Finder’s 10 best mobile phone plans May 2019

best mobile phone plans

There’s no such thing as the "best phone plan for everyone" but that shouldn’t stop you finding your ideal plan.

With more than 30 years of experience covering the Australian technology industry, the expert team at finder has been writing about mobile phone plans since the days of the original Nokia 3310. We know that there's no single plan that suits everybody's needs perfectly. However, we also know value, and so every month we've looked at all the plans on the market and the team has compiled a list of the 10 best mobile plans for different types of users. Whether you demand stacks of data or just want to spend as little as possible, this page is designed to help you find the best mobile phone plan for your needs.

Best big data and long expiry plans

Best plan for data

Unlike fixed-line services, there's no such thing as unlimited data when it comes to mobile plans. Things have improved in the past year though – you can now get mobile plans with over 100GB of data, so long as you're willing to pay for it.

You do need to be wary though – many of the big data plans from smaller mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) only give you access to a 3G network connection, which means slower connections to take advantage of that large allowance.

Before opting for a big data plan, it's worth checking how much data you actually need, so you don't end up paying more than you need to each month.

finder's pick

If you're after big GBs without the wince-worthy price tag, Catch Connect is currently running a killer promotion for its 30-day 40GB plan. You can grab your first recharge for just $4.90, scoring that massive 40GB of data plus unlimited standard calls and texts along with 200 international minutes. Just be aware that the deal only counts for that first recharge.

Also consider: If you're happy to commit to a fixed-term contract, Moose Mobile's 12-month 80GB plan will provide you with ample data for staying connected on the go.

Best long-expiry plan

If you're looking for a good, simple way to save big on a prepaid mobile plan, it's worth considering a long-expiry plan. Today's options can include a regularly updated allowance of data, as well as significant discounts over equivalent month-to-month plans for paying up front for a full year's worth of connectivity in advance.

The catch is that the up-front premiums can be relatively high, and while you save in the long run, it still stings in the short term.

finder's pick

Boost Mobile has recently added long-expiry plans to its catalogue of prepaid mobile plans, and they're easily among the best deals you'll find going around. For an upfront cost of $300, you get an impressive 240GB of data (20GB per month), plus you benefit from the faster speeds and wider coverage of Telstra's 3G and 4G networks.

Also Consider: Some users opt for a long expiry plan just to have an active number for receiving calls rather than trying to save over a longer period of time, and for these users inclusions are a much lower priority compared to price. If this sounds more like your needs, it's hard to go past the ALDImobile Pay As You Go plan, which costs $5 and has a 365 day expiry, with $5 worth of calls but no data included in the price.

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Best cheap mobile plan

The beauty of today's mobile market is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great value mobile offering. If you're looking to keep the budget in check, you can get some impressive value at a bargain price.

finder's pick

Despite being one of the youngest telcos in the business, Catch Connect has quickly established itself as the home of low-price, high-value mobile plans. Its SIM-only prepaid plans beat out even the most aggressively-priced alternatives, and Catch often runs promotions that slash its prices even further.

Also consider: If that's still too expensive, OVO's Mini plan gets you 2GB of data with 500mins of talk and unlimited text for $9.95/month.

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Best international plans

Best plan for travelling overseas

Thanks to its $5 a day global roaming inclusions, Vodafone has this category pretty much locked up, as no other provider offers anything near the same level of value.

By paying $5 for every day you use your phone's service in eligible countries, you get to access your phone plan's regular inclusions. As a bonus, the $5-a-day fee is waived if you happen to be travelling to New Zealand as well.

finder's pick

Remember that for extended trips overseas, $5 a day can still add up pretty quickly, so it may be worth picking up an international prepaid SIM card from the country you visit in order to save your tourist dollars for more important things. If you'll be jumping from country to country, global SIM cards are also a valid option.

Also Consider: If you can do without the data but still want the freedom to call home, Vodafone's $30 Combo Plus plan has unlimited talk and text plus 10GB of data for just $30 per recharge.

Best plan for international calls

Just a handful of years ago, international calling from a mobile was an extremely expensive operation. Today, including international calls is a key differentiator for a number of mobile telcos.

