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Why compare business insurance with Finder?

  • You pay the same price as buying directly from the business insurer.

  • We're not owned by an insurer (unlike other comparison sites).

  • We've helped over 30,000 businesses find cover.

How does business insurance work?

You pay a regular fee and in exchange you'll get financial help in heaps of untoward situations. That could be anything from burglary and storm damage, through to legal costs and compensation if you find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

One of the best bits of business insurance is that you can pick and choose which types of cover you want. Don't have any stock? Scrap commercial property. Worried about an online hack? Add cyber insurance.

When you're running your own business, it can sometimes be hard to see the forest for the trees. An expert can help you identify the risks associated with your specific business and make sure you're covered if something goes wrong.

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Our guides can help you compare and understand the type of cover you need for your business.

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Professional indemnity
Covers legal costs and compensation if your business gives inaccurate advice or poor service to a customer who later sues.


Public liability
Covers legal costs and compensation if you cause injuries to someone or damage their property.


Cyber liability insurance
Covers recovery costs if you're the target of a cyber attack, as well as legal fees if the breach results in a lawsuit.

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Which types of business insurance do you need?

If you're not sure which type of business insurance you need, we suggest chatting with an expert broker who will be able to help. However, we created the table below as a quick guide.

TypeIf your business...You run the risk of...Insurance can help you with...
Commercial property
  • Has a physical location or stock
  • Property damage due to theft, fire, water, storms, impact and more
  • The cost of repairs or replacement
Professional indemnity
  • Gives advice or provides a service
  • A customer filing a lawsuit if you give incorrect or misleading advice
  • Legal fees, investigation costs and compensation
Product liability
  • Creates and sells any product
  • That product injuring someone or causing property damage
  • Legal fees, investigation costs and compensation
Public liability
  • Has a physical location or comes into contact with people in any way
  • A person being injured or killed due to your business activity or premises
  • Legal fees, investigation costs and compensation
Business interruption
  • Requires a certain location, certain equipment or even just certain circumstances to operate
  • Your business being unable to operate if something disrupts the basic requirements
  • Covering the cost of lost income
  • Has any online involvement
  • Cyber attacks, leaked customer information, ransom demands
  • Data recovery, expert consultants, legal fees and compensation

Is business insurance compulsory?

  • Public liability insurance and professional indemnity are compulsory for certain professions. Without it, you may not be able to operate with a full licence.
  • Different states set requirements for liability insurance, as do professional associations and licensing bodies. Some even set minimum requirements for the amount of insurance needed.
  • Many businesses will require that their suppliers or service providers have business insurance as part of their contract.

If you employ at least 1 person, it's very likely you will need workers compensation insurance. Read specific requirements here.

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