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How to compare Internet plans

When you're trying to choose between broadband plans, here's what matters.

🏎 Speed

This is the number one comparison point for any connection. How fast you can download and upload data will affect how quickly you can transfer files and stream videos, as well as how well your Internet works when many people are using it at once. It's also what you have the least control over because it will depend on your connection type and location. "Typical evening speed" is the term NBN providers are using to estimate the speeds users are likely to get, rather than theoretical maximums you'll never reach.

πŸ’Ύ Data

While your maximum monthly data in gigabytes is still important, especially for mobile broadband, the amount of data is higher and more likely to be unlimited for your home Internet plan. However, some providers have an "acceptable usage policy" if you're running rampant. If you're a lighter user, you can save by calculating how much data you're likely to use. Generally, though, speed matters more. All the data in the world is useless if your connection crawls.

πŸ’° Cost

When it comes to cost, you should always check the minimum total amount you'll have to pay for a given plan. A longer-term contract may have a lower monthly cost but you'll be stuck paying it out in its entirety even if you decide it's not suitable.

πŸ“œ Contract details

Broadband plans are offered on contracts, usually 24 month, but increasingly month-to-month casual plans are becoming popular. While this can make plans cheaper with lower installation costs, it will make it harder to move house or change provider if you're unhappy. Some shorter contracts will also require you to buy your modem or connection device outright.

🎁 Extra features

Some providers will give you unlimited streaming on some platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix, which can let you go for a lower data limit if you're a heavy streamer. Other providers will give you a discount if you bundle your Internet plan with other services like a landline or cable TV. Check that you need these features and that they'll actually save you money before signing a contract.

What types of internet connection are there?

The type of Internet connection you have has a huge effect on speed. Here are the main broadband technologies in Australia currently:
Internet network

NBN (fibre)

85Mbps (Fast tier average speeds)
The NBN (National Broadband Network) connects millions of Australians to a high-speed fibre-optic network. It's the default choice for most households as the national rollout is close to completion. Average download speeds are around 85Mbps for top quality connections.
Mobile Internet


50-100Mbps (approx. range)
If fixed-line internet isn't suitable for you, or your local infrastructure is sub-par, you might get a better result with a wireless solution. Mobile broadband uses the same technology as your phone's 4G - and 5G will be even faster. Speeds can hypothetically reach 1,000Mbps, though you're more likely to get 50–100Mbps on your home wireless connection.
Coaxial cable

Cable (now HFC NBN)

30-80Mbps (Typical cable speeds)
Now integrated into the NBN, heavy-duty coaxial cable services made of copper provide variable speeds somewhere between 30 and 80Mbps depending on your connection. Old copper wires can be quite degraded - but often it's the best wired option available for you if fibre doesn't run close to your property.
Ethernet cable


~8-12Mbps (Typical ADSL2+ speeds)
ADSL is an old broadband technology, using existing copper phone lines, rather than installing newer technologies. The latest generation, ADSL2+, provides average download speeds of 8-20Mbps. It's a slow, old technology to be avoided unless you've no other option while waiting for the NBN.

NBN vs wireless broadband

The two main types of internet most Australians are actually able to choose between are NBN and mobile/wireless broadband. Consumers unfortunately don't really get to choose which wired internet technology connects to their property, which means that if you can't get the NBN, ADSL or sometimes cable internet can be your only option. However, with the advent of 5G, if you're in a well-serviced metro area, you've got a lot of options.

NBN plans

The NBN is a project undertaken by the Australian federal government to deliver high-speed, reliable Internet to millions of Australians. It's intended to replace outdated copper connections with new fibre-optic cables to drastically improve Australia's connectivity.

How do I check if I have the NBN?

If you aren't sure whether your address is already hooked up to the NBN, you can easily check whether you have access to the NBN or the expected rollout date for the NBN at your premises by using our NBN tracker. All you'll need is your address.

How fast are NBN plans?

