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Finder’s NBN plans methodology

How we determined the Finder NBN Awards.

What are the Finder NBN Awards?

Finder's NBN Awards are determined by a methodology that ranks plans and providers based on price, speed, reliability and customer support. To determine our winners, we reviewed 135 NBN plans across 43 providers.

Finder's NBN Awards and ranking criteria

The criteria for Finder's NBN Awards was determined by our insights team and internet experts. In order to be eligible:

  • Providers must offer fixed-line NBN plans including, but not limited to, FTTP, HFC, FTTN, FTTC and FTTB connection types.
  • Plans must be paid on a month-to-month basis with no lock-in contract.
  • Plans must still be available to purchase at the time of the awards being published (April 2023).

Our categories were selected to help Australians looking for affordable internet plans that still offer reliable and fast speeds. The 3 categories we looked at are:

  • Best NBN Provider for Everyday Use
  • Best NBN Provider for Fast Speeds
  • Best Budget NBN Provider

We gave each plan in every category a value score score based on 3 factors:

speedometer with a dollar sign inside a circle at the bottom left cornerCost per Mbps, taken from the advertised typical evening speed
documentPerformance in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) quarterly broadband performance report (if applicable)
calloutAvailability of a live chat feature

Our winners were the providers that topped the ranking score, with runners-up given honourable mentions so users have a wider selection in each category.

Finder's NBN Awards methodology by category

Best NBN Provider for Everyday Use

We looked at 61 NBN 50 plans across 43 providers. We weighted the following factors to determine an overall value score for each plan:

  • Cost per Mbps: 85%
  • Performance in ACCC report: 10%
  • Live chat support: 5%

Best NBN Provider for Fast Speeds

We compared 64 NBN 100 plans from 43 providers. Here's how much we weighted each factor in our ranking methodology:

  • Cost per Mbps: 85%
  • Performance in ACCC report: 10%
  • Live chat support: 5%

Best Budget NBN Provider

For this category, we analysed 10 cheap NBN plans from 5 providers that cost $60 per month or under. Our weighting system was:

  • Cost per Mbps: 85%
  • Performance in ACCC report: 10%
  • Live chat support: 5%

How we used the ACCC's broadband performance report

The ACCC's broadband performance report comes out each quarter and highlights the speed reliability of the top 12 NBN providers in Australia.

While the report is able to give us an overview of the reliability of advertised NBN speeds by selected providers, smaller internet providers aren't included in the list. These smaller providers shouldn't be disregarded as they could offer fast speeds at better price points, but the reliability of their advertised speeds just cannot be officially verified by an independent body.

We gave the ACCC report a 10% weighting in our awards methodology so as to not penalise smaller providers by too much.

Our awards research in numbers


Internet plans reviewed


Providers compared


Internet categories rated

What are the Finder customer satisfaction awards?

The Finder customer satisfaction awards recognise Australia's favourite brands across a huge number of categories. We survey thousands of real Australians to understand how they feel about their recent product purchases to help you make a decision about what product to get. It's an independent awards program calculated by our data and insights team. Commercial partnerships do not influence the results in any way.

We gave out 1 overall award to the best rated NBN provider for customer satisfaction, with 2 brands recognised as being highly commended.

Finder NBN customer satisfaction awards methodology

  • The recency period varied between 3 months and 3 years.
  • We got a minimum of 45 responses for each NBN provider.
  • Respondents were asked whether they would recommend the NBN provider to a friend. This result was scored out of 5 as a percentage. For example, if 80% of respondents said they would recommend a product, it received a score of 4 out of 5.
  • Customers were asked how they would rate each NBN provider overall on a scale between 1 and 5 and in terms of:
    • Customer service
    • Features and benefits
    • Speed
    • Reliability
    • Value for money
  • The overall ranking for each NBN provider was calculated as an average of the 5 metrics outlined above and the percentage of customers who were likely to recommend the provider.

Our research in numbers

Total number of responses for NBN providers: 765
Total number of brands surveyed: 10

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