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Only you know what's the best travel insurance for you, but we can help you figure it out.

Finding the best travel insurance is easy. Just think about what you’re doing and what could reasonably go wrong. For example, if you’re hiring a car, then the best idea would be to get rental vehicle excess cover included in your travel insurance. Compare benefits to find the best policy

Data updated regularly
Name Product Overseas Medical Expenses Cancellation and amendment fees Theft or damage to lugagge COVID-19 expenses Standard excess
Southern Cross TravelCare Single Trip
  • Unlimited
  • Cover chosen
  • $25,000
Southern Cross Domestic Travel Insurance
  • No
  • Unlimited
  • $15,000
Zoom Domestic Travel Insurance
  • No
  • Unlimited
  • $7,500
CoverMore Domestic Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • No
  • $10,000
  • $3,000
Some cover
CoverMore International Premium Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • Unlimited
  • Cover chosen
  • $15,000
Some cover
Travel with Kit Domestic Travel Insurance
  • No
  • $25,000
  • $10,000
Travel with Kit International Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Unlimited
  • $25,000
  • $10,000
American Express Domestic Travel Insurance
  • No
  • $10,000
  • $5,000
World2cover Domestic Travel Insurance
  • No
  • $25,000
  • $7,500
World2cover International Top Cover Travel Insurance
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • $15,000
Easy Travel Insurance Domestic Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • No
  • $10,000
  • $3,000
Easy Travel Insurance International Premium Single Trip Travel Insurance
  • Unlimited
  • Cover chosen
  • $15,000
Fast Cover Domestic Plus Travel Insurance
  • No
  • Unlimited
  • $7,500
Fast Cover International Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • $15,000

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Travel insurance rules continue to change as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We’re working hard to keep up and make sure our guides are up to date, however some information may not be accurate during the pandemic. It’s even more important to double-check all details that matter to you before taking out cover. Please know that some policies may not be available through Finder at this time. Here are some helpful tips:
    • If you're buying a policy today, it's unlikely that you'll be covered for any coronavirus-related claims
    • If your travel plans go against government advice, your policy will most likely be voided and you won't be covered
    We can help you find the best travel insurance by ranking policies from the most comprehensive to the least with the Finder Rating. Just remember, what's best for us might not be the best for you. Always check the product disclosure statement to make sure you're covered for what you need.

    2019 Finder Awards

    Winner: Best Travel Insurance - Comprehensive

    Budget Direct Travel Insurance

    Second year running winner. Budget Direct's comprehensive policy includes important benefits with high limits.

    2019 Finder Awards

    Winner: Best Travel Insurance - Value

    Online Travel Insurance

    Online Travel Insurance stands out for its competitively priced policy that still offers a considerable amount of cover.

    How to review and find the best travel insurance

    The best travel insurance is a policy chosen for your individual needs. By reviewing and comparing different brands, you can make sure you get the best travel insurance for your trip, and at a reasonable price.

    Know your underwriter

    By choosing a travel insurance brand that's underwritten by a company that you understand, you can reduce the chance of dispute if you need to make a claim.

    Picture not described

    Here are some major underwriters in the Australian travel insurance market.

    The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd
    Auto & General Insurance Company Pty Ltd
    Lloyds Australia Ltd
    Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited
    Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co Ltd

    Pick your level of cover

    Number one

    Single trip
    Annual multi-trip

    Number two

    Comprehensive policy
    Standard policy
    Basic policy

    Choosing the right level of cover is where you can save the most money and still get the best travel insurance for your trip.

    Based on your individual needs, think about what you actually need cover for. Do you want ultimate peace of mind? Or do you only really care about medical emergencies?

    Tip: Insurers tend to discount longer plans. If you're travelling more than twice in 12 months, you might save some money by getting an annual multi-trip policy.

    Only pay for what you need

    Review your policy and make sure it has everything you need. You don't want to be under-insured or over-insured. The Finder Rating can give you an idea about how much is included in a policy. Use this as a starting point.

    Here are some of the most common add-ons so you can get the right cover.

