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Sustainability at Finder

At Finder, we take positive climate action both through how we operate as a business and through how we use our platform to influence our customers and partners. On this page we will outline some of the work we're doing in this space.

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7. Finder Wallet Risk Warning

When you allocate an amount of Cryptocurrency to Finder Wallet for the Cryptocurrency Earn Option, ownership of the Cryptocurrency will pass from you to Finder Wallet. Finder Wallet, or a third party, will hold and secure the Cryptocurrency.

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5. Cryptocurrency Trading Terms

If you have registered a Finder Account and verified your identity, you will be provided with a Finder Wallet Trading account and are eligible to buy and sell eligible Cryptocurrency through the Finder Wallet Platform (“Platform”).

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3. Comparison Service Terms of Use

finder.com.au (“Site”) is designed, owned and operated by Hive Empire Pty Ltd (“Finder”). Finder may be referred to as “we”, “us” or “our” in the Comparison Service Terms of Use (“Terms”).

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