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Save up to $152 by turning off appliances I Dollar Saver tip #73

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Save: up to $152

Tip overview:

We've all taken extreme measures in the last couple of years to keep our energy bills down, from turning on hot water just twice a week to using a cold pack instead of switching on the air conditioner.

A less drastic approach would be to switch appliances off by the wall. Standby power can be responsible for up to 10% of your power bill. This includes things like your TV, microwave or coffee machine.

We also call these 'vampire' appliances because even when on standby, they drain energy.

Did you know

79% of Aussies took action over the summer period to keep their energy bills down. This included switching off the lights more, cutting down on air con and keeping the blinds down.

The average energy bill in Australia is currently $380.60 per quarter, according to Finder's Consumer Sentiment Tracker.

By switching off appliances at the wall, you could save on average $38.06 per quarter or up to $152.24 over the year.*

It's a good reminder to incorporate helpful energy-saving habits that suit different seasons of the year.

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