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Get your credit score for free in 2 minutes

Check your credit score on the Finder app or here on our website. It's private, secure and won't affect your score.

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Totally Secure

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Won't affect your score

Multiple accounts in the Finder app

How does it work?

You'll get your score in just minutes, conveniently on the Finder app (or on the web if you prefer).

Your credit score is free and you can check it as many times as you want.

If your score changes, we'll update you too.

You can also access your entire credit file. This includes your credit enquiries, defaults and infringements.

Use your score to find out which personal loans and credit cards you're eligible for with our Chance of Approval feature.

3 simple steps

1. Download the Finder app
This will let you access your score.
2. Verify your ID
You'll need your licence or passport.
3. Check your score
Get your score and more valuable insights.

What you'll need

  • Your Australian driver's licence or passport
  • Your personal details (like your name and where you've lived for the last 3 years)
  • The Finder app downloaded on your phone (if you want our full app experience)

Pop in your phone number below to get your download link.

5 minutes

Multiple accounts in the Finder app

Use your credit score to apply for financial products with confidence

Finder's Chance of Approval indicates your likelihood* of getting accepted for a credit product such as a loan or a credit card.

This can help you protect your credit score by avoiding applications that you might not be eligible for.

What financial products may require a good credit score?

Home loans
The higher your credit score, the more a home loan provider will be willing to offer you a home loan.
Personal loans
Most lenders of personal loans will look at your credit score (along with other factors). A lower score may make it hard to get approved.
Credit cards
Some credit card applications may require a good credit score, especially if you want a higher credit limit.

What is a credit score?

Your credit score is a numerical score that represents how creditworthy you are, or in other words, a number that demonstrates your reputation as a borrower. The higher the score, the more creditworthy you appear.

What range of credit scores are considered "good"?

Experian credit score ranges
The higher the better when it comes to credit scores and based on the scoring system you'll receive through Finder, above 700 is a very good score and above 800 is considered excellent.

How is it different to a credit report?

A credit report contains the nitty-gritty detail of how a credit score is calculated. Along with your date of birth, driver's licence number and contact details, a credit report includes details of any credit product you've held or applied for, your repayment history, defaults on bills and loans and any bankruptcies or debt agreements.

What can I do with a good credit score?

A good credit score puts you in a strong financial position in several ways including giving you more negotiating power when applying for a loan, an increased borrowing capacity and a better chance of being approved for a loan or credit card.

How often can I check my credit score and report?

As many times as you like! Your credit score will be updated once a month, or whenever something on your file changes (if you've opted into our credit file monitoring service).

Negative actions that can affect your credit score

How can I improve a bad credit score?

How can I fix errors in my credit report?

If you find any errors on your credit report or see something that shouldn't be there, you should contact Experian immediately to request to have it removed. Learn more.

Multiple accounts in the Finder app

Level up with the Finder app 📈

The Finder app takes your credit score and your money to the next level. You'll get automatic credit score updates, be able to see all your accounts in one place, track your spending and discover your chance of being approved* for a loan or credit card before you even apply.
Learn more

Your important questions answered

No worries, we're here to help. See the full list of FAQs

Ready to get your credit score?

Receive your free credit score and report from Finder today. Pop in your phone number below to get your download link.

Your trust is our priority

How do we protect your data?
Your information is protected through bank-level security and encryption, and we'll retrieve your score directly from Experian.
How do we get your credit score?
We get your credit score through Experian. Experian is one of the three credit bureaus in Australia that collect and provide credit data.
What will we do with your number?
If you provide your number, we will send you a download link to our app, where you can access your credit score. We will not give your number to any third party.
How much does it cost?
It's 100% free. We'll never charge you to get your credit score.

Aussies love us 😍

"Nice app that allows you to connect accounts from different banks and see them in one place. Looking forward to having a few more banks supported."
Sam C. - Google Play Store
"I love this app. It is so simple to use, and it is great to be able to keep track of my credit score. I also love the fact that it gives you tips on how you can make more money. Fantastic app. I love it."
Jackboy! - Apple App Store
"I love the consolidated view of my finances and how the app can help you make better decisions based on your financial position."
Eshan W. - Google Play Store

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