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Finder Awards

Recognising Australia's best products, brands and innovations

Finder awards logos - Finder green award, Finder Gold award, Finder customer satisfaction award

Since 2016, the Finder Awards program has used our unique expertise to recognise the best brands, products and innovations Australia has to offer.

The Finder Awards now span across four Awards programs, including hundreds of categories across financial, retail, insurance and cryptocurrency.

Our recent Finder Award Winners

Here are our four categories of Finder Awards.

Finder Gold Award
Product Awards

We analyse hundreds of products across dozens of categories to determine the best options.
Finder Blue and Gold Award
Customer Satisfaction Awards

We survey thousands of Aussies to determine the best rated brands in 100s of categories.
Finder Gold Award
Innovation Awards

Our panel of expert judges rate the most innovative products and services each year.
Finder Green Award
Green Awards

Industry experts judge green innovation from leading Australian brands.

What does it mean to win a Finder Award?

When you choose a product that has won a Finder Product Award, you know that Finder experts have done extensive research into the entire category and come to the conclusion that the product is the best in the market at a given time.

When you pick a brand that has won a Finder Customer Satisfaction Award, you know that thousands of real Australians have judged that brand based on their own purchases and experience.

When you see a Finder Green Award you know that industry experts have worked with Finder to recognise those that are committed to building a better world by looking after the one we have now.

Understanding the logos

Finder Gold Award

Finder's gold and silver logos

These logos recognise the best performing product in each category. We gather multiple data points on most products each month or quarter, compare each metric to the rest of the market, and apply a score using Finder's Dynamic Scoring System. These scores are then weighted based on the importance of each feature and the recency of the measurement. Award winners receive a gold logo and highly commended brands receive a silver logo. Finder Innovation Awards also uses the gold and silver logos.
Finder Blue and Gold Award

Finder's blue and gold logos

Finder blue and gold logos are for customer satisfaction awards, like the Finder Retail Awards program. We ask thousands of Aussies who have bought and used products and services to rate brands based on their experience across a number of areas, like value for money and performance. Logos are awarded on a brand level in a specific product category, rather than for individual products. Winners receive a blue and gold award, while finalists receive a blue and silver logo.
Finder Green Award

Finder's green logo

These logos recognise businesses that are sustainability leaders in their categories. These companies are doing their bit to protect the planet with initiatives to reduce emissions, provide sustainable finance options and move towards zero-waste. Winners for these awards are selected based on broad environmental metrics including greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy usage and waste avoiding landfill. The Finder Green Awards also recognise the people behind the best green initiatives.
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