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Compare comprehensive car insurance

Compare our award winners for best comprehensive car insurance based on value, price and features.

Budget Direct

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  • Get a 15%* online discount
  • 24/7 Claims
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs
  • Save by restricting younger drivers
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*First year's premium for a new policy. T&Cs apply.

Compare comprehensive car insurance

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Name Product Accidental damage Roadside Assistance Agreed or market value Storm & Flood Finder Rating
Budget Direct Comprehensive
Optional add-on
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: The 2023 winner of our Best Value Car Insurance award. It's cheaper than most, plus you can lower costs by adding age restrictions.

⭐ Current offer: 15% off your first year's premium when you take out a policy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Anyone who wants a good value policy.
Youi Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: The 2023 winner of our Best Features Car Insurance award. Plus, it's one of the only insurers to automatically include roadside assistance.

Who it might be good for: Those who want good customer service with lots of inclusions.
Australia Post Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: Covers a little more than other insurers. You don’t need to pay an excess for windscreen repairs and cover applies to anyone who uses your car.

⭐ Current offer: Get $100 off your first year's comprehensive car insurance premium when you buy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Multiple people using one car.
Bingle Comprehensive
Finder's summary: Our data shows it’s the cheapest comprehensive policy. It just covers the basics such as damage to your car, theft and storms – it doesn’t go in for add-ons and extras.

Who it might be good for: Those wanting a low-cost, no-frills policy.
QBE Comprehensive
Green Company
QBE Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: Our best-rated Car Insurer for Customer Satisfaction in 2021/2022 and Green Insurer for the last 3 years.

⭐ Current offer: Save $75 when you purchase a new comprehensive policy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Those who want a trustworthy insurer and more cover than other brands, such as 3-year new car replacement (e.g. they'll give you money for a new car for up to 3 years if yours is written off).
Kogan Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: Kogan comes with all the perks that most comprehensive car insurance policies include, but you'll also be entitled to some benefits from its online store. This usually comes in the form of a gift voucher or discount if you buy online.

⭐ Current offer: Get $115 off first year premiums when you purchase Kogan Comprehensive Car Insurance online + $10 monthly credit. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Kogan shoppers and those after a good range of policy options.
Qantas Comprehensive
Optional add-on
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: You need car insurance so why not get one that lets you earn Qantas Points? It's good value too (it's underwritten by the same insurer as Budget Direct). .

⭐ Current offer: Earn up to 50,000 Qantas Points with every Qantas Car Insurance policy you take out by 5 December. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: People who want more bang for their buck with Qantas Points.

Best comprehensive car insurance

The 3 comprehensive car insurance policies below are based on our 2023 Finder Award winners. We have broken them down based on price, value and features.

Why you can trust our research

Best value comprehensive car insurance: Budget Direct

Budget Direct car insurance

What we like about Budget Direct:

  • It was our 2023 Finder Awards winner for best value comprehensive car insurance. It covers you for the essentials, such as damage to your own car and others, plus pays for other expenses including if you need to replace your keys or get a hire car if yours is stolen. Plus you get a 15% discount in your first year when buying online.
  • It earned the highest score for best value in our Finder Awards and an average price of $1,003 a year. Youi came second with an average price of $1,153.
  • Budget Direct doesn't necessarily offer the cheapest comprehensive car insurance policy. That award goes to Bingle. However, it does cover you for more.
  • AAMI is typically around the same price as a Budget Direct policy.
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Best comprehensive car insurance for features: Youi

Youi car insurance

What we like about Youi:

  • It's good if you want a very comprehensive policy – Youi won our award for best features. It covers all the basics plus it's the only car insurance provider to automatically include roadside assistance with its comprehensive policy.
  • It costs an average of $1,154 per year inclusive of roadside assistance. Only 6 other insurers could beat this average cost but none of them include roadside assistance (which is typically around $100 extra per year).
  • Youi placed first out of 15 car insurers in Finder's Car Insurance Customer Satisfaction Awards 2023. It scored particularly highly in the categories of customer service and ease of application.
  • You usually need to speak with someone over the phone before you buy a policy, so if you'd rather do it all online, Youi may not be best for you.
  • Its roadside assistance feature only covers the first 2 call-outs in a year.
  • You don't automatically get to choose your own repairer. You have to pay extra for this.
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Cheapest comprehensive car insurance: Bingle car insurance

Bingle car insurance logo

What we like about Bingle:

  • At an average of $767 per year, Bingle had the cheapest comprehensive car insurance premiums out of the 30+ providers we reviewed in our Finder Awards. That's $53 cheaper than the second cheapest policy: ROLLiN'.
  • It's cheaper than other insurers because it covers you for the essentials and nothing more – for example, it'll cover damage to your car, from bad weather to accidents, plus damage to other people's cars and property. If you want cover for agreed value then you'll need to look elsewhere.
  • Bingle isn't the best policy if you want lots of extras. For example, windscreen cover and a hire car after an accident aren't automatically included.
  • Bingle is all online and its customer service can be difficult to get through to, according to customer reviews.
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How much does comprehensive car insurance cost?

