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With 20 years of experience in the Australian market, iPrimus offers customers a compelling, quality service, albeit with a slight price premium over the competition.

iPrimus has been in Australia since the telecommunications industry was deregulated in 1997. Since that time, it has built one of the larger communications networks in Australia, with its own ADSL equipment in more than 66 exchanges around the country. iPrimus offers fixed line and mobile communication products, home broadband over NBN and ADSL, as well as some value added services.

Keeping its product offering manageable, iPrimus advertises NBN plans at two speed tiers at present: NBN Basic (or 12/1 Mbps) and NBN Standard Plus (50/20 Mbps). It offers options for large data inclusions, unlimited data, and an entertainment bundle which includes unlimited data and TV. There is also an option for NBN Premium speed, but it’s not advertised.

iPrimus services are available on month-by-month plans, or on 12- and 24-month contracts, with varying up-front costs and sign-up bonuses depending on contract length. Keeping things simple, the pricing is the same whether you’re in an NBN or ADSL coverage area, and contract terms and options are the same too.

iPrimus NBN Plans

iPrimus delivers NBN connections across all standard NBN access technologies, supporting customers in fibre to the premises (FTTP), fibre to the node (FTTN), fibre to the building (FTTB), hybrid-fibre coaxial (HFC) and fixed wireless coverage areas. Importantly, iPrimus makes no distinction between fixed wireless and fixed-line NBN services.

Unlike some other providers, iPrimus appears to offer NBN connections to customers on only two of NBN’s speed tiers: NBN Basic (or 12/1 Mbps) and NBN Standard Plus (50/20Mbps). iPrimus quotes typical evening speeds of 11Mbps for the Basic speed tier and 43Mbps for the Standard Plus speed tier, both of which are quite reasonable. A third speed tier, NBN Premium (100/40Mbps) is available for an extra charge, but it is not prominently advertised.

The three main iPrimus NBN Plans start with 100GB data included, and increase from there as follows:

  • 100GB data plan for $60 per month
  • Unlimited data plan for $70 per month
  • Entertainment bundle for $80 per month

For each plan offering, customers have a choice of the stated price for NBN Basic speeds, or for an extra $10 per month, they can upgrade to NBN Standard Plus speeds. Though it isn’t readily apparent, customers can in fact pay extra to receive NBN Premium (100/40 Mbps) speeds, but at an extra $40 a month, this makes iPrimus plans rather expensive.

Customers can also choose between three contract terms, as follows:

  • Month-by-month contract term, with $0 setup and $100 modem fee (plus $15 processing and handling)
  • 12-month contract, with $0 setup and $60 modem fee (plus $15 processing and handling)
  • 24-month contract, with $0 setup and $0 modem fee (plus $15 processing and handling), plus a sign-up bonus

It’s worth noting, though, that the Entertainment NBN Broadband plan is only offered on a 24-month contract, and includes a $55 activation fee. For all plans, iPrimus provides the modem only while the customer’s service is active with iPrimus. Customers have to return the modem if the service is cancelled or changed to another provider.

Depending on your choice of plan, iPrimus also offers customers on 24-month contracts a sign-up bonus as follows:

  • 100GB Data NBN Broadband customers can choose from a bonus 100GB each month (making it 200GB monthly), or a national landline call pack, offering free standard landline calls
  • Unlimited and Entertainment NBN Broadband customers can choose from a national mobile call pack (giving them unlimited calls to local/national and Australian mobile destinations) or 2000 minutes of international calls to 25 countries

Being a "traditional" telecommunications company, iPrimus plan offerings are all bundled offers, technically speaking. All plans include phone line rental and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) calls, whereas the two higher plans (if the higher speed tier is chosen) include unlimited national landline calls, and optional unlimited mobile calls as a sign-up bonus, if eligible.

iPrimus ADSL Plans

For those not in an NBN coverage area, iPrimus offers a range of ADSL2+ plans with reasonable data inclusions:

  • 100GB ADSL Broadband for $60 per month
  • Unlimited ADSL Broadband for $80 per month
  • Entertainment ADSL Bundle for $90 per month

Like iPrimus NBN customers, ADSL customers can also choose between three contract terms:

  • Month-by-month contract term, with $0 setup and $100 modem fee (plus $15 processing and handling)
  • 12 month contract, with $0 setup and $60 modem fee (plus $15 processing and handling)
  • 24 month contract, with $0 setup and $0 modem fee (plus $15 processing and handling), plus a sign-up bonus

Like the NBN plans, the Entertainment ADSL Broadband plan is only offered on a 24-month contract, and includes a $55 activation fee. For all plans, iPrimus provides the modem only while the customer’s service is active with iPrimus. You will be asked to return itm that it be returned if the service is cancelled or changed to another provider.

