Only 19% believe you can buy property for the asking price 7 July, 2021 Property
RBA Survey: 73% of experts say Sydney's lockdown will wipe $2bn or more off Australia's GDP 6 July, 2021 RBA cash rate
RBA survey: 68% of experts say NSW property prices will peak this year 5 July, 2021 RBA cash rate
Not so tip-sy: 41% of Aussies never tip their waitstaff 1 July, 2021 Money
Finder opens an office in Denver, Colorado 24 June, 2021 Finder
Saving not splurging: 35% of Australians plan to stash tax return 24 June, 2021 Tax
Bitcoin's better half: Growing number of Australian women investing in crypto 22 June, 2021 Cryptocurrency
Saving hard or hardly saving: Millions of households have no emergency savings 17 June, 2021 Money
Where's Australia's priciest fuel? 10 June, 2021 Fuel
Tiresome tips: The savings advice Australians find annoying 8 June, 2021 Money
17% of Australians would spend $10k to save their dog 3 June, 2021 Pets
Over 16 million Australians striving to slash winter energy bills 2 June, 2021 Energy
Finder's RBA Survey: 87% of experts say consumer saving will dip as cash rate holds 1 June, 2021 RBA cash rate
First comparison platform to achieve CDR accreditation 27 May, 2021 Finder
Bitcoin on payday: 1 in 4 Aussies would like part of their salary paid in BTC 26 May, 2021 Cryptocurrency
Finder adds Bitcoin trading feature to its fast-growing app 20 May, 2021 Finder
27% of Aussies choosing to upsize their car 14 May, 2021 Cars
What first home buyers want and don't want 12 May, 2021 Property
Finder's CST: Just 49% say it's a good time to buy property, a drop of 18 points 10 May, 2021 Property
Australians planning to spend $1.2 billion on Mother's Day 10 May, 2021 Mother's Day
Finder's Consumer Sentiment Tracker: Trust in big banks up 19 points from 2019 7 May, 2021 Banking
Finder RBA Survey: Mortgage borrowing to keep surging as cash rate holds at 0.10% 4 May, 2021 RBA cash rate
RBA Survey: 47% of experts say recent house price growth is "unsustainable" 3 May, 2021 RBA cash rate
First home buyers are paying an average of $6,353 in unexpected costs 28 April, 2021 Property
53% of first home buyers bought sooner than they planned 27 April, 2021 Property
2 in 3 Australians do not top up their super 22 April, 2021 Superannuation
Drivers are paying big for call-out fees without roadside assistance 21 April, 2021 Cars
He's a bit of a fixer-upper: 4 in 5 first home buyers intend to renovate 14 April, 2021 Property
Haggle Hatred: 2 in 3 Australians prefer not to bargain when they buy a car 14 April, 2021 Cars
Average house deposit now exceeds $100k - Here's why 12 April, 2021 Property
Finder's RBA Cash Rate Survey: 60% of experts blame BNPL for drop in credit cards 6 April, 2021 RBA cash rate
Finder's RBA Cash Rate Survey: 74% of experts fear first home buyers will be pushed out of market 6 April, 2021 RBA cash rate
2 in 5 Australians confused about the latest JobSeeker changes 31 March, 2021 Coronavirus (COVID-19)
State of Investing 2021: New report reveals Australian outlook 30 March, 2021 Investing
Cost of death: The most expensive capital cities to hold a funeral revealed 24 March, 2021 Life insurance
Optical inclusion: Extras cover the top reason for taking out health insurance, survey finds 23 March, 2021 Health insurance
43% of COVID-19 "Boomerang Generation" leave the nest again 18 March, 2021 Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Going up: 4.6 million health insurance customers are missing out on potential savings 16 March, 2021 Health insurance
Violation nation: Aussies spending $600 million per year on parking fines 15 March, 2021 Cars
From pay gap to parity: New report reveals how Australian women fare financially 8 March, 2021 Money
68% of experts say units are a "risky investment", divided on responsible lending 2 March, 2021 Property
Sustainability leaders invited to enter the Finder Green Awards 1 March, 2021 Finder
Finder RBA Cash Rate Survey: Experts predict 12% rise in property prices by 2023 1 March, 2021 RBA cash rate
Plastic profanities: The 8 credit card sins to avoid 26 February, 2021 Credit cards
Identity theft cost Aussies $3.1 billion in one year 24 February, 2021 Scams
Back to the future: 45% of Australians would consider buying an electric car 23 February, 2021 Cars
Debt deception: 2.7 million Australians have lied to their partners about money 17 February, 2021 Money
Sneaky streaming: More than 8 million Australians mooching off their friends and family 16 February, 2021 Streaming
4.1 million Australians may cut ties with their health insurance provider in 2021 16 February, 2021 Health insurance
A whole lotta love: Aussies set to spend $1.1 billion this Valentine's Day 10 February, 2021 Valentine's Day
Crypto craze: 4.8 million Aussies to own cryptocurrency this year 9 February, 2021 Cryptocurrency
Hello healthy: Finder reveals the top-rated brands for health and fitness 8 February, 2021 Health
Car-ching: Ute and SUV drivers are spending an extra $4,500 each year 4 February, 2021 Cars
Show me the money: 1 in 4 Australians would prefer a cashback loan 3 February, 2021 Loans
Finder's RBA Cash Rate Survey: Positivity around employment at record high, housing affordability nosedives 3 February, 2021 RBA cash rate
Finder's RBA Cash Rate Survey: Record refinancing to continue, house prices to jump 1 February, 2021 RBA cash rate
Almost 5 million Australians still nursing Christmas debt hangovers 28 January, 2021 Christmas
The lunch box tax: Families to spend $778 million on back-to-school shopping 21 January, 2021 Shopping
Brands that cleaned up in the 2020/2021 Finder Retail Awards 21 January, 2021 Finder
Tap-and-whoa: Aussies racked up $24 billion on credit cards in December 19 January, 2021 Credit cards
Netflix and freeze: 1 in 3 streamers experience buffering issues regularly 18 January, 2021 Streaming
New Year, New Me: Australians reveal their top resolutions for 2021 15 January, 2021 New year's resolutions
Fast and furious: 73% of Aussies have fallen victim to a road rage incident 13 January, 2021 Cars
Financial treadmill: Aussies wasting $2.4 billion on unused gym memberships 12 January, 2021 Health
Property pounce: A record 67% of Aussies say now is a good time to buy 11 January, 2021 Property
Spenders vs savers: The money mindsets of Australians revealed 4 January, 2021 Money

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