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Cheap pet insurance

Cheap pet insurance does exist! We gathered 700+ pet insurance quotes to see who came out on top for price and value for money.

Finding the cheapest pet insurance

The cost of living crisis is hitting our wallets. To help you find cheap pet insurance without compromising on cover, our insurance team have gathered hundreds of quotes as part of the Finder Awards and trawled through over 20 pet insurance policies.

Both of our picks cover your pet for accidents and illnesses. Keep in mind, these are the insurers that typically offer the cheapest options according to our research – but your costs will differ depending on your pet's age, breed and pre-existing conditions.

We've also calculated costs for dogs and cats from over 20 insurers, and put together a list of discounts – to help you save as much as possible.

Finder's pet insurance methodology

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Top pick for price: Budget Direct pet insurance

Budget Direct

What we like about Budget Direct:

  • It's typically a lot cheaper than every other pet insurer for cats and dogs. Yes, your prices will differ depending on the type of pet you have but on the whole, Budget Direct is really cheap. We got 30 quotes from 23 popular pet insurers including Medibank, RSPCA and Everyday by Woolworths. It cost an average of $642 a year, $279 a year cheaper than the second cheapest policy, offered by Real pet insurance.
  • It covers you for accidents and illnesses. You can also take your pet to your preferred vet. This is a fairly standard feature across pet insurance but Budget Direct is typically cheaper than other providers.
    • Look elsewhere if you're after the best of the best. Budget Direct pet insurance lets you claim up to $12,000 a year towards vet bills. That's below the average of $15,000. Some insurers will even let you claim up to $30,000. Hopefully, you'll never need to claim that much but it's worth keeping in mind, especially considering surgery can cost thousands of dollars.
    • It comes with sub-limits. This means there are limits on how much you can claim for specific conditions. These include a $4,000 cap on orthopaedic conditions, a $2,600 cap on cruciate ligament conditions, a $1,500 cap on tick paralysis and a $1,200 cap on snake attacks. Some insurers, including Finder Award Winners Knose and Petsy, don't do sub-limits, so you don't need to worry about being out of pocket.
    Go to Budget Direct Pet Insurance's website

Top pick for value: Knose pet insurance

Knose pet insuance

Finder Pet Insurance Award Winner

What we like about Knose:

  • Knose won the 2023 Finder Award for best value policy because it covers lots but is still competitively priced. It will likely cost you more than a policy with Budget Direct but you get more in return.
  • It covers 90% of vet bills for accidents and illnesses and you can claim up to $25,000 in a year. That's more than the majority of insurers. Most cover 80% of vet bills and let you claim $15,000 a year.
  • Finder has an exclusive offer that lets you get 10% off your first year. (Sign up using the promo code FINDER10. T&Cs apply.)
    • Knose covers 90% of vet bills but some policies, such as Coles and PD, cover 100% of vet bills.
    • Knose isn't the cheapest policy but if you're looking for value, it's a good option.
    Go to Knose Pet Insurance's website

Cheap pet insurance policies for dogs

We calculated the average monthly cost of 20+ accident and illness pet insurance policies to help you find cheap dog insurance. These are prices for a 1-year old Cavoodle. Your prices will differ depending on your dog's breed, age, health and the type of policy you buy.

ProviderAverage annual price (dog)
Budget Direct pet insurance$41.93Get quote
Medibank pet insurance$61.20Get quote
Guardian Pet Insurance Logo$55.83Get quote
Real pet insurance$56.98Get quote
Potiki pet insurance$59.45More info
Everyday pet insurance$60.44Get quote
Pet insurance Australia pet insurance$61.17Get quote
Guide dogs pet insurance$65.51Get quote
RSPCA pet insurance$66.93Get quote
Bupa pet insurance$67.69More info
Seniors pet insurance$68.86Get quote
Coles pet insurance$69.00Get quote
Vets Choice pet insurance$70.28Get quote
Bow wow meow pet insurance$70.57More info
Kogan pet insurance$72.65Get quote
Prime pet insurance$74.80More info
HCF pet insurance$76.01More info
Petcover pet insurance$88.98More info
Petbarn pet insurance$96.13More info
Knose pet insurance$104.18Get quote
Petsy pet insurance$105.36Get quote
Pounce pet insurance$129.78More info

Cheap pet insurance policies for cats

To help you find a cheap pet insurance policy, we calculated the monthly cost of 20+ accident and illness pet insurance policies for cats. These are prices for a 1-year-old Persian cat. Your prices will differ depending on your cats's breed, age, health and the type of policy you buy.