The speed of your NBN connection is usually stated as a "typical evening speed". While NBN connections can theoretically reach 100Mbps, these evening speeds give a more realistic idea of what you'll actually get when downloading at the busiest time between 7pm and 11pm.

What connection will I get at my property?

The NBN isn't being rolled out the same everywhere, with different areas receiving different types of connections. What type of connection you get can have a big impact on your connection speed.

Tangerine NBN offers unlimited data & 21Mbps typical evening speed for $49.90/month.

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband is an Internet connection that's delivered by a mobile network, using the same broadcast towers that your mobile phone uses to operate. With a 5G connection in a metro area, you can get download speeds comparable to those on a fixed NBN connection.

Phone tethering vs mobile broadband

You've probably come across phone tethering before, where you use your phone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for your other devices. This connection will use your phone's data and can be quite slow depending on your handset plus how well your device links with your phone.

When looking at whether you need a separate mobile broadband plan from what your phone already has, you'll find that the cost of data is increasingly similar between regular mobile plans and dedicated mobile Internet plans.

Home wireless vs mobile broadband

If you're looking for an alternative to the NBN that's designed to stay in your home, consider investing in a Home Wireless plan. These are similar to mobile broadband plans in that they can function anywhere around your home and don't need setting up – all you need to do is grab a modem and a wireless plan and you're good to go.

While older home wireless connections are roughly comparable to a basic I NBN connection at 12Mbps, nowadays you can pick up modems and plans that offer 4G network speeds of 20–50Mbps. This makes them comparable to an average NBN connection. In some areas, you may even be able to access 5G network speeds which can be anywhere from 50–1,000Mbps, in theory.

If you're hoping to get 5G home wireless, providers to look at include Optus and Exetel, though availability will still be subject to where you live.

What are portable modems?

Portable modems are a Wi-Fi-enabled device or dongle that usually connects to your computer via a USB port. They act largely the same as a mobile phone being used as a hotspot, but offer faster connection speeds due to their physical connection to your computer.

In order for your dongle to access the Internet, you'll generally have to insert a SIM activated with a mobile Internet plan.

Why might you need mobile broadband?

Mobile Internet may be more expensive per gigabyte of data than a fixed line, but it might be suitable for your needs.
Here are some reasons to consider mobile broadband:

Major internet providers

We've selected some of the biggest and most popular internet providers below, and featured a mid-range plan targeted to the majority of consumers for each. Follow the links to our dedicated provider pages for further analysis of their plans and features.

Telstra Internet Plans

Telstra is Australia's largest Internet provider, offering plans for any type of connection from ADSL to cable and NBN. With Telstra, you're likely to get faster connection speeds than smaller providers, although the speed gap has begun to narrow in recent years.

For NBN plans, Telstra's most popular offering is its standard unlimited NBN data plan, costing $90/month with a minimum cost of $2,259 over 24 months. It has a Standard tier speed of 50Mbps, though if that isn't fast enough Telstra also has the same plan with a Fast speed of 85Mbps for $120/month.

If you purchase the plans online, you won't have to pay the $99 connection fee. Be aware that Telstra's plans are more expensive in general when compared to other smaller providers - but the network's coverage and reliability are its major selling points.

  • Largest Internet provider in Australia, offering plans for any type of connection.
  • Telstra NBN Unlimited: $90/month, costing $2,259 over 24 months, unlimited data, Standard tier (50Mbps).
  • Typically better connection speeds than smaller providers.
  • More expensive compared to most other providers.
  • Customers can earn points towards paying their bill & redeem rewards with Telstra Plus.
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Optus Internet Plans

Optus has a strong focus on sport and entertainment in all of its offerings, having spent a fair bit of money securing the rights to the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League for Optus Sport.

It has just one main NBN data plan for $75/month which offers Standard tier speeds of 44Mbps with $99 start-up fee.

If you're willing to invest an extra $20/month you can upgrade to the entertainment pack plan which offers Fetch TV, Optus Sport and a bunch of extra entertainment channels.

