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As Australia’s largest internet provider, Telstra has much to offer across their updated NBN plans, as well as ADSL2 and cable services.

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Telstra Broadband

Is Telstra right for me?

  • What does Telstra offer? Telstra offers an internet connection across almost every medium available — ADSL, Cable, NBN (multiple fibre & wireless technologies), and mobile. Telstra's mobile services are similarly diverse on Australia's largest network.
  • Product highlights: Telstra's network is the largest in Australia. As a 'premium' provider, its network speeds are typically better than smaller providers. Telstra is also consistently the #1 provider for Netflix streaming speeds (Nov 2019).
  • Watch out for: Telstra's plans generally compare poorly in straight up value terms. when measured against other provider's inclusions. Its branding and market position means it can afford to be less competitive with plan inclusions.
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Telstra NBN, Cable & ADSL Plans

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Telstra mobile broadband plans

For those customers desiring a more portable broadband solution, or those who can’t access NBN, ADSL or cable services in their area, Telstra has a number of mobile broadband plans available on casual month-to-month contracts. These plans can be paired with a range of portable Wi-Fi devices, with repayments occurring on either a 24-month or 36-month basis.

How does Telstra compare?

Telstra offers a full gamut of packages including standalone broadband connections and bundles that include home phone line rental, as well as bundles that include Telstra TV and Foxtel options as part of a broadband contract.

The complexity of Telstra's entire set of packages can be overwhelming, but it's worth bearing in mind that in most cases you'll only be looking at a single technology type. If you're in an NBN area, for example, then ADSL plans don't apply to you, and vice versa.

How do Telstra’s fixed-line NBN plans compare?

At the outset, it’s important to bear in mind Telstra’s positioning of itself as a premium provider, and so its plans are, for the most part, more expensive than its competitors. Also worth noting is that Telstra does not differentiate between NBN access technologies. Fixed wireless services are available at the same cost, and with the same inclusions as any other access technology.

You may have noticed a trend developing here. Across the board Telstra’s services cost more than equivalent services from competitors, some of which are also considered “premium providers”.

Considering Telstra’s relatively expensive connection fee, and quite expensive, mandatory modem fee for casual customers, Telstra’s premium plans regardless of any bonus inclusions simply may not add up.

How do Telstra’s phone packs compare?

All Telstra's broadband plans include a home phone service with unlimited local, national and Australian mobile calls. This saves you the hassle of purchasing separate phone packs, and ensures you never have to pay for standard calls. If you need to keep in touch with people outside Australia as well, Telstra's $15 international call pack includes unlimited standard calls to landlines and mobiles in 35 countries. This is a little pricier than some competing telcos, but the value ultimately depends on whether the countries you frequently call are included in the pack.

How do Telstra’s ADSL plans compare?

Telstra’s ADSL plans are available just about everywhere, and the company’s cable service is generally available in many metro locations, though the footprint is not as large. The plan pricing is identical to Telstra’s NBN plans. Telstra offers a free upgrade path to the NBN when and as it reaches a customer’s area.

With ADSL being relatively cheaper than NBN from most providers, Telstra’s plans do not appear to offer great value.

Put simply, Telstra’s ADSL plans aren’t competitive, and if you’re looking for a Foxtel service, depending on the specials running at the time, you can get a basic package including Sports, Entertainment and HD channels for cheaper per month standalone.

This means that even if you took Exetel’s unlimited ADSL, for example, and added a separate Foxtel service on top, you would get more than what Telstra offers while still paying less.

How do Telstra’s cable plans compare?

Where Telstra’s plans offer more value is for those with access to Telstra’s cable network. Though the data inclusions are the same as for ADSL plans – and there are cheaper ways to access the same amount of data – the benefit with cable, generally speaking, is speed.

Telstra cable offers up to 50Mbps download speeds, and for an extra $20 each month, that speed jumps to up to 100Mbps, or in some cases more. If you have the need for speed, especially faster than what ADSL could ever offer, can’t get NBN, but you are within a Telstra cable service area, then the choice is an exceptionally simple one.