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Dollar Saver Tip #38


Save: up to $468

Tip overview

In July, many mobile plans are increasing in price. Plans on both the Telstra and Optus mobile networks are going up, and staying with one of the big 2 providers could be costing you.

If you shop around for a mobile plan outside of both, you could get the same service at a lower cost.

Did you know?

Finder's research shows that Telstra and Optus are the most popular mobile phone plan providers, with 63% of respondents having a plan with one of them.

Those who have a mobile plan with Optus pay an average of $66 a month, while for Telstra it's $64 a month.

But for those who have plans with other providers (excluding Vodafone), they're only paying $27 a month on average.

Depending on which provider you're with, you could save up to $468 a year if you switched from the average Optus plan or $444 a year for those with an average Telstra plan.

Switching providers doesn't mean you have to leave either the Telstra or Optus mobile networks though - many providers have their services on one of those networks.

You can have a look at Finder's best plans on the Optus network or the Telstra network to see what works best for you.

Check how much you're paying each month and how much data you use, and see if there are other providers that can offer the same for less.

Also, if you find you're paying for loads of data each month you barely even use, you could switch to a plan with a smaller data allocation and save you even more.

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