Spend your money when you want, where you want with a debit card

A debit card lets you spend your own money everyday, online and overseas.

NAB Classic Banking Offer

Debit Card Offer

Enjoy $0 monthly account fees on the NAB Classic Banking account.

  • Linked NAB Visa Debit card
  • Free use at over 3,400 NAB and rediATMs Australia-wide
  • New NAB Mobile Banking app
  • Tap and pay with your card or phone – with NAB Pay for Android or
    NAB PayTag for iPhones
  • Protection against fraud with NAB Defence

    Debits cards you can apply for in 15 minutes

    Rates last updated April 29th, 2017
    Monthly Account Fee Debit Card Access ATM Withdrawal Fee Fee Free Deposit p.m. Details
    NAB Classic Banking
    $0 monthly account fees.
    Tap and pay with your NAB Visa Debit card, NAB Pay for Android or NAB PayTag for iPhone.
    Visa $0 $0 $0 account keeping fees with no deposit conditions. Unlimited free withdrawals at NAB and rediATMs. Go to site More
    ING DIRECT Orange Everyday Account
    $75 cash bonus + Apple Pay available.
    Get a competitive ongoing variable rate when linked with a Savings Maximiser.
    Visa $0 $1,000 $0 monthly account keeping fees. Unlimited free withdrawals at any ATM in Australia if you deposit $1,000 each month. Go to site More
    Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account
    Earn Qantas Points on eligible purchases and on your account balance.
    Conditions apply.
    Mastercard $0 $2,000 $0 account keeping fees when you deposit at least $2,000 into your account each month. Otherwise, a $6 monthly fee applies. Unlimited Free withdrawals at Bankwest and CommBank ATMs in Australia. Go to site More
    HSBC Day to Day Transaction Account
    Your Visa debit card unlocks special privileges worldwide with the HSBC home&Away Privilege Program.
    Visa $0 $0 $0 account keeping fees. Unlimited free withdrawals at over 3,000 HSBC, Westpac, St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA ATMs. Go to site More
    ANZ Access Advantage
    Apple Pay, Android Pay and ANZ Mobile Pay. Take advantage of Apple Pay by linking your ANZ Visa Debit card to an eligible iPhone and seamlessly pay for purchases with your phone.
    Visa $0 $2,000 $0 account keeping fees if you deposit at least $2,000 per month. Otherwise, a $5 monthly fee applies. Unlimited free withdrawals at ANZ ATMs. Go to site More
    Westpac Choice
    $0 ATM withdrawal fee at 50,000+ ATMs globally.
    Via Westpac's Global ATM Alliance. Get Cash without your debit card (conditions apply).
    Mastercard $0 $2,000 $0 account keeping fees if you deposit at least $2,000 per month. Otherwise, a $5 monthly fee applies. Unlimited free withdrawals at St.George, Westpac, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA ATMs. Go to site More
    BankSA Complete Freedom Account
    Open one in less than 5 minutes with Cardless Cash available.
    Visa $0 $2,000 $0 account keeping fees if you deposit at least $2,000 per month. Otherwise, a $5 monthly fee applies. Unlimited free withdrawals at BankSA, St.George, Westpac and Bank of Melbourne ATMs. Go to site More
    Bank of Melbourne Complete Freedom
    Get Cardless cash and shop securely with your Visa debit card. Customise SMS and email alerts.
    Visa $0 $2,000 $0 account keeping fees if you deposit at least $2,000 per month. Otherwise, a $5 monthly fee applies. Unlimited free withdrawals at Bank of Melbourne, St.George, Westpac and BankSA ATMs. Go to site More
    St.George Complete Freedom Account
    10% Cash back for online gaming purchases.
    Waived account keeping fees when minimum deposit is met with no minimum balance.
    Visa $0 $2,000 $0 account keeping fees if you deposit at least $2,000 per month. Otherwise, a $5 fee applies. Unlimited free withdrawals at St.George, Westpac and BankSA ATMs. Go to site More
    BankSA Express Freedom Account
    Get Cardless Cash, free SMS and email alerts.
    Visa $0 $1,000 $0 account keeping fees when you deposit at least $1,000 into your account each month. Otherwise, a $3 monthly fee applies. Unlimited Free withdrawals at BankSA, St.George, Bank of Melbourne and Westpac ATMs. Go to site More
    Bank of Melbourne Express Freedom
    Get Cardless Cash and PAYG branch and cheque services.
    Visa $0 $1,000 $0 account keeping fees if you deposit at least $1,000 per month. Otherwise, a $3 monthly fee applies. Unlimited free withdrawals at BankSA, St.George, Westpac and Bank of Melbourne ATMs. Go to site More
    Bankwest Easy Transaction Account
    2% cash back offer for new customers (conditions apply).
    Open account by 30 June 2017 to earn 2% cash back on contactless purchases and pay no monthly fees until 31 August 2017.
    Mastercard $0 $2,000 $0 account keeping fees if you deposit at least $2,000 per month. Otherwise, a $6 monthly fee applies. Unlimited free withdrawals at CommBank, NAB, ANZ, Westpac, St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA ATMs. Go to site More

    What is a debit card and what does it allow you to do?

