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Over 60 and looking for a better deal? Compare seniors car insurance.

Budget Direct Comprehensive

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Get a 15% online discount.

Best value Car Insurance

  • Up to $850 emergency cost cover
  • Up to $500 personal effects cover
  • Up to $20 million legal liability cover
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Compare seniors car insurance

Car insurance can become a bit more expensive over the age of 70, as premiums could start to rise and you may have to pay higher excess. However, there are penny-saving options to ensure senior drivers are covered on the road, including 'pay as you drive' policies and seniors discounts.

Name Product Bonuses Roadside Assistance Accidental Damage Storm Choice of Repairer Agreed or Market Value
Budget Direct Comprehensive
15% online discount
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: Awarded the 2019 Finder Award for the Best Value Car Insurance, this policy offers solid coverage at a low cost. Budget Direct's claims service has received a 4.2/5 based on nearly 5,000 customer reviews.

⭐ Current offer: Get 15% discount on first year's premium when you take out a policy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: People who want a comprehensive policy without breaking the bank.
Bingle Comprehensive
Finder's summary:Bingle consistently comes up as one of the cheaper insurers out there. It only covers the basics. You don't get to choose your own repairer, you're not covered for personal items in the car and unless you add it as an option, you won't get a hire car if your car is stolen. But this keeps its premiums low.

Who it might be good for: Someone who wants a low-cost option that covers them for the basics.
Coles Comprehensive
10% online discount
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: With Coles comprehensive car insurance, you could earn double flybuys points at Coles supermarkets and you can get $10 off your Coles grocery bill every time you redeem 2,000 Flybuys points. If your car is damaged, you could benefit from a one-week turnaround on repairs.

⭐ Current offer: Get 10% off your first year's premium when you take out a policy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Coles customers and Flybuys collectors.
QBE Comprehensive
Green Company
QBE Comprehensive
$75 online discount
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: QBE is a sustainable insurance company and also Finder's Green Insurer of the Year 2021 award winner. This policy offers the highest level of protection available from QBE including three-year new car replacement.

⭐ Current offer: Save $75 when you purchase a new comprehensive policy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Those that are looking for a more environmentally friendly insurance choice.
Virgin Comprehensive
15% online discount
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: Finalists for the 2019 Finder Awards for Best Value Car Insurance, Virgin Comprehensive provides a good level of cover for a decent price.

⭐ Current offer: Get 15% off on your first year’s premium when you purchase a new eligible comprehensive car insurance online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: People who'd like to manage their policy online 24/7.
Australia Post Comprehensive
$75 online discount
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: Australia Post car insurance offers comprehensive cover for things like theft, fire, new for old replacement and emergency accommodation and transport. Cover also extends to anyone who uses your car, not just you.

⭐ Current offer: Get $75 off your first year’s premium when you buy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: If multiple people use the one car and you don’t want to worry about listing all drivers.
Qantas Comprehensive
Earn up to 20,000 Qantas Points
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: You'll be able to choose how comprehensive you want your cover to be with optional extras like choice of repairer and the option of agreed or market value.

⭐ Current offer: Earn Qantas Points for joining and paying your premium. Sign up today and earn up to 20,000 Qantas Points (points awarded will be based on your premium). T&Cs and eligibility apply.

Who it might be good for: People who'd like to earn Qantas Points.
Stella Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: Stella’s a female-focused insurer. It'll cover you if your car is damaged as a result of domestic violence. It offers higher cover for baby gear than most, with up to $2,000 cover for prams, strollers and child seats.

Who it might be good for: Someone who wants a female-centred car insurance policy (it will cover men too).
PD Comprehensive
15% online discount
Finder's summary: PD comprehensive car insurance policy lets you buy, manage, and start your claims process online. It includes cover for emergency repairs up to $500 and free windscreen chip repair. Ability to customise your extras cover.

⭐ Current offer: New policyholders can enjoy 15% off on their first year's premium. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Those with low claims history and the only driver.