To give you an idea of how much comprehensive car insurance might cost, we've broken down prices by different ages. Keep in mind, costs differ based on your individual circumstances.

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance quotes for 20-year-olds

Rollin' car insurance$1,058.80More info
Bingle logo$1,099.84Get quote
Koba$1,147.01More info
Budget direct logo$1,273.78Get quote
AAMI insurance$1,341.98More info

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance quotes for 30-year-olds

Bingle logo$695.31Get quote
Rollin' car insurance$793.20More info
AAMI insurance$946.41More info
Koba$961.21More info
Budget direct logo$982.90Get quote

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance quotes for 40-year-olds

Bingle logo$584.14Get quote
PD car insurance$651.27More info
Rollin' car insurance$705.29More info
Koba$806.53More info
AAMI insurance$846.27More info

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance quotes for 50-year-olds

Bingle logo$568.96Get quote
PD car insurance$679.87More info
Rollin' car insurance$691.66More info
Koba$789.44More info
AAMI insurance$846.27More info

Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance quotes for 60-year-olds

Bingle logo$554.60Get quote
Rollin' car insurance$629.04More info
Youi$669.20Get quote
Australia Post$703.18Get quote
AAMI insurance$715.04More info

What does comprehensive car insurance cover?

Check icon

Always covered

  • Repairs to your car if you're in an accident
  • Repairs to your car if it's vandalised
  • Payment if your car is stolen or set on fire
  • Repairs if your car is damaged in a storm
plus icon

Typically covered

  • New car replacement if yours is written off within a certain period
  • Payment if personal items inside the car are stolen or damaged
  • Damage to a caravan or trailer
  • Emergency costs if you're stranded
Alex's first-hand experience

I once made the mistake of insuring a brand new car for market value instead of agreed value (in an attempt to save on my premium). Unfortunately, the car was stolen and written off. When I went to claim on insurance, I found that the market value wasn't high enough to cover what I still owed on the car and I ended up being out of pocket by around $7,000. While insuring for agreed value can increase your premium, at least it could prevent you from being stuck in the position I was!
— Alex Dalrymple, car owner

Compare comprehensive car insurance by state

As part of the Finder car insurance awards, we sourced 1,000+ quotes across over 30 different providers in 6 different states. The providers listed in the table below were the top 5 cheapest of the providers researched and reflect the estimated annual cost based on the profile used. Keep in mind, your own cost will vary depending on your personal circumstances and it's always best to compare a range of providers.

Truck crush

Comprehensive car insurance

ProviderAverage priceApply
Bingle logo$848.87Get quote
Koba$863.47More info
Rollin' car insurance$1,102.26More info
Budget direct logo$1,279.73Get quote
Virgin Money$1,304.49More info
Hume bank logo$1,403.31More info
Youi logo$1,417.78Get quote
Progressive logo$1,431.39More info
qanta_logo_100$1,444.97Get quote
GIO$1,446.77More info
Truck crush

Comprehensive car insurance

Koba$720.32More info
Rollin' car insurance$729.82More info
Bingle logo$788.34Get quote
AAMI car insurance$911.60More info
Budget direct logo$921.20Get quote
Virgin Money$953.29More info
qanta_logo_100$1,039.88Get quote
Australia Post$1,045.51Get quote
Picture not described$1,061.47More info
Coles car insurance$1,092.017More info

Truck crush

Comprehensive car insurance

Bingle logo$1,034.15Get quote
Koba$1,035.74More info
AAMI car insurance$1,053.82More info
Budget direct logo$1,163.76Get quote
GIO$1,259.28More info
Virgin Money$1,303.92More info
Hume bank logo$1,403.16More info
qanta_logo_100$1,443.41Get quote
Youi logo$1,467.28Get quote
Australia Post$1,469.73Get quote

Truck crush

Comprehensive car insurance

Bingle logo$638.88Get quote
Rollin' car insurance$794.90More info
AAMI car insurance$810.81More info
Budget direct logo$861.08Get quote
Koba$873.03More info
Youi logo$877.07Get quote
NRMA$878.10More info
Virgin Money$878.30More info
Progressive logo$883.79More info
Hume bank logo$902.16More info

Truck crush

Comprehensive car insurance

Bingle logo$669.13Get quote
Rollin' car insurance$716.70More info
AAMI car insurance$815.88More info
Budget direct logo$856.75Get quote
Virgin Money$873.89More info
RAC logo$915.54More info
qanta_logo_100$967.37Get quote
Picture not described$990.64More info
Coles car insurance$993.62More info
NRMA$1,052.04More info

Truck crush

Comprehensive car insurance

Bingle logo$623.32Get quote
Rollin' car insurance$762.04More info
Koba$868.46More info
AAMI car insurance$874.00More info
Budget direct logo$939.98Get quote
Youi logo$946.01Get quote
Virgin Money$958.27More info
Nab Logo$969.89More info
Hume bank logo$974.22More info
Progressive logo$987.87More info

We didn't include quotes for NT and ACT because the sample size was too small.

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