    When you open an Australian bank account, the bank will issue you a debit card to use as a way to access your money. You can use your debit card to get cash, make purchases and manage your money. The debit card is linked to your transaction account and the terms and conditions associated with your account explains how you can spend your money.

    Your debit card is linked to your everyday bank account and can be used to make withdrawals from ATMs, EFTPOS, payWave or PayPass. A debit card works similarly to a credit card, except that you’re using your own money instead of the banks' money, which means you don't need to worry about interest payments.

    It's a good way to take advantage of the accessibility of a credit card, without having to pay any interest on the amount spent, or worry about your credit rating.

    Can I choose my own PIN for my debit card?

    Yes, in fact, most banks recommend that you change your PIN regularly for security reasons. When you receive your debit card in the mail, your bank will provide you with a pre-selected PIN and instructions on how to change it.

    What bank accounts can I link to my debit card?

    You can link almost any everyday transaction account to a debit card. The account needs to have an Australian BSB and account number and the account must be in the same name as what's on the card. It can also be a joint account if desired.

    How do I get a debit card?

    To get a debit card you first need to open a transaction account. You can open a transaction account directly from our site, finder.com.au. Once you've selected the transaction account, click 'go to site' to complete an application. A debit card is typically sent to your residential address within two weeks of completing the application.

    Do you compare joint accounts?

    Yes, our joint bank accounts page lets you compare different types of joint bank accounts.

    What happens if I overdraw on my debit card?

    Overdrawing usually occurs when you've used your debit card when your transaction account balance is zero, which usually brings your account into a negative balance. If you have an overdraft attached to your account, this balance starts to attract interest. It's important to try and avoid overdrawing your account because the fees can be very high, usually up to $20.

    What is a cash back debit card?

    Some debit cards offer cash back on Visa payWave or MasterCard PayPass purchases under $100 in Australia. You normally need to make a minimum deposit, usually $1,000 or $2,000, into your transaction account every month to get the cashback reward on eligible purchases. In the case of personal accounts, either account holder can make the deposit requirements for the cash back to apply.

    How do I know if my debit card has PayPass or payWave?

    Take a look at your debit card and see if it has the payWave or PayPass symbol on the front. If it doesn't you can call your bank to get a new card.

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    What are the features of a debit card?

    When you are looking for a transaction account, the type of debit card that comes with it should play a role in your decision:

    • No monthly fees. You can compare fee-free bank accounts here to ensure you don't get charged for having a debit card.
    • Third party logo. Having either Visa or MasterCard stamped on the card will increase the flexibility and benefits in spending that a debit card provides.
    • One or multiple ATM networks for free. This is linked to the bank you choose, but you will want to find a debit card that has access to a large number of ATMs for free. Bankwest and Commonwealth Bank's ATM network is currently the largest in Australia.
    • Contactless technology. Some debit cards enable you to make purchases using Near Field Communication (NFC) without having to swipe your card or enter a pin. Called Tap&Go, the feature lets you pay for items, usually costing $100 or less, by holding your card to a reader.
    • Fraud protection. You need to protect your debit card from theft and improper use. Make sure you have a PIN number set and keep your debit card safe.
    • Other security measures. Check what security features your bank provide with your debit card. You debit card should have secure PIN and CHIP technology. Also, check to see if you are responsible for unauthorised charges.
    • Debit cards for teens. As a student, you can receive a range of benefits from your debit card, including no monthly fee.
    Debit card fraud: is your money at risk?

    What is debit card fraud?

    When someone else obtains your card details and makes transactions on your card without you knowing. If you report a fraudulent transaction on your card, your bank should deactivate your card to prevent the person from making anymore transactions.

    You should always check your debit card statement to make sure all the transactions on there are legitimate. This will help you identify any unusual activity.

    Lost or stolen cards

    If your card is lost or stolen, let your bank know straight away even if your overseas. In most cases, you can get a replacement card as soon as possible and your bank can stop all transactions on your account.

    Can I get a refund on fraudulent transactions?

    This depends on your bank and the situation. Many of the bigger banks, such as The Big Four, offer a 100% money-back guarantee on fraudulent transactions if you comply with the card's conditions of use. For more information, speak to your financial institution.

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    What are the advantages of using a debit card?

    • You have easy access to cash. Your debit card allows you to withdraw money from your account without having to go to a bank.
    • You make purchases overseas or at local shops. With a debit card you don’t need to carry cash in order to make purchases.
    • You can shop online. If your debit card has a credit card logo, you can use it to make purchases online.

    What are the drawbacks of using a debit card?

    • There are usually monthly fees. Read the terms and conditions carefully to discover if your bank charges fees for using you debit card.
    • You have to use an ATM in your network. Banks have their own network of ATMs and using your debit card outside of the network could result in added charges to your account.
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    What are the dangers of using a debit card?