When it comes to international calling, the best plan will largely depend on which country you actually want to call. While it's fairly easy to find a plan with unlimited calls to the US or New Zealand, getting affordable calling rates to other countries can be a bit more challenging.

It's also worth ensuring that these rates are consistent for both calls to landlines as well as mobile numbers before you sign up.

finder's pick

While there are plenty of great options for international calling, the $40 SIM plan from amaysim gets the nod for its versatility. You get unlimited standard calls to both mobile and landlines in 10 selected countries: China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, UK and the US.

In addition to those included countries, the plan also provides $300 worth of credit for standard calls to 22 more countries: Austria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam.

Also Consider: Lebara has built its entire business model on affordable international calls, with the Lebara Large Plan for $39.90 offering unlimited calls to 45 countries.

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Best plans on each mobile network

Best mobile plan on the Telstra network

Telstra's 4G network is one of the most comprehensive in the world, stretching across the country and representing the only option for a large portion of our more remote population. While Telstra keeps the best performance for its own customers, it does also offer wholesale access to its network for other telcos to offer similar coverage, often at a lower rate.

The catch is that most other telcos only have access to "Parts of the the Telstra 3G/4G network", which means pockets of 4G and 3G network aren't available to them. However, pinpointing those spots can be a real challenge.

finder's pick

Boost Mobile is in the enviable position in that it has access to the full Telstra 4G network. It won't hit the full speeds you'll get on a Telstra connection in capital cities, but you do get the full coverage. When paired with its affordable prepaid plans, this makes Boost Mobile the pick of the bunch.

Also Consider: It's impossible to compare Telstra's network and not suggest a plan from the carrier itself. For the best deal, you'll want to consider one of Telstra's 12-month SIM-only plans, each of which comes with a free six-month Apple Music subscription.

Best mobile plan on the Optus network

Optus licenses its mobile network to more telcos than either Telstra or Vodafone, which means that there's a lot more choice for the savvy consumer. It also lets other telcos access the full Optus network, so you get the same experience whether you're using amaysim or Moose Mobile.

While Optus itself tries to offer its customers bonuses like unmetered Spotify or Netflix streaming on certain plans, many providers using the Optus network instead opt for the budget price play.

finder's pick

Catch Connect is the most recent provider to jump on the Optus network, and it has jumped into the market swinging value around like a cricket bat. Its $35 prepaid plan has a 30 day expiry and 20GB of data, which is quite a bit more than many other Optus plans at this price.

Also Consider: As mentioned above, Optus plays big on the bonus front with its plans, which can be especially enticing if you're after a new smartphone. Signing up for the new 64GB iPhone XS Max on the Optus $65 My Plan Plus (at a monthly cost of $117 when you add phone repayments) will get you unlimited talk and text, 20GB of monthly data, the new Apple flagship phone and unmetered Spotify, Netflix and Stan streaming, plus a bonus Optus Sports subscription so you can watch the English Premiere League. That's pretty impressive value.

Best mobile plan on the Vodafone network

Vodafone has invested a lot of money in its network over the past few years, and you can now get impressive connectivity with plenty of data and excellent inclusions, like Vodafone's own $5-a-day global roaming.

There are fewer brands using the Vodafone network to supply their 4G services, but you can still get some impressive deals.

finder's pick

TPG's current offer of 10GB a month for $15 a month for the first six months gives you a huge amount of data at a bargain price not just for the first month, but for half a year. That kind of saving is well worth considering.

Also Consider: Vodafone itself has a massive range of plans on offer with bonuses targeting different types of users, from extra data to more international call inclusions. On the prepaid front, Vodafone stands apart by offering its standard plans with a 35-day expiry, meaning you don't have to recharge as frequently and ultimately meaning you get more bang for your buck. The $50 Combo Plus plan includes a hefty 30GB of data, and you can score a discount if you pay for multiple recharges in advance.

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Best iPhone and Samsung Galaxy plans

Best iPhone mobile phone plan

Right now, Apple fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to iPhone plans. With three new models on the market, there's never been a better time to get a new iPhone.

finder's pick

Vodafone has a seriously impressive deal for the iPhone XS, so long as you're happy to commit to a 36-month contract. For just $95 a month, you get the 64GB iPhone XS, a whopping 100GB of data per month and unlimited standard national calls and texts.

