The fastest NBN providers for July 2018

Sick of Internet congestion? With these broadband providers, you'll enjoy the fastest speeds in Australia during the busy evening period.

Broadband Offer

TPG NBN Standard Bundle Unlimited $59.99 12/1 Mbps 1 Month



Min. Total Cost of $189.94

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12 Mbps

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Note: Some providers have yet to advertise their typical peak-hour speeds. We'll update this article accordingly as more ISPs follow the ACCC guidelines.

Top 5 Basic-speed NBN providers

11.14 Mbps | Flip TV

Top 5 Standard-speed NBN providers

24 Mbps | Dodo

Top 5 Standard Plus-speed NBN providers

46 Mbps | TPG

Top 5 Premium-speed NBN providers

90 Mbps | Aussie Broadband