The ADSL sign-up bonuses, too, are similar to the NBN offerings for 24-month contract customers, though there is no sign-up bonus for the Entertainment plan:

  • 100GB Data ADSL Broadband customers can choose from a bonus 100GB each month (making it 200GB monthly), or a national landline call pack, offering free standard landline calls
  • Unlimited ADSL Broadband customers can choose from a national mobile call pack (giving them unlimited calls to local/national and Australian mobile destinations) or 2000 minutes of international calls to 25 countries

For all plans, iPrimus includes phone line rental, pay-as-you-go calls for 100GB Broadband plan customers (unless they opt for a sign-up offer including calls) and unlimited local/national landline calls for Unlimited and Entertainment ADSL Broadband customers.

One thing which iPrimus does not make immediately obvious to potential ADSL customers is that those in regional areas are slugged an extra $30 per month for ADSL service, which can make the service offering quite expensive.

iPrimus extras

Since it's a full service telecommunications carrier, it should come as little surprise that there are many optional extras available for iPrimus broadband plans, regardless of whether customers are in NBN or ADSL service areas.

As noted above, a phone service is included in each of the bundled plans, and various included call options are available. iPrimus also offers customers up to five iPrimus email addresses, though at just 20 MB size each, with a maximum of 2MB in an individual email, they’re really aimed at the most simple of email needs.

The Entertainment bundles, on both NBN and ADSL, include a Fetch TV service though it’s worth noting there is an extra $55 one-off activation charge for this. Customers receive a Fetch Mini set-top box and a choice of one of four premium channel packs for free. Additional channel packs are available for $6 each, offering Kids, Knowledge, Vibe and Variety channels, or you can pay $20 a month to get all four. Further information is available on iPrimus' Fetch page.

In addition to the channel packs, Fetch customers can also buy or rent movies and TV shows, access streaming services like Netflix and Stan, and "pause & rewind" live TV.

Customers on NBN plans can also change their selected NBN speed whenever they like, offering a greater degree of flexibility.

How does iPrimus compare?

With so many services packed in, the iPrimus plans tend towards the higher end of broadband pricing. That said, you get a lot more than just barebones broadband Internet from iPrimus, not the least of which is support based on 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

How do iPrimus NBN plans compare?

Starting at $60 per month, the iPrimus 100GB NBN Broadband plan at the NBN Basic speed tier is relatively expensive. For example, if you don’t need or want a bundled phone service, Exetel’s NBN Basic service offers the same data inclusions for a smidge over half the price per month.

If you do want a bundled service, Teleron’s NBN Promo Bronze bundle offers an included phone service, 100GB data, and bonus unlimited Netflix and iTunes downloads for less per month, too. Spintel offers the same bundle (without bonus offerings) for roughly the same price, as does TPG (though its 100GB is split 50GB peak and 50GB off-peak, whereas iPrimus is not).

MyNetFone offers an equivalent service at that price, too, including 200GB even on its month-by-month plan. In comparison, you can only get that from iPrimus by utilising a data bonus on a 24-month contract, or by paying $10 per month extra to jump to unlimited data.

Comparing unlimited offerings, the iPrimus Unlimited NBN Broadband plan is also priced a little higher than some others. Those not interested in a bundled phone service can get unlimited data at NBN Basic speed at a discounted rate for six months from Mate Communicate, while Tangerine offers a similar plan without the limits of discount pricing at just a slightly higher price than Mate Communicate.

On the other hand, if a bundled phone service matters to you, Spintel’s NBN Entry Bundle represents great value, as does TPG’s Standard bundle.

For an extra $10 per month, iPrimus offers an NBN Standard Plus (50/20 Mbps) service. Most other providers offer this same speed boost for $10 to $15 per month, and so the comparisons above are still valid – iPrimus does include a fair few extras with its plan, but since its pricing is higher than many of its competitors, there's a trade-off to be made here.

If you must have the fastest possible NBN speeds, the iPrimus unlimited data plan with NBN Premium (100/40 Mbps) speed is available for $40 extra per month and at that price point, you can save quite a bit of money elsewhere without compromising on inclusions.

