Best NBN plans for October 2020

We've analysed over 600 plans from 40+ providers to help you find the best NBN plans this month.

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Our pick: Vodafone NBN Essential Plus

Our pick: Vodafone NBN Essential Plus logo image

$10 off per month for 6 months

  • $65/month incl. discount
  • Unlimited data
  • 40Mbps typical evening speed
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Terms and conditions apply. Ends 30 November 2020.

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Our picks for the best NBN plans in October 2020

You'll find 6 top picks for the best NBN plans in various categories below, and 3 additional picks for the best plans from a couple of popular NBN providers. Like the look of one? Just click the blue link and we'll take you to your selected plan.

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Every month, our tech expert Alex Kidman scours through the multitude of NBN plans available in our Broadband Plan Finder™ to find the best deals in the market. With over 20 years of experience writing for more tech websites than you can count on both hands, you could say Alex knows a thing or two about the Internet.

Keep in mind: There's no such thing as one best plan to suit everyone, so our picks might not be the right ones for you. Always compare your options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

How did we choose the best NBN plans?

At the start of each month, we compare all the NBN plans available in our database and find the plans that we believe fit best into our nine categories. None of these picks are sponsored – we also take into account NBN providers and plans that we aren't partnered with – so that our winners for each category are chosen without bias.

We take these factors into account when choosing our monthly winners:

  • Price per month (and whether promotional pricing is involved)
  • Typical evening speed
  • Data amount
  • Other notable features offered by the provider such as outstanding customer service, satisfaction guarantees, and special modem features.

The best overall NBN plan:

Vodafone NBN Essential Plus

Vodafone gives you the flexibility of a month-to-month contract, the security of 4G fallback if you do hit NBN connection woes. Until November 30, this plan gets you unlimited data for just $65 per month for the first 6 months, which is great value and highly compelling.

The plan reverts back to its original price of $75 a month from your 7th month onwards.

  • 40 Mbps
    Typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $65 per month
    Min. total cost of $245
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Runners up for the best NBN Plan:

What's good about these plans? Technically they're both TPG plans – TPG owns both brands after all – although they're offering slightly different deals. The Internode deal is lower cost on a monthly basis with a slightly lower advertised evening speed, but it's for a six-month commitment. TPG's plan is month-to-month only and has slightly faster evening speeds, but you pay a higher cost per month as a result.

Best cheap NBN deal:

Tangerine NBN Standard

Tangerine again picks up our recommendation as the best NBN plan for folks on a tighter budget, with typical evening speeds of 21Mbps available to pick up for just $49.90 per month for the first 6 months.

It's only a month-to-month plan commitment too, giving you plenty of flexibility to shop around for a better deal once your half year of cut price NBN expires.

  • 21 Mbps
    Typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $49.9 per month
    Min. total cost of $49.9
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💸 Want to see more cheap NBN deals? See our range of NBN plans under $50

Best NBN plan with a data cap:

Spintel NBN25 Bundle 200GB 6 Month

If you don't need unlimited data then you can opt for a data capped plan instead, although the savings can be harder to come by than you'd think.

Spintel's 6-month contract deal currently scores you a $69 credit on your first bill, as well as discounts if you're bundling a Spintel mobile plan.

  • 21 Mbps
    Typical evening speed
  • 200 GB data
  • $49.95 per month
    Min. total cost of $388.7
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Or consider building your own NBN plan:

How does this work? Aussie Broadband offers you the option to "build your own" NBN plan. You decide how much data you're after (100GB, 500GB or unlimited) and choose from all NBN speed tiers available at your address. We've picked the NBN 25 plan with 500GB a month to showcase here, but you could also opt for less data and save $5 a month. Or opt for a faster speed for an extra $10 a month. It's all in your hands.

Best Fast NBN plan:

Tangerine XXL Boost Unlimited

Tangerine continues to impress with its second month atop our fast NBN plan rankings. Its deal on its XXL plan costs you just $74.90 for the first 6 months with a typical evening speed of 83Mbps and a 14-day risk-free trial.

