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Personal liability in travel insurance

Personal liability is included with most travel insurance policies and can cover you for legal costs if you get into trouble while you're overseas.

What you need to know

  • Personal liability covers you if you injure or kill someone or damage their property.
  • Personal liability cover is typically included in all travel insurance policies.
  • Personal liability will not cover you for intentional damage or car accidents.

What is personal liability in travel insurance?

Personal liability travel insurance covers third-party insurance claims. In other words, it pays for the cost of damages, loss or injury to someone or their property that you or a member of your travelling party is personally responsible for causing. If you get into trouble while you're overseas, it can help out with the associated legal costs.

It is typically included in all travel insurance policies, even basic medical-only options.

What does travel insurance personal liability cover?

  • The death and/or bodily injury of another person.
  • Physical loss of or damage to another person's property, caused by an accident (intentional harm or damage is not covered).
  • Legal expenses for settling, defending or acting on your behalf.

What personal liability insurance won’t cover you for

While most insurance policies offer similar cover, there are differences in what each insurer will and won’t cover. When it comes to personal liability, most insurance companies won’t cover claims in the following situations:

  • Losses to you or your travelling party. Injuries or property damage caused by you to you or your travelling party won’t be covered.
  • Losses involving cars and other vehicles. Injuries or damage from the use, ownership or custody of a mechanical, aerial or water-propelled vehicle won’t be covered.
  • Work and profession cases. Injury, loss or damage that relates to your profession or personal business won’t be covered.
  • Unlawful acts. You won’t be covered if the injury, damage or loss was caused by an illegal act.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases. Communicable diseases transmitted by you won’t be covered.
  • Non-monetary claims. Claims in any form other than monetary compensation are not included.
  • Intended conduct. You won’t be covered if third-party losses occur because you are wilfully neglectful and intend to cause harm or damage.

Personal travel liability insurance exclusions for any loss, damage or expenses are not limited to this list. It’s imperative that you read your insurance policy carefully before travelling and before making a claim with your insurance provider.

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