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LATEST TIP: Switch energy plans, save up to $830.

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Get cheaper energy$83022 May 2024
Get cheaper home insurance$2,80015 May 2024
Refinance to a better rate$3778 May 2024
Put some savings in an ETF$1,29724 Apr 2024
Use a 0% balance transfer$13917 Apr 2024
Get affordable health cover$1,80010 Apr 2024
Switch your super fund$223 Apr 2024
Be smart about rewards points$76327 Mar 2024
Save more with a HISA$1,25620 Mar 2024
Turn things off at the powerpoint$15213 Mar 2024
Get the best term deposit rate$1056 Mar 2024
Stop paying unnecessary fees$4828 Feb 2024
Set an achievable savings goal$2021 Feb 2024
Get the mobile plan that's right for you$18014 Feb 2024
Don't use your credit card at ATMs$1447 Feb 2024
Shop around on car cover$1,62431 Jan 2024
Get a lower rate$2,77224 Jan 2024
Save on your broadband$42817 Jan 2024
Get cheaper travel insurance$17910 Jan 2024
Use a HISA$1,0313 Jan 2024
Consider international investments$2,06720 Dec 2023
Save on energy this summer$13413 Dec 2023
Invest with an index fund$1,5836 Dec 2023
Refinance to a longer term$36029 Nov 2023
Use Black Friday to save on back-to-school items$1,12122 Nov 2023
Make the most of offset accounts$1,54515 Nov 2023
Find a better mobile deal$2708 Nov 2023
Keep an eye on ETF fees$2211 Nov 2023
Pay less interest with a low rate card$58825 Oct 2023
Save on groceries with pet insurance$88818 Oct 2023
Settle for last year's smartphone$19911 Oct 2023
Don't pay unnecessary fees on your home loan$9384 Oct 2023
Get the best deal on groceries$78027 Sep 2023
Save on medication$180+20 Sep 2023
Save big on internet plan offers$45013 Sep 2023
Shop around on travel insurance$9066 Sep 2023
Invest your savings$12,000+30 Aug 2023
Cut down on electricity wastage$149.2023 Aug 2023
Get complimentary travel insurance$200+16 Aug 2023
Get more out of extras cover$1569 Aug 2023
Stop paying full price at the movies$10+2 Aug 2023
Claim the WFH tax deduction$1,34526 Jul 2023
Use your tax return as an extra mortgage repayment$41919 Jul 2023
Cut hundreds of dollars from your home loan$900+12 Jul 2023
Don't pay more than you need to for your mobile plan $468+05 Jul 2023
Switch to a market-leading bonus savings rate$1,882+28 Jun 2023
Switch and save on your energy plan now$589+21 Jun 2023
Make a tax-deductible super contribution this EOFY$1,000+14 Jun 2023
Round up your transactions to save even more money$1,488+07 Jun 2023
Don't overpay when investing$750+31 May 2023
Don't overpay for energy this winter$22724 May 2023
Save with supermarket gift cards$38517 May 2023
Don't overpay on your home insurance$1,36010 May 2023
Beat the mobile plan price rise$37303 May 2023
Streamline your streaming services$240+26 Apr 2023
Don't pay extra for your insurance inside super$6019 Apr 2023
Save big by cutting down on food waste$2,000+12 Apr 2023
Make fortnightly mortgage repayments instead of monthly repayments.$344005 Apr 2023
Make the most of your Velocity points$3,200+29 Mar 2023
Cut back on booze$1,97122 Mar 2023
Beat the upcoming energy price hike$40015 Mar 2023
Try eating less (or no) meat$1,84408 Mar 2023
Lock in a cheaper insurance premium$13401 Mar 2023
Get more value out of your grocery shopping $51622 Feb 2023
Get good mobile coverage at great prices$100+15 Feb 2023
Avoid unnecessary bank fees and charges$6008 Feb 2023
Don't pay for subscriptions you don't use$371+01 Feb 2023
Be smarter about your health cover$261+25 Jan 2023
Don't let gift cards go to waste$243+18 Jan 2023
Manage your savings to spend less$1,07711 Jan 2023
Save with a balance transfer credit card$150+04 Jan 2023

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