    Cruise ship Cruise add-on
    Pamela Pregnancy add-on
    Sunglasses Motorcycle/scooter add-on
    Location Snow add-on
    Car Car rental excess cover
    Camcorder Additional device cover
    Luggage Cover for pre-existing medical conditions
    Camping Cover for adventure sports
    Beach Cover for natural disasters

    Buy early

    In November 2019, we found that the majority of people who use Finder to compare travel insurance, actually buy their policy a day before they leave or on the same day.

    This puts your holiday at risk if something unexpected happens.

    Be smart

    Buying your travel insurance early is a smart decision.

    Most insurers don't charge extra for buying your policy earlier. This means you can get more protection out of your premium.

    Get cover for cancellations or changes prior to departure for when the unexpected happens.

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    What should the best policy cover?

    When looking for travel insurance, Australians have must-haves that they consider to be more important, and nice-to-haves. When looking for the best policy, it should have a good mix of both.

    Passport Must-haves

    Medical cover
    Flight cancellations and delays
    Trip disruption cover
    Medical evacuation
    Luggage and personal effects
    Passport and travel documents
    Trip cancellation
    Personal liability
    Rental car insurance excess

    Baggage Nice-to-haves

    Travel delays
    Luggage delay cover
    Theft of cash
    Loss of income
    Hospital cash allowance
    Accidental death
    Pet care/ domestic service

    Is it best to get a single trip or annual policy?

    When you’re looking for travel insurance you’ll come across the option of choosing a single or annual trip policy. Both have their pros and cons but single trip policies are best for you if you don’t plan on travelling much over the next 365 days or if you’re going on one long trip (annual policies cap the length you’re allowed to travel in a single go).

    Annual policies are best if you’re a bit of a jet-setter. Buying an annual policy generally works out cheaper than buying single trip policies if you plan on making more than four shorter trips in the next year.

    Single tripAnnual multi-trip
    • Great if you have specific cover requirements, eg, medical or sports activities.
    • Great for travellers who only travel a couple of times a year.
    • Cover can last for up to 12 months.
    • Can be more suitable for travellers over 65 years of age.
    • Great for frequent travellers who travel at least 3 times per year.
    • Can provide cover for multiple destinations.
    • The maximum length of individual trips is usually 45–90 days.

    Getting the best value out of your travel insurance

    Sometimes you're not after the best policy but rather after the best bang for your buck, this is no truer than when trying to find the best travel insurance for the whole family.

    We analysed policies from three of our most popular partners to see how their policies for Bali compared. We looked at a 10-day trip to Bali using a 30-year-old traveller. These quotes were retrieved on 1 October 2019.

    Budget DirectTick Travel InsuranceFast Cover
    PolicyLast minuteBasicBasics
    Price for 10 days' cover$47.58$29.11$26.89
    Overseas emergency medical assistance and hospital expensesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Luggage and personal effects$2,500$2,000Optional
    Cancellation fees and lost depositsNot coveredNot coveredNot covered

    *Table was last updated in October 2019

    Budget DirectTick Travel InsuranceFast Cover
    PolicyEssentialStandardStandard Saver
    Price for 10 days' cover$67.10$42.65$41.99
    Overseas emergency medical assistance and hospital expensesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Luggage and personal effects$5,000$4,000$5,000
    Cancellation fees and lost deposits$12,500$5,000$25,000

    *Table was last updated in October 2019

    Budget DirectTick Travel InsuranceFast Cover
    Price for 10 days' cover$69.54$50.72$47.69
    Overseas emergency medical assistance and hospital expensesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
    Luggage and personal effects$7,500$7,500$15,000
    Cancellation fees and lost depositsUnlimited$20,000Unlimited

    *Table was last updated in October 2019

    Looking for other insurance options?

    Find out how to protect your finances during the global coronavirus pandemic with insurance.

    How can I tell which is the best travel insurance for me?

    Use the Finder Rating to help you understand how comprehensive a policy is, this can help you choose the best policy for your trip. Here are the top 10 rated policies for a 7 day trip to Bali for a 30-year-old as of January 2020.