Compare up to 4 providers

Stuck on who to choose? The 3 most popular seniors car insurance brands on Finder are:
1. Budget Direct
2. Bingle
3. Youi
Based on clicks to active policies on this page from October 2019 - March 2020

Who offers seniors car insurance?

Every insurer offers cover for seniors but there are some car insurance policies that are designed specifically for older drivers.

Some insurers also cater specifically for seniors with a driving history under their seatbelt, including Seniors Insurance Agency, APIA and National Seniors Insurance. These insurers specialise in insurance for over 50s, catering to the specific needs of this age group.

Each state in Australia has different laws affecting senior drivers, so check your state's laws before signing up for car insurance. These laws may affect the cost of your premiums, so double check the state's requirements so you can remain behind the wheel.

Who offers pensioners and seniors discounts?

Not all insurers offer pensioners and seniors discounts, but many do have online discounts to take advantage of. Don't forget to check the Product Disclosure Statement to make sure you get the right cover.

InsurerSeniors DiscountOther discountsGet Quote
National Seniors
  • None
  • Up to 10% online discount
  • Up to 10% safe driver discount
  • No-claim bonus discount of up to 65%
More info
Picture not describedAustralian Seniors
  • Save 5% if you're a Senior Card holder.
  • Save up to 10% when buying online and 5% when you exclude drivers under the age of 25.
More info
Budget Direct
  • None
  • Purchase your policy online to save up to 15%.
Get quote
  • None
  • 5% discount when your request a quote for new comprehensive car insurance online.
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Bingle logoBingle
  • None
  • Save 24% on your policy if you've been claim free for three years.
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  • None
  • Save 15% on your first year's premium when you buy a new Comprehensive policy online.
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  • None
  • Save up to 5% on your first year's policy when buying online.
  • Save up to 5% to exclude under 25 drivers.
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  • None
  • When purchasing online, save up to 15%.
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Up to 15% off when you purchase a new car insurance policy.

5% off car insurance for the first year. ahm and Medibank health members receive an additional 10% off, which applies every subsequent year. T&Cs apply.
Budget Direct

15% online discount on car insurance

Receive 15% off your first year's premium when you purchase a new policy online. T&Cs apply.
Qantas Car Insurance Deals

Earn up to 20,000 Qantas Points

Earn up to 20,000 Qantas Points on signing up or switching to comprehensive car insurance with a minimum spend of $1,550. Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply.
PD Car Insurance Deals

15% off on first year’s premium

Get 15% off on your first year's premium when you purchase a new policy. T&Cs apply.
Coles Car Insurance Deals

Save 10% + Collect double flybuys points

Get 10% off when you buy online plus collect double flybuys points at Coles supermarkets when you take out a Coles car insurance policy (excluding third party). T&Cs apply.
Virgin Car Insurance

Save 15% on the Virgin Car Insurance Price Saver Policy

Save 15%* on your first year's premium when you purchase a new eligible Virgin Comprehensive Car Insurance. Terms and conditions apply.
Australia Post Car Insurance Deals

Get $75 discount when you buy online

Save $75 on your first year’s premium when you buy comprehensive car insurance online. T&Cs apply.
QBE Car Insurance Deals

Save $75 on new Comprehensive Car Insurance

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Buy online and save up to $75. Terms & Conditions apply.

What car insurance options are available to seniors?

The four main types of seniors car insurance that apply to all drivers regardless of age are:

TypeWhat it coversWhen you need it
Compulsory Third Party (CTP)CTP insurance covers injuries to other people.It compensates other people you may injure while driving, and is mandatory in Australia
Third Party Property (TPPD)TPPD covers damage to other people’s property.It pays for damage to other people’s property that you may cause while driving. Strongly recommended as the minimum amount of insurance you should have
Third Party Fire & Theft (TPPD F&T)TPPD F&T covers third party property plus damage from fire and theft.It has the benefits of TPPD, while also protecting your own vehicle from fire and theft. A good option for people who want TPPD as well as cover for themselves
ComprehensiveComprehensive car insurance covers your car plus other people’s property.Combines TPPD with complete coverage of your own car from many kinds of damage.