For example, MyRepublic offers unlimited data, NBN Premium speed, and bundled local/national calls for significantly less per month. TPG’s offering, meanwhile, doesn’t include unlimited calls, but does come with the greater brand recognition. MyNetFone’s bundle is also available at a cheaper price than iPrimus.

How do the iPrimus phone options compare?

Many people use their mobile phones to make calls to family, friends and others but, for some, a home phone remains a necessity. iPrimus includes a PAYG voice service with all NBN and ADSL plans, and being that it’s bundled (and not separately charged) and that iPrimus doesn’t offer plans without the bundled service, pricing comparisons are a little more difficult.

Unlike some other providers, though, iPrimus doesn’t include pricing options specifically for unlimited local/national calls, or unlimited mobile calls. These inclusions only become available with different substantive plans – there’s no $10 add-on for unlimited calls as offered by other providers such as TPG, Exetel, Spintel and Hello Broadband.

Put simply, if you intend to use the fixed-line phone service provided by iPrimus, it will pay to have a careful look at your calling habits and make a call (no pun intended) for yourself as to which plan will ultimately save you more money.

Note that the 24-month plans include sign-up bonuses with unlimited local/national calls on the lower-end plan and potentially unlimited mobile calls too on the higher-end plans. This might make the 24-month contract term appealing to those who make a lot of calls (and conversely, offers relatively little to those who simply don’t need a fixed-line phone service).

How do iPrimus ADSL plans compare?

iPrimus’ ADSL pricing is more straightforward than its NBN plans. All but the cheapest ADSL plan include unlimited data, and even on that cheaper plan, the included data is available for use whenever you prefer. There are no peak/off-peak limits to worry about.

However, starting at $60 for 100GB data, iPrimus ADSL plans – like its NBN plans – are not among the cheapest around.

Spintel’s equivalent plan might not include a phone service but it is quite a bit cheaper per month both for metro and regional customers. Exetel, meanwhile, offers a bundled service with PAYG calls and 100GB data for even less per month, but it’s important to note this is split between 50GB peak and 50GB off-peak. TPG also offers a similar service for less than iPrimus.

If you’d rather be free of the peak/off-peak distinction, Exetel offers a different a bundle with PAYG calls for slightly less than iPrimus – the key distinction here, though, is that Exetel includes unlimited data whereas iPrimus only offers 100GB. You could even add an unlimited home phone (over VoIP) with Exetel for $10 a month and still come out ahead of iPrimus here.

On the topic of unlimited data, iPrimus is again rather more expensive than the competition. If price really matters, Barefoot's unlimited ADSL2 plan is excellent value thanks to its current six-month discount offer. Mate Communicate offers a similarly priced plan (with the same 6-month discount option), and in even better news, country customers only pay $20 more, whereas iPrimus charges $30 more for those regional connections.

If a bundled phone service matters, Exetel’s bundle (explored above) is the best value competitor for both PAYG customers and those who want to add on unlimited calls. To get the same value from iPrimus, not only do you pay more per month, but you have to take a 24-month contract to get unlimited mobile calls, otherwise you’re stuck with local/national fixed-line calls only.

Why should you consider iPrimus?

There’s little doubt: iPrimus plans do generally cost a bit more than equivalent plans from competitors. For many, this may make the decision quite easy, but there’s more to it.

For starters, iPrimus – being a full-service telecommunications provider – does a lot more than just offering consumer NBN and ADSL plans. The company has its own national fibre network, which means that in many locations, there’s no need to lease connectivity from other providers. For iPrimus customers, this means a greater chance you’ll receive expected NBN and ADSL speeds, provided that last-mile infrastructure is up to scratch.

It also means that iPrimus can offer guarantees on its services – for example, if you take a NBN Standard Plus speed plan (which iPrimus calls Supercharged NBN), the company guarantees you’ll like it or you'll get your money back within the first 30 days. There’s also the offer of a free data boost for metered plans, once every 12 months, and the ability to pause your internet service for up to 4 weeks each year if you take a holiday.

In simple terms, iPrimus does charge more, but there’s 20 years of experience in the market behind that, and a carrier-grade network which should ensure its customers receive what they’re paying for in terms of speed and reliability. If that’s important to you, the extra price each month might be a small price to pay for peace of mind.

However, if you’re a little more flexible in your requirements and are prepared to tolerate less-than-advertised speeds especially during peak times, there are significantly cheaper options available. For those with less complex Internet needs, or for whom streaming video or guaranteed throughput isn’t important, the iPrimus price premium may not be worthwhile.

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