    1. Budget Direct Comprehensive: 9.4 out of 10
    2. Fast Cover Comprehensive: 9.1 out of 10
    3. WorldCare Comprehensive: 9 out of 10
    4. 1Cover Comprehensive: 8.9 out of 10
    5. Zoom Travel Insurance Comprehensive: 8.8 out of 10
    6. Travel with Jane Comprehensive: 8.7 out of 10
    7. Travel with Kit Comprehensive: 8.7 out of 10
    8. Online Travel Insurance Comprehensive: 8.1 out of 10
    9. Virgin Money Comprehensive: 7.8 out of 10
    10. World2Cover Top Cover: 7.3 out of 10

    Finder Rating icon

    Keep in mind that the Finder Rating should be used as a guide to finding the best travel insurance. It considers the comprehensiveness of a policy, but not your individual circumstances. If you're every unsure, read the product disclosure statement (PDS) or contact the insurer directly.

    Best travel insurance companies

    Finding the best travel insurance company is not as simple as getting the best policy. For the best travel insurance company, you’re going to want to look at how good its products are in conjunction with things like the company’s reputation and how many complaints it receives.

    The table below displays data collected by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) in 2017–18 on your chance of having a dispute per 100,000 with these travel insurers and underwriters. If you’re not sure what the underwriter for a travel insurance company is, you’ll be able to find it listed in the PDS.

    Financial services providerPrimary businessChance of dispute
    Insurance Australia LimitedGeneral insurerNot listed
    Chubb Insurance Australia LimitedGeneral insurer0.3
    AIG Australia LimitedGeneral insurer4.5
    AWP Australia Pty LtdUnderwriting agency5.4
    Lloyd's Australia LimitedGeneral insurer8.5
    The Hollard Insurance Company Pty LtdGeneral insurer11.2
    Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company LimitedGeneral insurer12
    Auto & General Insurance Company LimitedUnderwriting agency12.3
    Great Lakes Insurance SEUnderwriting agency12.9
    Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co LtdGeneral insurer22.9
    Southern Cross Benefits LtdGeneral insurer23.6
    QBE Insurance (Australia) LimitedGeneral insurer25.1
    AAI LimitedGeneral insurer28.7
    Zurich Australian Insurance LimitedGeneral insurer31.1

    *Table was last updated in October 2019

    Check the underwriter

    Those listed in the table above are the underwriters of a whole host of travel insurance brands in Australia. So when you’re looking at a policy, it’s always smart to look at which underwriter is used.

    Check online reviews

    Before you take out your policy, have a quick whip around the Internet to see what previous customers have said about their claims experiences, whether their emergency assistance team was helpful or just customer service in general. Sure, you’re always going to find negative comments, especially in the world of insurance but if the reviews are all overwhelmingly bad, you might want to look at taking your business elsewhere.

    What isn't covered even by the best policies?

    Sadly, not even the crème de la crème of travel insurance policies cover everything.

    Below are a few items no policy provides cover for:

    • If you intentionally or recklessly put yourself in danger
    • If your claim is for consequential loss of any kind, for example loss of enjoyment
    • If your claim arises because you engage in manual labour on your journey (note that some policies will cover working holidays)
    • If your claim arises because you breach a government prohibition or regulation
    • If you fail to get the correct visa
    • If you fail to obtain a passport in time to travel
    • If you drive a vehicle without a current Australian licence or a licence valid for the country you are driving in
    • If your claim arises due to any errors or omissions in your booking arrangements
    • If your claim arises due to an act of war
    • If your claim arises due to a pre-existing condition that is excluded from cover
    • If you travel to a country for which the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has issued a "Do Not Travel" advisory
    • If you travel against medical advice
    • If your claim arises because you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs

    All policies are different, so make sure you check the relevant PDS for a full list exclusions.

    Fill in your trip details below, we'll give you a price and Finder Rating to help find the best travel insurance for you.

    Find the best travel insurance policy for you

    warning Finally, some good news! Domestic travel is picking up, so some insurers have started offering cover again 🦘
    Just remember, you won't be covered for any pandemic related claims if you do take out domestic travel insurance.
    International travel insurance is limited and sometimes unavailable at this point.

