Fastest NBN providers – ACCC report February 2020

Sick of Internet congestion? The ACCC speed tests NBN providers regularly to reveal the actual speeds you'll get.

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) regulates and issues guidelines around the internet market. They're essentially out to help keep the market fair and transparent - which is what their quarterly NBN speed report does. The top 10 NBN providers are measured for their speeds throughout the day, especially during peak evening times.

'Typical evening speeds' are what you get during a "typical evening" period when you have the most people online simultaneously, defined as 7pm to 11pm. The typical evening speed for a plan is simply how fast your connection will be on average during this period.

Note: Some providers have yet to advertise their typical peak-hour speeds. We'll update this article accordingly as more internet providers follow the ACCC guidelines.

Top 5 Standard Plus-speed NBN providers

47 Mbps | 10mates

Top 5 Premium-speed NBN providers

94 Mbps | 10mates

Top 5 Standard-speed NBN providers

24 Mbps | 10mates