  • Strong entertainment inclusion, including Fetch TV and Optus Sport in its more expensive broadband plan.
  • Optus NBN: $75/month, minimum cost $426, unlimited data, Standard tier (44Mbps).
  • 45 extra channels of entertainment available for an extra $14/month.
Read more about Optus' internet plans

TPG Internet Plans

TPG is Australia's second largest telecommunications company and offers some of the highest average NBN download speeds of any provider. The Federal Court has recently approved the TPG-Vodafone merger, overruling the opposition from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

TPG's main offering is its NBN50 plan, which offers Standard tier download speeds of 46Mbps for $69.99/month, with a minimum cost of $429.94 over 6 months. It also has an NBN100 plan offering 80.1Mbps for $89.99/month. All its plans come with a voice line included.

  • TPG has one of the highest average NBN download speeds available from any provider.
  • TPG NBN50: $69.99/month, minimum cost $429.94 on a 6-month contract, unlimited data, Standard tier (~46Mbps).
  • No-contract plans offered with only a $99.95 set-up fee. Change plans at any time with no charge.
Read more about TPG's internet plans

iiNet Internet Plans

iiNet is an Internet provider that has been highly acclaimed for its customer service, winning multiple awards. It is owned by TPG Telecom, but it has retained its own independent name and identity on the retail market.

Its most popular offering is the NBN50 plan, which offers a Standard tier speed of 46.7Mbps for $74.99/month, with no extra costs on a one-month contract and a minimum cost of $449.94 over a six-month contract. With this plan, you also have the option of signing up for an entertainment pack that includes Fetch TV, a bunch of streaming services for $0 for the first 24 months and 30 rental movies a month.

The fastest plan provides an average speed of 83.6Mbps for $99.99/month. Be aware that the optional entertainment bundle has additional $99.95 modem and $10 delivery fees upfront on top of what you're already paying.

  • Highly acclaimed Internet provider when it comes to customer service, winning multiple awards.
  • iiNet NBN50: $74.99/month, minimum cost $449.94 on a six-month contract, unlimited data, Standard tier (~44Mbps), optional Fetch entertainment bundle.
  • No-contract plans offered with optional $$99.95 modem and delivery fees. Top two plans come with optional entertainment bundle free for 24 months.
  • Both six-month contract plans and the optional entertainment bundle have no set-up fees. iiNet charges extra for ADSL users outside of its own DSL network.
Read more about iiNet's internet plans

Aussie Broadband Plans

Aussie Broadband is a communications company that specialises in flexibility, providing something that no other provider does. With Aussie Broadband, you can customise your Internet for limited data NBN plans, choosing a data cap that suits your needs and lowering your monthly costs.

Its most popular offering is the NBN100 Unlimited plan, which provides Fast tier speeds of 86Mbps for $89/month. It only comes in a no-contract version without a connection fee (you'll still have to pay for a modem if you don't have one).

Aussie Broadband also offers similar unlimited plans at lower NBN tiers: NBN25 and NBN50. If you prefer to build your own data, you can choose from a set of sliding data plans instead. These sliding data tiers can be changed mid-month and costs only the plan difference.

  • Aussie Broadband NBN100 Unlimited: $89/month, unlimited data, Fast tier (~86Mbps).
  • No-lock-in contracts and you can provide your own appropriate modem without any connection fees.
  • Build your own NBN plans with sliding data caps to lower your monthly costs.
  • Sliding data caps can lead to you exceeding them and having your data throttled.
Read more about Aussie Broadband's internet plans

Internode Internet Plans

Internode is a subsidiary of iiNet, which in turn is owned by TPG Telecom. Internode offers highly competitive plans that give good value for money. It also won Roy Morgan's Internet Service Provider Customer Satisfaction Monthly Award in June 2019.

Internode's most popular offering is its NBN50 plan, which provides Standard tier speeds of 42.8Mbps for $79.99/month, with a minimum cost of $434.89 on a 6-month contract. This plan only cost you $59.99/month for the first 6 months. It has an optional Fetch entertainment bundle which provides Fetch TV, streaming services and 30 movies a month for an extra $59.99 set-up fee.

