TPG broadband plans compared

TPG is one of the largest players in Australia's broadband landscape, with a strong focus on unlimited broadband offerings.

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TPG Broadband

TPG NBN50 Bundle Unlimited 1 Month

from TPG
  • Pay $69.99/month
  • $99.95 setup fee
  • Pay-as-you-go local, national and mobile calls
  • 43.7Mbps typical evening speed

Is TPG right for me?

  • Watch out for: TPG's ADSL plans still have on- and off-peak data limits, which can sting you if you like to sleep at normal hours. Its other products generally offer good value.

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TPG's NBN & ADSL plans

TPG's broadband plans explained

TPG supports broadband services over most of the standard NBN technologies. Their plans are available on three of the four main NBN speed tiers: Basic (nbn12), Standard Plus (nbn50) and Premium (nbn100).

For those not yet in an NBN service area, TPG offers broadband over ADSL only in areas where TPG has equipment. It's worth pointing out that where a data limit is specified, that amount is actually split in two. Half that amount will be available during peak times, and the other half during off-peak times. This means that, unless you happen to be a night-owl, there's a fair chance your monthly data limit will be effectively halved.


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How does TPG compare?

Though TPG's ADSL plans are a little complex, the company's NBN plans are relatively straightforward, and comparisons are more easily made. Due to the way the NBN works, provider plans typically vary within a fairly limited window of data inclusions and price. That said, TPG's plans generally offer good value.

NBN plan comparison

  • Unlimited & Premium (NBN100) speed plans are the best of TPG's offering vs the market
  • On- and off-peak restrictions keep TPG's data-capped plans from being competitive
  • Having one of the fastest NBN average download speeds is a big plus
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TPG ADSL plan comparison

  • Entry-level and midrange plans offer decent value vs the market
  • Having half your data restricted to the dead of night on capped ADSL plans isn't a great selling point