From your 7th month onwards, the plan will revert back to its original price of $89.90 a month.

  • 83 Mbps
    Typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $74.9 per month
    Min. total cost of $74.9
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Best Superfast NBN plan:

MyRepublic Unlimited NBN 250/25 Mbps

The big appeal point for MyRepublic's Superfast plan is the low price point, made even more appealing with our exclusive FINDER50 code that scores you a $50 account credit.

If you're looking to get onto a higher speed NBN tier there's still not much that touches MyRepublic's plan, although its typical evening speeds aren't the fastest. You can opt to go on a month-to-month or a 12 month contract.

  • 150 Mbps
    Typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $109 per month
    Min. total cost of $109
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  • Keep in mind that with NBN Superfast & Ultrafast plans, there is a catch. They're not available for all usage types. Currently only FTTP and most HFC connections are capable of getting these NBN 250 plans, so you'll need to check your address and connection technology if you want faster NBN.

Best Ultrafast NBN plan:

Aussie Broadband 1000/50 Unlimited

Aussie Broadband was one of the first NBN providers to start offering Home Ultrafast to HFC and FTTP customers, and its Ultrafast plan remains the gold standard when it comes to Ultrafast NBN.

$149 per month gets you the best possible typical evening speeds, unlimited data and local support as well.

  • 215 Mbps
    Typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $149 per month
    Min. total cost of $149
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Disclaimer: The author's weekly podcast, Vertical Hold, is currently sponsored by Aussie Broadband. This has had no effect on the pick for best Ultrafast NBN plan, but Finder holds being straight up and upfront as a core value, so it's worth disclosing.

Best Telstra NBN plan:

Telstra NBN Unlimited

Telstra is Australia's largest telecommunications company so it's no surprise that its NBN plans are in high demand. Telstra's NBN50 plan is our best pick this month, with speeds that are great for medium sized households.

Until November 2, pay $80 a month for your first 12 months with Telstra. The plan reverts back to being $90 a month from your second year onwards.

  • 50 Mbps
    Typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $80 per month
    Min. total cost of $80
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Best Optus NBN plan:

Optus $75 Internet Everyday Plan

Similarly to Telstra's best NBN plan, Optus' $75 option is high value with lots of extras. Optus will even cover the price of your modem if you stay with them for 36 months.

With your NBN50 connection, you'll get a subscription to Optus sport, pay-as-you-go standard calling, and the option to add Fetch TV streaming for $5/month.

  • 44 Mbps
    Typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $75 per month
    Min. total cost of $426
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Best Kogan NBN plan:

Kogan NBN Gold Unlimited

Kogan is known for its bargain shopping deals, but it also has pretty strong NBN plans as well. Its Gold plan takes the cake here for offering Fast speeds at a competitive price.

The plan costs $78.90 for the first 6 months, and since there's no lock-in contract, it means you're free to leave at any time.

  • 80 Mbps
    Typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $78.9 per month
    Min. total cost of $78.9
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2020 Finder Awards: Best NBN finalists

Each year, we recognise the most competitive offers on the market with our Finder Awards. Below is a table of the finalists for our 2020 Finder Awards for the Best NBN Plans. We've split up our finalists into two categories: Best High-Speed NBN Plan and Best Budget NBN Plan. The winner for each category is indicated with a gold medal icon.

