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Everyday, Australians are faced with tough buying decisions. Finder's mission is to help the world make better financial decisions. The 2021/22 Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards helps that mission by recognising Australia's best brands as voted by real Australians.
Finder worked with research and insights firm, Dynanta to survey thousands of Australians who had recently purchased products across a range of categories and rate how satisfied they were with their purchase.

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Best Rated robot vacuum cleaner brand


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Best Rated Washing Machine Brand


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Best Rated Clothes Dryer Brand


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Best Rated Refrigerator Brand


How did we choose the winners? Check out our methodology

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The 2021/22 Finder Retail Awards recognise brand sentiment from customer feedback on different retail product categories. Finder worked with data and insights company, Dynata to conduct thousands of customer interviews around their product purchasing history and satisfaction with their purchased products.
Disclaimer: Please refer to our methodology for more information on how we scored and judged Finder Retail Awards candidates. While we endeavour to assess the majority of product providers in the market, this is not always possible and it may be that not every brand in the market was included for judging.

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