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    How to find the best travel insurance for...

    Every traveller is different, which is why finding the best policy is so hard. These guides should help you narrow down your search:

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      14 Responses

        Default Gravatar
        MarkAugust 7, 2019

        can You include car rental insurance in with travel insurance? How do I get a quote for both?

          Default Gravatar
          NikkiAugust 7, 2019

          Hi Mark,

          Thanks for your inquiry. When you hire a car, you are asked to pay an additional fee to reduce your excess in the case of an accident. However, comprehensive international travel insurance can cover rental car insurance excess for international trips and even domestic comprehensive travel insurance can cover you for domestic trips. Here is a page that explains how travel insurance covers car rental excess cover. Contact your preferred insurer to get a quote for comprehensive travel insurance.

          Hope this was helpful. Don’t hesitate to message us back if you have more questions.


        Default Gravatar
        SandraNovember 26, 2017

        I am about to travel soon. My flight is via Bali to KL. I haven’t bought the Travel insurance. Considering the volcanic eruptions situation in Bali which is the best travel insurance to get ? Thanks in advance

          Default Gravatar
          AsiaNovember 27, 2017

          Hi Sandra,

          Thank you for your inquiry.

          As we are a comparison website, I’m afraid we cannot give an advice on which is the best travel insurance you can get because the decision is based entirely on your preferences. But, we do have a page that you can compare your travel insurance options. You may refer this information to the link address here:

          I hope this information helped,


        Default Gravatar
        StevenMay 26, 2016

        I am new to travel insurance, how does it work, for example if i get hurt while away ,does the insurance pay the hospital directly from day one or do i pay ,then claim it when i come back to australia

        Default Gravatar
        MarieNovember 23, 2015

        Is there a travel insurance cover for cancellation of trip due to threat of terrorism before we travel to a particular country

          Avatarfinder Customer Care
          RichardNovember 23, 2015Staff

          Hi Marie,

          Thanks for your question.

          Many policies do cover you for cancellation, trip delay and additional travel expenses that are the result of an act or threat of terrorism. Whether or not you will be covered will depend if there is a travel warning advisory issued by the Australian government, such as a do not travel warning, or if the act of terrorism is a known event.

          Please make sure to read the eligibility criteria, features and details of the policy, as well as the relevant Product Disclosure Statement of the policy before making a decision and consider whether the product is right for you. If necessary, speak to the insurance brand to verify any details.

          I hope this was helpful,

        Default Gravatar
        RobynJuly 8, 2014

        Why can’t I type in departure date?

          Avatarfinder Customer Care
          WilliamJuly 8, 2014Staff

          Hi Robbie,

          Thank you for your comment. You should be able to select your departure date by clicking on the departure box and selecting from the menu. The form does not currently allow users to type in dates, only select from the box.

          Thank you,


        Default Gravatar
        jocelynFebruary 27, 2014

        Do any travel insurance policies cover airlines collapsing?

          Avatarfinder Customer Care
          ShirleyFebruary 27, 2014Staff

          Hi Jocelyn,

          Thanks for your comment.

          Australian Travel Insurance, QBE, Travel Insuranz, Commonwealth Bank Travel Insurance may cover a financial collapse up to a certain limit – please double check the fine print before committing to anything.


        Default Gravatar
        JulesFebruary 24, 2014

        I’m a frequent traveller, but as my parents are now elderly, I am contemplating the scenario that at some point I may have to cancel travel arrangements prior to leaving date or cancel mid-trip to come home to care for my parents in an emergency. Does either or both “cancellation policy” or “family emergency” cover this scenario.

          Avatarfinder Customer Care
          ShirleyFebruary 25, 2014Staff

          Hi Jules,

          Thanks for your comment.

          This actually depends on the insurer and how they word their policies.

          It can be either their cancellation policy or their family emergency – before committing to anything, it’s important to read the PDS so you know which specific cover it is. If you have any doubts, it’s best to contact the travel insurer directly to clarify.


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