    As a link to your personal or business funds, you should be careful in the way that you use your debit card. Some things to avoid are:

    • Overdrawing too much and being charged dishonour fees. If you are not keeping careful track of the money available in your bank account, you may accidentally go over the limit which could result in bank fees.
    • Ensuring it doesn't get lost or stolen. If your debit card is lost or stolen and because your debit card is linked to your transaction account, you could have your funds withdrawn without your permission. Luckily, banks today have technology to identify unusual transactions and will typically notify you of the transaction.

    What should I do if I’ve noticed my Visa or MasterCard accounts being displayed incorrectly online?

    First check your recent receipts, and transactions made by any of your additional cardholders. If there is still a discrepancy, contact your bank immediately in case someone is using your account fraudulently.

    Why do banks approve transactions when I don’t have sufficient funds? Is there any way to stop this?

    This could be the result of a direct debit that posts at the same time as a purchase or credits to the account not clearing as quickly as you thought. You can avoid paying overdrawn account fees by applying to have an overdraft account.

    I've tried to withdraw cash from my account using an ATM but it's miscalculated the money. What should I do?

    If this occurs, try to contact your bank as soon as possible to notify them of the problem. They should be able to get in touch with the branch who takes care of the ATM and sort it out.

    Common questions about debit cards

    Can you access your savings account money with a debit card?

    Typically, you will need to link your savings account to the transaction account that your debit card is linked to. In most cases you will need to transfer the money into your transaction account first before you can use the debit card to withdraw it.

    Do you have any information about CommBank debit cards?

    What happens if I lose my debit card or it is stolen?

    Notify the bank immediately so that they can put a stop on the card. They will then issue a new one as a replacement.

    Can I be issued multiple cards with one account?

    Yes, you can ask for additional cards (typically up to two cards) for family members or business associates, but as the primary account holder you will still be responsible for any actions taken using those cards.

    Can I use a debit card overseas?

    You can use most debit cards overseas, but be mindful that fees and charges can apply so check the Product Disclosure Statement a standard debit card without a credit card logo

    Are special provisions made for bank account holders who are under 18?

    Australian minors who have a transaction account in their name can still get a debit card, but it may not be a MasterCard or Visa.

    finder.com.au featured debit cards

    Compare what the debit cards below have to offer

    Debit cardContactless AppATM network details
    NAB Classic BankingNAB Pay (Only compatible with Android 4.4+)NAB and RediATM (3,400 ATMs)
    ANZ Access AdvantageApple Pay, Android Pay (Compatible Apple and Android devices)ANZ (2,600 ATMs)
    ING Direct Orange EverydayAndroid Pay (Compatible Android devices)Any ATM in Australia if you deposit $1,000+ that month
    CommBank Smart AccessTap & Pay (Only compatible with Android 4.4+) and PayTag (iPhone)CommBank and Bankwest (4,000 ATMs)

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    8 Responses to Spend your money when you want, where you want with a debit card

    1. Default Gravatar
      Kevrub | March 8, 2017

      Pl advise best debit card for use overseas with zero or min transaction and or other fees. Prefer ANZ, CBA or NAB but would like comparison of other inexpensive cards.
      Impending overseas trip to Asia including South Korea & Japan.

      • Staff
        Anndy | March 8, 2017

        Hi Kevrub,

        Thanks for your question.

        If you are travelling to Japan and other countries in Asia, you may want to compare your debit card options here. We also have useful travel money tips on the same page.


    2. Default Gravatar
      Djredi | February 10, 2017

      I don’t have a drivers license and was hoping my DSP health care card from centrelink would suffice ? Or a NZ issued passport ? Thank you for your help ,

      • Staff
        Anndy | February 12, 2017

        Hi Anton,

        Thanks for your question.

        If you are looking to apply for a debit card, the requirements may differ among the different providers. For most debit cards, you can use any two forms of the following identifications:

        - Driver’s licence
        - Passport
        - Medicare card
        - Birth certificate

        You can check the details of the requirements and eligibility criteria to apply for a particular card by clicking its name on our comparison table above.

        To check the card’s terms and conditions and open an account, you may click the ‘open’ button.


    3. Default Gravatar
      Kevin | January 26, 2017

      Does anz ATM machines have cardless withdrawal

      • Staff
        Anndy | January 26, 2017

        Hi Kevin,

        Thanks for your question.

        Currently only Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and St.George have cardless cash withdrawal option.

        For more information about cardless cash withdrawal, please refer to this link.


    4. Default Gravatar
      Jim | July 13, 2016

      What is the maximum amount that can be assigned to a debit card?

      • Staff
        Clarizza | July 13, 2016

        Hi Jim,

        Thanks for your question.

        There’s generally no maximum amount for accounts linked to your debit card. Check the account terms and conditions with your bank if you’re unsure.

        Hope this helps.


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