Also Consider: Telstra is always on the premium side of the pricing scales, but if you're prepared to sign up for the pricey new iPhone XS, then getting the phone on the Telstra network could be a worthwhile investment. You can get the 64GB iPhone XS on the Telstra L for a $124 a month over 24 months, and that comes with 50GB of data, a six-month Apple Music subscription, a 12-month subscription to the Telstra AFL, NRL and Netball Live app, access to the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network and unlimited talk and texts both in Australia and to 15 international countries.

Best Samsung Galaxy mobile phone plan

While Apple has taken a definite step up in the quality stakes this year, that doesn't mean that Samsung has slowed down. The combination of Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e 8 smartphones means that Samsung has the top end of the market covered especially well. If you're looking to grab one of these smartphones on a contract, there are plenty of options to choose from.

finder's pick

With the arrival of the Galaxy S10, mobile carriers are offering some solid offers on the new handset over long-term contracts. Woolworths is the standout here, offering the Galaxy S10 at the cheapest monthly rate while packing in unlimited calls and a respectable 10GB of mobile data.

Also Consider: Vodafone will let you buy a phone interest free over 36 months these days, which helps keep those monthly charges down. So if you're looking for the new Galaxy S10, Vodafone's $50 Red Phone plan will let you have the device, 50GB of monthly data and unlimited standard talk and text for just $87.47 a month over 36 months.

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What makes a plan the "best" plan?

There is no universal "best phone plan". Everyone is different and has different needs, and there are various phone plans out there to meet those needs. It’s all about selecting the plan that works best for you.

Think about how you use your phone. You may send texts every few minutes to your friends, or you may prefer to spend the bulk of your time streaming Netflix on the train. You may make heaps of phone calls, or you may just want a phone that lets people contact you in case of emergency, without using it otherwise.

No matter how you use your phone, ultimately the best phone plan is the one that takes into account who you are and how you use your device. Sadly, there's no one-size-fits-all plan that suits every phone user. If there were, the telcos would probably make even more money.

How do you choose a phone plan?

As with most decisions, the hard work is done in the preparation and planning. If you understand your usage needs, then you'll be able to find the phone plan that best suits those needs.

There are some key factors that you should absolutely consider as part of your preparation. The three main differentiators telcos use for their plans are calls (and texts), included data and price. Consider how much allowance you need for those three components, and use that to springboard your research. The fact that many of today's plans include unlimited standard national calls and texts makes it even easier for you.

Defining your budget will refine your plan choices significantly. If you want 20GB of data a month but can only afford a $40 plan, you may not get what you want. But thanks to the huge range of MVNOs on the market now, there's a good chance you'll get a pretty solid data offering somewhere.

There are plenty of other things to consider as well. Do you like getting bonuses as part of your contract? Do you want the freedom to chop and change providers to get a better deal? Do you make international calls? Each provider offers something a little bit different with each of their plans, so it's worth comparing the different offerings using our mobile plan comparison tool to find the ideal plan for your needs.

What are the different types of phone plans to consider?

There are two main types of plans you need to think about before signing a contract or buying a SIM card.

  • Prepaid plans. With these types of plans, you pay in advance for the mobile services you will use. When you use up all of your allotted data, calls or texts (or the expiry period ends), you won't be charged more money automatically – your phone service will instead just stop working. To prevent this from happening, you recharge your phone by purchasing another batch of credit in advance, which usually costs $10 or more. This credit lets you make phone calls, use data and send SMS messages. Prepaid plans are ideal for those who don’t want to commit to a contract. They are a good option for kids, as they allow you to control their spending and phone use by pre-purchasing their credit for them. There are also long expiry options, which let you prepay in bulk, saving significant sums of money.
  • Postpaid plans. These plans require you to sign a contract that lasts anywhere between 1 and 24 months. Every month, you will be given a certain amount of usage for phone calls, texts and data, and if you exceed that amount you will be automatically billed for the excess usage. If you break your contract before it expires, you will also be charged a fee. Heavy phone users are best suited to postpaid plans, as these plans tend to offer greater data inclusions alongside unlimited talk and text. There's also the option to bundle a new phone with a contract, which can be a more affordable way to upgrade your smartphone.