When do you start paying more for car insurance?

Once you turn the magic 70 years old, your premiums will start to rise, you may have to pay a higher excess than others and if you might find standard car insurance overpriced or harder to find. For example, people in this age group are more likely to suffer sudden health issues while driving, and are usually slower to recover from injuries, which makes medical bills more expensive. Insurance companies tend to spend more on claims from older drivers, and consequently charge higher premiums. Fortunately there are some car insurance policies designed specifically for older drivers, which can help ease these problems.

Compare car insurance by state

Use the map below to compare car insurance based on your location.

How does your age affect car insurance?

Factors that can affect your ability to drive (which impact your seniors car insurance premiums) include:

  • Impaired hearing and vision
  • Physical problems such as arthritis
  • Poorer cognitive functioning
  • Greater use of prescription medicines

Insurers are all about risk, and they view older drivers as posing a greater risk because they are more likely to make claims.

Should you look specifically for seniors car insurance policies?

There are limited providers in the Australian marketplace that offer cover exclusively to those over 50. An overview of two of these are as follows:

Apia Car Insurance

Apia is known for being highly recommended by people that use it.

Apia comprehensive seniors car insurance can help you save money on your annual premiums with:

  • Discount of 15% if you get your quote online
  • Discount if you drive less than 20,000 km per year
  • No extra cost for paying your premiums monthly or quarterly.

Australian Seniors Car Insurance

Australian Seniors Car Insurance allows you to build your own policy, providing seniors looking for car insurance with greater flexibility. Pay only for what you need. You may also wish to choose the pay as you drive policy, which can provide you with comprehensive cover at a fraction of the price.

Tips for paying less for car insurance

While restrictions on older drivers vary by state, the cost of seniors car insurance is consistently higher than for other demographics. So, what affects the cost of your car insurance?

  • How is your driving history? Maintain a clean driving record as much as possible. As soon as you start recording accidents and infringements, your premiums will rise accordingly.
  • Have you ever taken a defensive driving course? Take a defensive driving course. This can be done at any age and shows your insurer that you are a safe driver can help reduce your premiums.
  • Who is the primary driver of your car? You might want to list a younger driver on your policy. If someone younger does the majority of driving in your car (providing they themselves are not a higher risk than you), listing them as the primary driver may reduce your premiums.
  • Is there a pay as you go option available? Choose a Pay As You Drive option if you drive fewer kilometres a year. For instance, Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance offers a Drive Less, Pay Less discount if you drive your car infrequently.
  • Can you afford to increase your excess? Increase your excess if you can afford to, as this will reduce your premium.
  • Are you eligible for a multi-policy discount? Package your seniors car insurance with another policy from the same provider to get a multi-policy discount.
  • Is your No Claims Bonus intact? Look for a policy with a No Claims Bonus discount, and try to keep it intact.
  • Is your seniors car insurance agreed or market value? Insure your car for market value, rather than agreed value.
  • How do you pay your premiums? Pay your premium annually rather than monthly to reduce administration fees and get a kind of ‘bulk discount’.
  • Can you get a discount by going online? Yes. Some insurers offer discounts of up to 20% if you get seniors car insurance online.

In short, things that saves the insurance company money will also save you money. Being a lower risk driver means they don’t have to pay as much in claims, while doing things like signing up online reduces their administrative costs which is why they’re happy to offer discounts for it.

What are the licensing requirements for seniors

In Australia, the restrictions placed on older drivers vary from state to state. Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory do not require annual medical examinations for drivers over 70. Their reasoning is that this age group appears to have no more accidents than any other, so they will continue to advocate for self-regulation until such time as statistics show there to be a problem with older drivers.

