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What does Finder do?

We help over 2 million Australians each month compare virtually everything across 100+ categories – from broadband to business loans; credit cards to cruises; and health insurance to headphones.

We're 100% free to use, and we're 100% on your side.

Why should you use a comparison site?

Let's face it: for most people, researching stuff like credit cards, car insurance or cryptocurrency isn’t exactly fun (and can be really daunting!) – so most of us end up putting it off. Finder's research shows that the average Australian stays with the same health fund for almost 12 years; 40% of us are still with the same bank that we signed up for as a child; and most of us stay with our phone provider for an average of 6 years. What this means is: many of us are potentially losing out on a lot of money.

That's where Finder comes in: we make comparison easy. We cut through the confusing terms and conditions, the marketing and the sales speak to give you what you really need to know, so you can make better decisions and find a better deal.

What makes Finder different?

There are lots of comparison sites out there. Some charge a monthly subscription fee and most don't give you any information unless you hand over your phone number (and you know what that means: sales calls!) Others are owned by a bank or an insurance company.

Finder is different. How? First, we don't charge you anything. Our journalists and subject matter experts have decades of experience, and produce thousands of guides, reviews and comparisons packed with useful information that cover just about every brand on the market. And they're all free for you to use. We're not owned or backed by the brands we compare, so we don't have a conflict of interest in who we partner with. And the best part? We won't ever call you or push a product that you don't need.

How does Finder make money?

Our comparisons, analyses and reviews are our own and we fiercely protect our editorial integrity. We write thousands of guides (including ones about brands we don't work with!) to help consumers make better decisions.

We may receive a commission from our partners for referring customers to them, and we charge our partners for advertisement space, just like a magazine would. This fee is not passed on to you.

Our experts know their stuff

Angus Kidman, Editor in Chief

Bessie Hassan, Head of PR

Bessie is our resident finance expert, and has over 15 years’ experience in journalism and communications. She's passionate about helping regular Australians make smarter financial decisions.

Angus Kidman, Editor in Chief

Angus Kidman, Editor in Chief

Angus is an award-winning journalist who has been writing about technology, travel, finance and other topics for more than 20 years. He loves helping Aussies save money in unique ways.

Angus Kidman, Editor in Chief

Kate Browne, Managing Editor

Kate has more than 15 years of experience as a consumer affairs journalist and editor. You might recognise her as one of the writers and presenters of ABC TV’s satirical consumer affairs show The Checkout.

Angus Kidman, Editor in Chief

Graham Cooke, Insights Manager

Graham drives consumer-focused research at Finder, and has over 10 years of experience in data analytics and journalism. He loves digging deep to find the questions people need to ask to get a better deal.

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