How to compare phone plans to find the best plan for you

  • Cost per billing cycle. Cost is usually the driving factor for most people when deciding which plan is best. It’s important to compare how much you will be charged every month, or how often you would need to purchase credit. First, find out how much you can afford to spend every billing cycle on your phone and this will help you compare phones. If you’re a light user, you should be aiming to spend between $15 and $30 per month. If you’re a heavy user, expect high data plans to run above $100 per month on major networks.
  • Data. Data allows you to use the Internet on the go without Wi-Fi. In the smartphone age, data is becoming increasingly important to phone users, with apps from Facebook to Google Maps all needing a data connection. Figure out if you’re a light user of data, a heavy user or whether you need data at all, and compare phone plans based on this to find the best one for you. Typically, light users should be looking for data inclusions of around 1GB per month, while heavy users should look for data inclusions with more than 8GB per month.
  • Excess data and its charges. If you do use data, you need to watch out for excess data charges as it can end up costing you if you go over your data allowance. Compare the excess data charges for each plan and look for one with minimal excess data charges. Many major plans have a standard fee of $10/GB for extra data, but some don't, so it's worth checking.
  • Network. The quality of the network you use is an extremely important consideration. Ultimately, all providers use all or parts of either the Telstra, Optus or Vodafone 3G and 4G networks. Coverage is different for each network, and currently Telstra's 4G network is capable of faster speeds with certain devices. If you travel frequently, international roaming offers like Vodafone's $5/day service could be an important decision.
  • Service quality. For some people, the level of service you receive is an important deciding factor. Check out and compare the level of customer service on offer and compare plans accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my existing number to a new phone plan?

In most circumstances, you can bring your existing number to a new plan. It’s best to check this first directly with the service carrier to see if you can keep your number. Our guide to mobile number porting will help guide you through the process.

Is it cheaper to purchase my phone and plan together?

There's no definitive answer, but our comparison engine conveniently lets you compare the overall costs between buying a phone on contract or buying it outright and then getting a cheaper SIM plan. Simply select the phone you want to buy, then choose the Outright vs Contract button above the table.

Compare SIM-only plans under $50/month

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  1. Default Gravatar
    SamyMarch 14, 2018

    I would like to know which MVNO using full strength 4G network for voice and data. I heard that Boost is using Telstra’s full network and Virgin is using Optus. Is there any other MVNO using full strength network for both voice and data ??

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JoshuaMarch 22, 2018Staff

      Hi Samy,

      Thanks for getting in touch with finder.

      I may not be able to give you a specific answer, Sam. The network strength depends on different factors such as time and place.

      However, in terms of network coverage, the service an MVNO offers shouldn’t differ in any way at all from the service that you’d get from the underlying network provider at the same location. That makes sense because it’s the exact same network infrastructure. If there’s an outage or a reception problem with an MVNO, it’s a question of the underlying carrier’s network, not the MVNO.

      We also have a list of MVNOs on this page along with the networks they use. Please check and see if it answers your question.

      I hope this helps. Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us out again.

      Have a wonderful day!


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    ZitaMarch 6, 2018

    I need a new mobile phone (keeping my existing mobile number) + prepaid monthly plan to receive incoming calls from work and reply back fast and easy … as my job based on how fast I receive the messages from work and can take the shift … so coverage is important … between Caboolture, the Sunshine Coast and Bribie Island . Best/lowest price deals with fast and safe/reliable network even in rain/storm? Any suggestions? Thanks*

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      MayMarch 7, 2018Staff

      Hi Zita,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      In terms of speed when it comes to calls and messaging, all Australian telcos are largely using 3G networks. So we couldn’t single out who’s fast and who’s not. If you like to compare your prepaid monthly + phone plan, you can check your options here. From that page, you can click on “Build your own” option. You can also narrow down your options by navigating the panel of the page and customise your preferences. Please see image below:

      Mobile plan+phone

      Hope this helps.


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