Restrictions in the other states and territories are as follows:

  • New South Wales. All drivers aged 75+ must pass an annual medical examination by a doctor, while drivers over the age of 85 must also do a driving test every two years.
  • Queensland. All drivers 75 years and over are not required to do a driving test, but they must carry with them a medical certificate from their doctor, which needs to be renewed every 12 months.
  • Australian Capital Territory. All drivers 75 and over must pass an annual medical examination by a doctor.
  • Tasmania. Drivers aged 75+ no longer need to undertake an annual assessment to keep their license.
  • Western Australia. 80-84 year olds need to undergo an annual medical assessment before they can renew their licence. Those aged 85+ will need a medical assessment certificate and a Practical Driving Assessment.

An option available to older drivers with an unrestricted licence in NSW is to opt for a modified licence without having to do a driving test.

A modified licence is an easier way to stay on the roads, but restricts one to driving only in certain conditions, such as in daylight hours and in familiar local surroundings.

Are your grandchildren covered by seniors car insurance?

Can the grandkids drive your car?

  • If the insurance policy lists them as a nominated driver then they are covered with similar benefits to you.
  • If they are not named in the insurance policy (not a nominated driver), then they are either not covered at all, or are only partially covered with lower limits and less protection. Check your insurance policy for the exact details or alternative special conditions that may apply to your seniors car insurance.

If you plan on letting your grandchildren drive your car regularly, you should list them as a driver in the insurance policy. This will be more expensive if they’re under the age of 25.

Seniors car insurance reviews

Each car insurer has their own unique perks that you may find attractive. Not all insurers are the same, so finding the car insurance that works best for you as you age is essential for piece of mind while still using your vehicle.

National Seniors
  • Save up to 10% when you buy a new policy online.
  • Earn a safe driver discount of up to 10% based on your insurance and driving histories.
  • 24/7 claims lodgement service, both online and over the phone.

More info

Picture not describedAustralian Seniors
  • Save up to 10% when buying online, 5% when you exclude drivers under 25, and 5% if you're a Seniors Card holder.
  • The option of Pay as You Drive Insurance, if you're spending less time behind the wheel.
  • Choice of level of excess to save on your premiums, and personalised cover to fit what you need.

More info

Budget Direct
  • Save on your policy by restricting the age of your drivers to 21+, 25+, 30+, 40+ and even 50+.
  • 24/7 claims over the phone or online.
  • Hire car use for 14 days after a no fault accident or theft.

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  • Discount on your premium if you drive fewer than 20,000 kms per year.
  • Pay by the month at no extra cost.
  • Up to $1000 personal property stolen or damaged in an accident.

More info

Bingle logoBingle
  • Rewards for claim-free drivers, so safe drivers can save up to 24% if you haven't claimed in three years.
  • Bingle have a review score of 4.6 stars out of 5 on their site
  • Almost everything is online, meaning costs stay down and you can make a claim at any time.

Get quote

  • Choose a higher voluntary excess to reduce your premiums.
  • Save up to 15% when buying a new comprehensive car insurance policy online.
  • There's a no claim bonus for every year you do not make a claim.

More info

Finding the best seniors car insurance policy

To find the best car insurance policy for your situation, you need to compare car insurance and ensure your needs as a senior are met. This includes checking the following:

  • Check your discounts. Most insurers offer a discount of some kind, whether it's a senior specific reduction, or an online only offer. Don't be afraid to get in touch with insurers directly to ask what they can offer you as a senior driver.
  • Look into 'pay as you drive' policies. If you're not driving every day, you could consider a 'pay as you drive' or limited use policy. Several insurers give you the option of paying for the kilometres you drive only.
  • Policy age restrictions. If your kids have their own vehicles and won't be driving yours, consider putting an age restriction on your policy to reduce premiums.
  • Consider multi-car policies. If you have more than one car at your place, you could save by bundling multiple cars into the same policy.
  • Take your driving history with you. If you're considering changing policies, some insurers will allow you to take your good driving record with you to your next insurer, meaning you don't have to start from scratch and can enjoy some sweet premium savings.
  • Driving course discounts. Some insurers will give you discounts for passing an approved driving course, whether or not you actually needed it.

Compare seniors car insurance online

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