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Belong Mobile Plans

Green Company

Belong has carbon-neutral mobile plans for the environmentally conscious.


Belong Mobile

Belong is entirely owned by Telstra but has plans at a lower cost than its parent company. It has the added distinction of promising carbon neutrality on all its mobile plans.

Top features:

  • No excess data charges.
  • First carbon neutral telco in Australia.
  • Unlimited data bank.
Belong mobile plans are not currently available via Finder. You can visit their website at for more information or compare alternative options available below.

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Belong only has a few phone plans on offer, but they might be just what you're looking for.

Belong review: Why choose them?

While providing way more data per dollar value than its parent company Telstra, Belong's mobile plans are fairly mediocre value for what they are, without much to set them apart. Its plans have the following features:

  • Unlimited data bank. Any unused data you have left between months will carry over, without limit, so long as you stay up to date with your Belong mobile plan payments.
  • International inclusions. The Large plan has automatic calls and texts to numbers in 30 countries. You can add this onto the other two plans for an extra $5 a month.



  • Carbon neutral. Belong is one of the only providers boasting its phone plans are carbon neutral.
  • Data bank. Unlimited data rollover can be nice if you're not too consistent with your habits.
  • No excess charges. You won't ever be charged for going over your data limit. Instead, your data is reduced to a very low speed until the next month.


  • Few plans. Belong hits only a few price points and doesn't have a lot of plan choice for people who are looking for something in between.

Belong network coverage

Belong uses the Telstra wholesale 3G and 4G network, which covers 98.8% of the population. Noticeable differences in coverage compared to the complete Telstra network are mostly confined to some rural or regional areas.

Belong: FAQ

How do I switch to Belong?

Switching to Belong is a fairly simple process.

  1. Make sure you have an unlocked phone already to put a SIM in. Unlike Telstra, Belong doesn't offer phones with plans.
  2. Purchase the plan you want online, which will come with its own SIM.
  3. Activate your SIM once it arrives. If you want to keep your own number, select that option at checkout or activation and Belong will arrange the transfer with your previous provider.
  4. Your SIM should be activated and your new service ready to go in a few hours to a day.

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