Exetel NBN, ADSL and mobile broadband plans compared January 2020

Need a new broadband connection but don’t know which way to go? Take a look at what Exetel broadband has to offer.

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2019 Finder Awards

Winner: Best NBN 50 Plan

Exetel NBN Standard Plus Unlimited

In an extremely competitive market, Exetel's NBN Standard Plus plan was a highlight, with unlimited data matched by strong peak evening speed performance.

Is Exetel right for me?

  • What does Exetel offer? Exetel has a lot to offer in the broadband space, providing NBN, ADSL, non-NBN fibre and mobile broadband services across Australia. It also has a range of standard SIM-only mobile plans for those who like housing all their communication services under one company.
  • Product highlights: Price is one of Exetel's strong suits, with many of its broadband plans standing out among the cheapest on the market.
  • Watch out for: Exetel's broadband plans include a pay-as-you-go phone service by default, so be sure to check the call rates if you spend a lot of time on the phone.

Exetel NBN plans

Exetel's NBN plans explained

Exetel caters to all Aussies connecting to the NBN via fixed-line services. It does not offer fixed wireless or satellite NBN plans. For the services it does provide, it supports two of the four main NBN speed tiers: Standard Plus (nbn50) and Premium (nbn100).

All plans operate on month-to-month contracts and include unlimited data.

Exetel NBN

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Exetel non-NBN fibre plans

Exetel's non-NBN fibre plans explained

As well as offering fibre plans delivered over the NBN, Exetel has partnered with a number of independent fibre network operators to deliver high-speed Internet separate from the National Broadband Network. The infrastructure established by these partners is not as far-reaching as the NBN and as such is not yet available in many parts of the country. Nevertheless, it is constantly expanding, and currently supports both FTTP and FTTB access technologies.

Exetel ADSL plans

Exetel's ADSL plans explained

Exetel keeps its ADSL offerings simple, selling just a single plan with unlimited data on your choice of month-to-month or 12-month contract. Unlike its NBN plans, there is no difference in price between the two contract terms, though you do get a free Wi-Fi modem if you commit to the full year.

Home phone line rental is also included in Exetel's ADSL plans along with a pay-as-you-go phone service, saving you the hassle of sorting out a separate phone line with another telco.

Exetel ADSL

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Exetel mobile broadband plans

Exetel's mobile broadband plans explained

Exetel's mobile broadband plans operate on a post-paid basis and utilise the Optus 4G network. A wide range of data caps are available, with the option to sign up on a month-to-month or 12-month contract. Committing for the long haul gets you more data for your dollar, though you will have to pay an early termination fee if you want to cancel your plan before the full year is up.

Exetel mobile broadband

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Exetel extras

In addition to basic broadband, Exetel offers a couple of optional products and services with its ADSL, NBN and non-NBN fibre plans.

If you're in need of a new modem to go with your broadband service, Exetel will sell you a Netcomm NF18ACV modem-router for an upfront cost of $59 on any of its month-to-month contracts. This modem-router is included for free on 12-month contracts.

Exetel also provides an unlimited Voice over IP (VoIP) phone pack on both its ADSL and NBN plans. For $10 extra a month, you get unlimited standard local, national and mobile calls within Australia, plus unlimited international calls to Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the USA. As a bonus, if you purchase the VoIP pack on an 18-month broadband contract, you'll get the ZTE H268A modem-router bundled in for free.

How does Exetel compare?

Exetel has plenty to offer across its NBN, ADSL and mobile broadband plans, making it one of the stronger players in the Australian telco market.