TPG broadband plans compared

TPG is one of the largest players in Australia’s broadband landscape, with a strong focus on “unlimited” broadband offerings.

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TPG NBN Fast Bundle Unlimited 50/20 Mbps 1 Month



Min. Total Cost of $199.94

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45 Mbps

Typical peak evening speed

TPG Telecom

TPG has been around for over 30 years in Australia and has grown into the country’s second largest Internet service provider. Through a series of acquisitions and other corporate happenings, TPG owns the second-largest ADSL2+ infrastructure in Australia as well as broad fibre-optic networks, giving it the capacity to connect customers and also deliver them high-speed connectivity in more locations.

TPG first offered "unlimited" plans some eight years ago, and though there has been much wrangling over proper disclosure of all fees, conditions and such since, TPG continues to offer plans with "unlimited" data, and in many cases, at quite reasonable costs.

Today, TPG offers both newer NBN connections and legacy ADSL2+ connections, as well as a range of specialised services intended more for business customers.

Somewhat unlike other ISPs, TPG offers plans on both month-by-month contracts and 18-month contracts rather than the more-common 12-month and 24-month contracts offered by competitors. However, like other providers most of TPG’s plans are technically bundles, with all NBN plans including some form of home phone line service, though this essentially comes at no extra cost unless you plan to use it. ADSL services are available with and without a bundled phone service, though the price difference is negligible.

Beyond the ADSL and NBN consumer plans which we compare here, it’s worth noting that TPG has a range of plans on offer for small, medium and large businesses too, including ADSL and NBN plans as well as more specialised higher-bandwidth options.

TPG's NBN plans

TPG supports NBN services over fibre to the premises (FTTP), fibre to the node (FTTN), hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) and fixed wireless NBN technologies. These services are available on three of the four main NBN speed tiers: Basic (nbn12), Standard Plus (nbn50) and Premium (nbn100). The pricing for these different speeds is the same regardless of your NBN access technology. It’s worth noting, too, that the NBN Standard speed tier (nbn25) is not offered by TPG at present.

TPG's ADSL plans

For those not yet in an NBN service area, TPG offers broadband over ADSL only in areas where TPG has equipment. These plans can be bundled with a home phone, or delivered standalone.

There’s one thing worth pointing out across all of TPG’s ADSL services. Where a data limit is specified, that amount is actually split in two. Half that amount will be available during Peak, and the other half during off-peak times. Peak usage is everything from 9am until 1am, and off-peak is from 1am to 9am. This means that, unless you happen to be a night-owl, there’s a fair chance your monthly data limit will be effectively halved. However, as the industry increasingly moves towards unlimited data caps, this will become less of an issue.

How does TPG compare?

Though TPG’s ADSL plans are a little complex, the company’s NBN plans are relatively straightforward, and comparisons are more easily made. Due to the way the NBN works, provider plans typically vary within a fairly limited window of data inclusions and price. That said, TPG’s plans generally offer good value.

NBN plan comparison

How do TPG’s phone packs compare?

Pricing of phone add-ons on the NBN appears to have stabilised around two price points: $10 each month for unlimited calls to local, national and Australian mobile numbers. This is what most of TPG’s plans adopt.

TPG’s cheaper Standard plans offer slightly more expensive phone options. $10 a month only gives you unlimited national landline calls while mobiles are an extra $10 on top of that.

For most other plans, though, it’s just $10 extra for all calls within Australia, and this is on par with virtually all TPG’s competitors.

TPG ADSL plan comparison