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Alison Banney is the banking and investments editor at Finder. She has written about finance for over five years with her work featured on sites including Yahoo Finance, Money Magazine and Dynamic Business. She has previously worked at Westpac, and has written for several other major banks including BCU, Greater Bank and Gateway Credit Union. Alison has a Bachelor of Communications from Newcastle University and a Tier 1 RG146 Generic Knowledge Certification for financial advice.

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Hi Stephen, To see the latest performance figures for BT you'll need to check its website, as it will depend on which investment option you're in. You can see the latest performance figures here: https://www.bt.com.au/personal/prices-and-performance/performance-figures.html To switch funds you may be charged an exit fee by BT. Again, this will depend on which investment option you're in so it's best to check the PDS online. Thanks, Alison.

Commented on Underperforming super funds on APRA’s radar

Hi Gloria, According to the ATO, you're eligible to receive the Low Income Tax Offset if your total taxable income is less than $66,667. Please note that the maximum offset of $445 applies if your total taxable incomes is less than $37,000, and it gradually reduces by 1.5 cents for each dollar you earn above this amount. Hope this helps! Thanks, Alison

Commented on Budget 2018: How the income tax cuts will affect you

Hi Richard, The figures in our article are based on the annual spend of more than 2,000 individuals as part of a paid consumer survey. Therefore, if those individuals who took part in the survey happened to use delivery food services more than the average person, the $2.6 billion figure would be slightly inflated. Thanks, Alison

Commented on Australians spend $1,590 each year on delivered food

Hi Jolyon, When you submit your tax return for the 2018-19 financial year, the offset will be applied to your return automatically (you won't need to do anything). If you owe tax, the offset will reduce the amount of tax you're required to pay. If you are getting a tax refund, the offset will increase the refund amount. You can refer to the table within the article to see how much the offset will be for each salary range, for each year over the next seven years. It's important to note that these are proposed changes by the government that still need to pass through the senate before they can take affect. Hope this helps! Cheers, Alison

Commented on Budget 2018: How the income tax cuts will affect you

Hi Ed, You can use the Round Up feature with an ING Orange Everyday transaction account, linked to an ING Savings Maximiser account. You can take a look at this transaction account here: https://www.finder.com.au/ing-direct-orange-everyday-transaction-account Thanks, Alison.

Commented on ING introduces new Everyday round up feature

Hi, It looks like the branch is located in the Southport Central Shopping Centre. You can see a list of the branch locations here: https://www.racq.com.au/contact-us/find-a-branch?services=Banking I hope this helps! Alison.

Commented on Automobile club, RACQ, launches first bank branches today

Hi Lynn, Thanks for your comment. You're correct, even the small amounts of super earned by lower income earners is gobbled up in fees. I think the suggestion of super funds not charging fees, or charging reduced fees, for lower income earners is a great idea. Here's hoping! Thanks, Alison.

Commented on Indigenous Australians are missing out on superannuation

Hi Gloria, If you have a ticket to the Easter Show public transport to and from the show is free - however you need to buy your ticket before you get there if you want to get the bus / train for free. You can buy tickets for the Seniors Day online at the official Easter Show website, at Woolworths or official tourism offices. Thanks, Alison.

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