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Travel insurance for visitors to Australia

You can get travel insurance from an Australian provider if you are planning to visit the country. It can cover medical expenses, cancellations, lost luggage and more.

What you need to know

  • If you are coming to Australia, a handful of providers offer inbound travel insurance policies .
  • You can take out policies for family members coming to Australia as well.
  • Travel insurance can cover things like medical expenses, flight cancellations and personal liability – it is not the same as OVHC.

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Inbound PlanUnder 70$10,000,000Benefit limit chosen
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*When looking for cover, make sure to read any guidelines in the PDS to ensure you qualify for the policy. Most insurers have limitations when it comes to covering pre-existing medical conditions for visitors to Australia.
Note: This information was last updated August 2023

What is travel insurance for overseas visitors to Australia?

Travel insurance for overseas visitors, sometimes called inbound travel insurance, is for non-Australian residents who plan to travel to Australia.

For example, if you are currently in the Phillipines and want cover for when you are in Australia, including the inbound flight, this type of policy can cover you. It can also cover family members – for example, if you're currently living in Australia and want to cover a family member travelling to see you.

Inbound travel insurance is not the same as Overseas Visitor Health Cover. This is a type of health insurance you often need if you are coming to work in Australia on a visa.

Can non-residents get regular travel insurance?

If you don't live in Australia, you will need to get inbound travel insurance – it's a type of policy designed for non-residents. However, if you're a temporary or permanent resident in Australia, you should be able to get regular travel insurance. I was able to do this as temporary resident when I first moved to Australia from Scotland.

What does travel insurance for overseas visitors cover?

Travel insurance for overseas visitors includes similar benefits to international travel insurance policies, such as:

  • Medical care. Cover if you need medical care while you're in Australia. Emergencies are often unexpected and expensive, so don't let you or your family get caught out.
  • Interruption. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel or cut your trip short. Whether you lose your job or are diagnosed with an illness, the long journey means that flights to Australia can be pretty expensive. Travel insurance policies reimburse you for the money you are otherwise not able to get back.
  • Belongings. You're travelling such a long way so the last thing you want is to be stuck in Australia without your luggage. If your luggage and belongings are lost, stolen or damaged on your trip, your insurance policy will provide cover for the cost of their repair or replacement. Similarly, if an airline misplaces your luggage or it is delayed, cover is available to help you buy essential clothing and toiletries.
  • Theft. Australia is a generally safe country but theft can occur anywhere, especially if you're planning on exploring different parts of the country. Travel insurance looks after you if your cash, credit cards, passport or important travel documents are stolen.
  • Accidents. If you're planning a road trip, rental vehicle excess cover makes sure you don't have to pay the excess on the rental vehicle if something goes wrong. Travel insurance for visitors to Australia can also include personal liability. If an accident occurs and you are legally liable to pay for the costs, this can reimburse you up to the limit specified on your policy.

Conditions of non-resident travel insurance for Australia

Typical conditions and eligibilty requirements for non-resident travel insurance include:

  • Most of your time must be spent in Australia. You can travel to other destinations for a short time but most of your trip must be spent in Australia.
  • Pre-existing conditions. Not all pre-existing medical conditions will be covered by insurers. Some may be automatically excluded and for others, you may be required to submit further information detailing the nature of your condition.
  • Age limits. Non-resident travel insurance will generally have an age limit on people who can take out cover. For example, many policies stop offering cover if you are under the age of 80.
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