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At Finder, we're here to help you save on your everyday household bills, including electricity, gas, broadband and mobile plans. Our team of experts has spent hundreds of thousands of hours delving into Australia's leading energy and telco providers, reading the fine print and decoding the jargon. If you're thinking of switching your new internet connection, phone plan, SIM card or energy provider, we've got you covered.

Our award-winning team knows their stuff about utilities, and can help you find the best option for your needs.

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We're not owned by a provider

Unlike many other comparison services, we're independent, so we can partner with a broad range of brands.

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It's 100% free (no fine print)

You won't need to enter your phone number or email to compare plans. Best of all, you'll pay the same as going directly to the brand.

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More than just comparison

We have thousands of guides (including ones about brands that we don't work with!) so you can be better informed and not just blindly compare on price.

Choose what you want to compare

Mobile plans

When it comes to choosing a new mobile plan, there are literally hundreds of plans from dozens of providers to compare. Our mobile plan engine sorts these all for you in a handy table, with easy-to-use filters to set your preferences. If you are looking to get a new mobile plan, we've got you sorted, from high-value prepaid plans to new phone contracts, and everything in between.

Prepaid plans
Get more for your money and control your spending with a flexible prepaid plan.
Postpaid sims
SIM-only postpaid plans offer a solution to make the most of the smartphone you already own.
Phone plans
Postpaid mobile phone plans make it easy to afford a new smartphone and get great call, text and data rates.


To get the most on the web, you need a good internet connection. Our internet plans engine ranks hundreds of plans from more than 50 providers to show you the best ones to suit your needs & preferences. Most Australian addresses are connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN), and can take advantage of the latest speedy NBN plans.

NBN plans
Find the NBN plan that's right for you with our comprehensive comparison tool.
Mobile broadband
Like to work on the move? A mobile broadband data SIM could be your best option.
Phone plans
Can't get the NBN yet? ADSL2+ broadband delivers Internet services over your phone line.


Let us help you get a better deal by comparing electricity, gas and solar providers in your state. We compare energy providers in our customisable tables to help you break down features that are important to you. Whether you're after a new electricity provider, or want to know if solar panels are worth the fuss, we've got you covered.

Cut your power bills by finding a better deal and switching providers.
See if you can save by switching gas providers and learn how to compare the options in your state.
Phone plans
Generate your own electricity the sustainable and environmentally friendly way with solar power.

Internet TV

We've done the hard yards for you and compared streaming providers, free trials, news, sports and entertainment. Dig deeper to see why streaming is taking over the internet.

Free trials
Looking for free content? We've got 418 days worth of free television, music and more.
TV shows
Find out which streaming platform has your next favourite show.
Find out where to watch your favourite movies.

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