If this isn't fast enough for you, Internode also has an NBN100 plan for $99.99/month which has typical speeds of 78.0Mbps plus the same optional entertainment pack. Be aware that Internode has lower evening speeds than many of its competitors, so your Internet may suffer at night when you most want to use it.

  • Highly competitive plans that give good value for money.
  • Internode NBN50: $79.99/month ($59.99/month for the first 6 months), minimum cost $434.89 on a 6-month contract, unlimited data, Standard tier (42.8Mbps), optional Fetch entertainment bundle.
  • No-contract plans offered with no set-up fee if you have the appropriate modem.
  • Internode has lower average evening speeds than other competitors, so your Internet may suffer in the evening.
Read more about Internode's internet plans

Exetel Internet Plans

Exetel is a company based in North Sydney which provides web and telecommunications services across Australia. It is the winner of the best NBN50 plan in the 2019 Finder Awards and has some of the cheapest plans on the market.

Its most popular offering is an NBN25 plan, which provides Basic II tier speeds of 20Mbps for $69/month, with no-lock-in contracts. The top speed option from Exetel is an NBN100 plan that provides Fast tier speeds of 77Mbps for $99/month.

All of Exetel's plans come with the option of paying an extra $10/month for a home phone service with unlimited national calls and international calls to 12 countries. Its services are optimised for streaming and you can change plans at any time for no cost thanks to it having no contracts.

  • Winner of the best NBN50 plan in the Finder Awards and some of the cheapest plans on the market.
  • Exetel NBN25: $69/month, unlimited data, Basic II tier (20Mbps).
  • No-contract plans offered with no set-up fee if you have the appropriate modem. Optimised for streaming so that you get good video streaming quality.
  • Exetel's Internet plans include a pay-as-you-go phone service by default, so watch out.
Read more about Internode's internet plans

MyRepublic Internet Plans

MyRepublic offers fast NBN speeds, frequent discounts on its plans and plans that are specifically targeted towards gamers, allowing prioritisation for gaming traffic.

MyRepublic's strongest offering is its NBN100 plan, which promises Fast tier speeds of 83Mbps for $99.00/month, with a minimum cost of $1,199.00 on a 12-month contract. It also ships an NBN-compatible modem for $1 plus $10 delivery charges on top of the plan costs. MyRepublic only offers VoIP services, not a traditional home line.

  • Fast plans that still hit competitive price points.
  • MyRepublic NBN100: $99.00/month, minimum cost $1,199.00 over 12-month contract, unlimited data, Fast tier (83Mbps).
  • Has gamer-specific plans which include prioritisation for gaming traffic and other perks.
  • No traditional phone line included on NBN plans, instead offering a VoIP phone service.

Internet Plans:

  • Internode NBN Fibre Gold Unlimited plan $59.99
  • iiNet NBN50 Liimitless plan $74.99
  • Kogan NBN Gold Unlimited plan $88.90
  • Aussie Broadband 100/40 Unlimited plan – Power User NBN $99.00
  • Southern Phone NBN Turbo Unlimited plan $65
  • TPG NBN50 Unlimited plan $69.99
  • Spintel NBN Standard Bundle Unlimited plan $64.95

Frequently asked questions

How do I check if I have the NBN?

If you aren't sure whether your address is already hooked up to the NBN, you can easily check whether you have access to the NBN or the expected rollout date for the NBN at your premises by using our NBN tracker. All you'll need is your address.

What connection will I get at my property?

You typically don't get a choice of connection type at your property, and it can have a big impact on your connection speed. The most common NBN connection types are:

How fast are NBN plans?

The speed of your NBN connection is usually stated as a "typical evening speed". While NBN connections can theoretically reach 100Mbps, these evening speeds give a more realistic idea of what you'll actually get when downloading at the busiest time between 7pm and 11pm:

  • Basic I: ~8Mbps
  • Basic II: ~20Mbps
  • Standard: ~40Mbps
  • Fast: ~80Mbps

Should I get a contract or go month-to-month?

