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Dollar Saver Tip #32


Save: $227

Tip overview:

Winter's just around the corner and so is the daunting thought of higher energy bills as we try to keep warm this year.

Mariam here, energy expert at Finder and an advocate for helping people save on their household bills, especially utilities.

Sometimes we get caught up in the myth that the larger the heater the more money it'll burn.

This is far from true. Reverse cycle air conditioners are in fact the cheapest way to heat your home, with an average winter running cost of $127. They're also the most energy efficient.

A tower heater, while smaller, is the most expensive type of heating you can use. According to Finder's research it'll cost you $354 to run throughout winter - $227 more compared to your air conditioner.

Did you know?

Energy prices are meant to go up by up to 30% from 1 July 2023, meaning your winter energy bills could become a lot more expensive.

This is especially true for households that are on a standing offer contract with their energy retailer.

Standing offers are based on a benchmark pricing set by energy regulators and act as a safety net for households that haven't shopped around for energy deals in 12 months, or even a few years.

This is why it's important to shop around for better energy deals, similar to how you would when you're on the hunt for new tech.

You'll always search different shops, online or in-store, to see who's offering the best bang for buck. Energy's no different.

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