NBN planFinalist categoryPlan infoFind out more
TPG NBN50 Unlimited Plan 🥇Best High-Speed NBN
  • Unlimited data
  • 46Mbps typical evening speed
  • $69.99/month
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Aussie Broadband 100/40 Unlimited PlanBest High-Speed NBN
  • Unlimited data
  • 86Mbps typical evening speed
  • $109/month
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Kogan NBN Gold Unlimited PlanBest High-Speed NBN
  • Unlimited data
  • 80Mbps typical evening speed
  • $78.90/month for the first 6 months
  • Plan reverts to $88.90/month afterwards
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Spintel NBN Standard 100GB Plan 🥇Best Budget NBN
  • 100GB data
  • 21Mbps typical evening speed
  • $49.95/month
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Tangerine NBN Standard PlanBest Budget NBN
  • Unlimited data
  • 21Mbps typical evening speed
  • $49.90/month for the first 6 months
  • Plan reverts to $59.90/month afterwards
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Flip NBN Unlimited Premium 25 (Pay In Advance) PlanBest Budget NBN
  • Unlimited data
  • 21Mbps typical evening speed
  • $49.90/month
  • Bill must be paid in advance each month i.e. pay for your first 2 months on your first bill, then at the start of each month for each bill after
More info
Tangerine NBN offers unlimited data & 21Mbps typical evening speed for $49.90/month.

How to find the best NBN plan

It can be confusing when you're trying to compare NBN plans if you're not totally familiar with all the technical jargon, but for most users we find you can simplify the process massively by simply answering the following questions:

Do you have a provider preference?
The NBN delivers broadband equally to all without bias or preference, but many of us are comfortable with known brand names, or have existing mobile or telco deals that can be bundled in with a fresh NBN connection. However, there's often an element of the lazy tax at play here, because the big incumbents often rely on customers sticking with them regardless. If you want to save money on your NBN connection, it's well worth looking around the smaller and hungrier competitor brands.

Do you need a new modem?
If you're connecting to the NBN for the first time, or if you've had your existing modem for a while, chances are high that you'll need a new modem. If you're just switching between NBN providers, you could probably save by sticking to your current modem. Check the total minimum cost of a plan, especially for month-to-month plans. If it's higher than the plan cost, then the cost of the modem is probably included – either that or they're charging an activation or switchover fee.

What speeds do you need?
This is a more detailed topic which we've expanded on in further down in the guide, but consider how many users will access your service and what they'll do. If you're a single person who only skims emails once a day then a Basic I plan is fine, but a bigger family that loves Netflix streaming and online gaming will probably need something faster.

What speeds should you expect?
Here, you're stuck with less "choice" and more "reality of the NBN build", with those on Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) having the widest range of choice, followed by Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC NBN). The precise nature of your connection will limit your speed choices, and if you enter your address into our Broadband Plan Finder™, you'll only be shown NBN plans that are available for your premises. What you want to look at here is the "typical evening speed", because that's usually when the NBN is busiest. Some providers offer cheaper plans, but it's often at the cost of a low typical evening speed.

How much data do you need?
This is entirely personal; if you only go online very intermittently then a plan with a capped data quantity might be fine to save a few dollars. The reality across most NBN plans is that unlimited data has fast become the norm even for lower cost plans, and buying an unlimited plan does bring with it peace of mind. You quite literally cannot go over the limit, after all.

Are long contracts worth it?
Anyone who's had to sign up for an Internet plan in the last decade probably got signed up for a 12- or 24-month contract, and you might think that's the same for NBN plans. However, the vast majority of plans offered these days are instead on a rolling month-by-month basis, which makes it super easy to switch providers if you're unhappy for any reason. The one reason you may want to consider a longer term plan is if your provider is willing to cut down or eliminate connection fees or the cost of a new NBN-ready modem if you need one. If you're planning to stay with that provider for the length of the contract anyway that could represent a significant saving.

How much do you want to pay?
Yeah, we know. "As little as possible" is the answer everyone gives. While you shouldn't overpay for your NBN by any means, setting a budget will let you balance that cost against your needs. If you're going online solo and briefly, a cheap plan is fine, but again if your needs are more extensive, allow more in your budget to make sure you get a plan that really satisfies your desire for fast broadband.

With those questions answered, you're ready to compare NBN plans to find the best one for you.

Compare NBN plans below to find the best one

You can filter your results in the table below to find an NBN plan that best matches your needs.

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