Month-to-month broadband plans offer greater flexibility but typically come with higher upfront costs - like setup fees or modem costs. Contract broadband plans can work out cheaper in the long run – provided you don't need to cancel your contract early if you move house or experience poor service. Increased competition has led more Internet providers to offer month-to-month plans, often resulting in better deals for consumers.

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      Hi R&E Freeman,

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    Which is the best NBN plan?

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      Kindly check first if nbn is available in your area. If yes, you may go through the list of providers you may have in your premises from our comparison table. You may call or visit your chosen provider’s official page for more info of your chosen plan. Choosing an nbn provider depends on your lifestyle, internet needs and more. You may answer questions on this page to help you decide which provider to go with.

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    I need a reliable provider with either NBN or Cable for phone, internet, and Foxtel.

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      Hi Trina,

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      Yes, $29.99 still exist with TPG however it does not include unlimited calls within Australia. It has included data of up to 10GB. I suggest that you contact TPG directly on this matter so they can also tailor fit the plan that would suit your telephone and internet needs.

      I hope this helps.

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    Hi I’m enquiring for my parents that will have no use for the internet. Once NBN take over , is it possible to have the phone line connection only with no Internet & a provider who provides this service. I have done some enquires and so far it seems this is not an option. All packages included having the internet.


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      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for getting in touch with Finder!

      According to this page.–

      “Unless you live in an area serviced by fixed wireless or satellite NBN, the traditional landline phone service will be deactivated 18 months after you have access to the NBN (see above). However, that doesn’t mean your existing handset is useless since you can hook it up to your NBN router to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. This technology is known as Voice over IP (VoIP) and functions much the same as the landline service it’s replacing.”

      This means you would still need an NBN to activate a landline phone. Since you mentioned, your parents won’t need an internet connection, what you can do is find cost-effective mobile plans on this page. When you visit the page, make sure to use the filter on the left-hand side of the page so it will be easier to filter out the plans according to your usage.

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    We have been bombarded with pre recorded messages supposedly from NBN advising our service will be cut off within 24 hours. We receive up to 2 or 3 of these calls a day. Is this from NBN or a scam

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      Hi Jan,

      Thank you for reaching out to Finder.

      Generally, your internet provider or nbnco will contact you to advise to switch from NBN and you may receive a lot of notifications really. Once your area becomes NBN available, you have to switch to NBN within 18 months, otherwise, your service will be disconnected.

      I’m afraid we cannot determine if the call you received is really from NBN or if a scam but best to check with your internet provider or nbnco to know the latest date when you can switch to NBN. That will give you an idea on when your service will automatically be disconnected if you will not switch.

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    Hello, I will be visiting my apartment in Perth WA. for approx. 5 to 6 weeks only. I work outside Australia. I had an NBN plan But due to lack of speed, canceled it, and because I was never there.
    What are my options, to get the internet for my next visit? Are there Mobile plans that would work?

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      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for getting in touch with Finder. I hope all is well with you. πŸ˜ƒ

      Based on what you mentioned, you might want to check our list of 4G mobile broadband plans. Please click here.

      On that page, you will see a list of mobile broadband plans conveniently listed on our table. The table allows you to compare your options based on their description and features. Feel free to use our built-in filters to further narrow down your options. You can then click on the “Go to site” green button of your chosen provider to learn more.

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    What do I get from TPG NBN plan that cost $39 per month?

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      Hi Somapala,

      Thank you for getting in touch with Finder.

      There are 2 TPG broadband plan of $39. The bundle includes homephone line and ADSL2+ with monthly data allowance of 20GB. While the other one is a standalone service of ADSL2+ with data allowance of 150 GB. You may click on the Go to site button to be redirected to TPG’s official page and find out more of their plans and help you decide which could suit your broadband needs most.

      I hope this helps.

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    Hi, I am looking at connecting gas electricity and internet connection at my place that I am moving in.
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