The fastest NBN providers for April 2018

Sick of Internet congestion? With these broadband providers, you'll enjoy the fastest speeds in Australia during the busy evening period.

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The NBN landscape has changed quite significantly since the ACCC issued its advertising guidelines last year. 
Australian Internet providers were advised to clearly display the average download speeds customers can expect during the busiest hours of the day.

The regulatory body has also conducted a number of investigations into the NBN services delivered by companies like Telstra, Optus and Dodo. These investigations have found many ISPs incapable of providing the Internet speeds they promised, leading to disciplinary action and further changes to the way they advertise their broadband plans.

Though frustrating for customers that didn't receive the services they expected, these missteps have led to positive change in the broadband industry. Consumers can now base their buying decisions on the Internet speeds they'll actually get, rather than relying on the vague "theoretical maximum speeds" that the NBN speed tiers represent. Surfacing this information has also driven many Internet providers to purchase additional bandwidth from NBN Co. This should increase average peak speeds for their customers, spurring competition and increasing value for all Australian broadband users.

To make the most of this welcome transparency, we've compared the typical peak speeds offered by Australian Internet service providers across all four of the main NBN tiers, ranking them to determine which ones deliver the best performance during the busiest hours of the evening. Unless otherwise stated, this period is defined as the hours between 7:00PM and 11:00PM.

Note: Some providers have yet to advertise their typical peak-hour speeds. We'll update this article accordingly as more ISPs follow the ACCC guidelines.

Top 5 Basic-speed NBN providers

11.2Mbps | TPG

Top 5 Standard-speed NBN providers

24Mbps | Dodo

Top 5 Standard Plus-speed NBN providers

45.9Mbps | Internode

Top 5 Premium-speed NBN providers

90Mbps | Aussie Broadband