ProviderAverage annual price (cat)
Medibank pet insurance49.34Get quote
Everyday pet insurance$44.69Get quote
Bow wow meow pet insurance$44.93More info
Potiki pet insurance$45.07More info
Budget Direct pet insurance$46.09Get quote
Pet insurance Australia pet insurance$49.19Get quote
Trupanion pet insurance$49.58More info
Bupa pet insurance$53.30More info
Real pet insurance$53.96Get quote
Coles pet insurance$55.61Get quote
Kogan pet insurance$56.32Get quote
RSPCA pet insurance$56.59Get quote
Guardian pet insurance$58.98Get quote
HCF pet insurance$59.15More info
Vets Choice pet insurance$63.34Get quote
Seniors pet insurance$65.06Get quote
Guide dogs pet insurance$66.03Get quote
Petbarn pet insurance$66.69More info
Prime pet insurance$66.91More info
Petcover pet insurance$67.54More info
Knose pet insurance$68.41Get quote
Petsy pet insurance$68.48Get quote
Pounce pet insurance$102.09More info

Remember these prices won't be the same for you. Pet insurance costs differ depending on your pet's breed, age, health and the type of policy you buy. To get a precise quote, you'll need to click "get quote" from one or more of the pet insurers above where you'll be asked a few questions about your pet.

Deals and discounts to make your pet insurance cheaper

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Why compare pet insurance with Finder?

  • You pay the same price as buying directly from the pet insurer.

  • We're not owned by an insurer (unlike other comparison sites).

  • We don't ask for your phone or email.

  • We've reviewed over 35 policies on the market, so you don't have to.

What does cheap pet insurance cover?

Some really cheap pet insurance policies only cover you for accidents but they're becoming less common because most pet owners want cover for illnesses as well. Fortunately, there are a few cheap accident and illness pet insurance policies. They typically have an annual claim limit of between $3,000 and $12,000 and will cover your pet for the following:

  • Injuries from car accidents
  • Burns and electrocution
  • Snake bites
  • Allergic reactions to insect bites, excluding ticks and fleas
  • Injuries such as bite wounds caused by other animals
  • Illnesses including cancer, cruciate ligament conditions and orthopaedic conditions
  • Some pet insurance policies cover you for specified illnesses. This means you need to read the product disclosure statement (PDS) to see which illnesses your furry pal will be covered for. In most cases, it should include the most common types of illnesses.

    How to find cheap pet insurance

    These 3 quick and easy steps can help you find a cheap pet insurance policy in just a few minutes.


    Select a higher excess

    The higher the excess you choose, the cheaper your premiums will be. Our filters let you choose between a $0 and $500 excess to help lower costs. Just remember that you'll need to pay this excess whenever you make a claim.


    Opt for a lower annual limit and reimbursement rate

    An annual limit is the maximum amount you can claim per year. The reimbursement rate refers to the percentage of a vet bill the pet insurer will pay. Generally, the lower the annual limit and reimbursement rate, the cheaper your pet insurance policy is likely to cost.


    Get multiple quotes

    While we can't show you exactly how much you'll pay for a pet insurance policy, there's nothing stopping you from clicking through, answering some questions about your pet and getting a couple of different quotes. If price is your only concern, go with the insurer that gives you the cheapest quote.

    ➡️ Get quick quotes from leading pet insurers

    It's tempting to go for the cheapest accident-only pet insurance policy but it's probably not worth the risk. Most visits to the vet are due to illnesses, so you should consider getting an accident and illness policy. The younger your pet is, the cheaper the policy will be.

    What to watch out for when buying cheap pet insurance

    Before you go buying the cheapest policy out there, ask yourself these questions:

    • How much can you claim back? Policies will reimburse you a certain percentage of costs, typically from about 60–80%. Consider how low you're willing to go just for a cheap policy.
    • What's the excess? The excess is a fee you pay when you make a claim. A higher excess generally results in a lower premium. Some pet insurers don't charge them.
    • What are the limits? This is the maximum amount you can claim in a year. Some events will have sub-limits applied.
    • Does it cover illnesses? Accident-only cover is cheaper, but you might want to pay a little more for illnesses as well.
    • Can you add routine care cover? If it's available, routine care can pay for some common procedures such as vaccinations and desexing.
    • Does it have lifetime cover? Most policies offer lifetime cover for your pets. If you continue to renew an existing policy and keep paying your premiums, your pet will be covered for life.
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    Cost of living pressures bite
    A Finder survey has found nearly half of Australian pet owners (45%) have cut back spending on their pets to save money. An easy way to save on your pet insurance is to compare deals. There’s a difference of more than $1,000 a year between the cheapest and most expensive policy, according to 2023 Finder Awards research.

    Why you can trust Finder's pet insurance experts


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    You pay the same as buying directly from the pet insurer. Better still, we regularly run exclusive deals that you won't find on any other site – plus, our tables make it easy to compare policies.
    expert advice

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    Our team of pet insurance experts have researched and rated 25+ policies as part of the Finder Awards. We've produced guides on everything from the best policies to jargon-free explainers.

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    Unlike other comparison sites, we're not owned by an insurer. That means our opinions are our own and we work with lots of pet insurance brands, making it easier for you to find a good deal.

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    Since 2016, we've helped 110,000+ people find pet insurance by explaining your cover options, simply and clearly. We'll never ask for your number or email. We're here to help you make a decision.

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