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Save $199 on your phone | Dollar Saver tip #52

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Save: $199

Tip overview:

By buying last year's smartphone model instead of the latest one, you can save $199.

With the recent Apple iPhone 15 release, you might be tempted to grab a shiny new phone. But there's a way to get a new phone without paying the hefty price tag of the iPhone 15.

Did you know?

According to Finder's research, 47% of Australians use an iPhone. And 50% of Australians keep their phone for 2 to 3 years before getting a new one.

Instead of buying the new iPhone 15, you could get the previous iPhone 14 model, which is cheaper.

And while you could fork out for a new phone upfront, purchasing it on a phone plan can make the cost more manageable.

This allows you to gradually pay off the phone over many months.

The cheapest overall cost for an iPhone 14 plan in Finder's database is the Vodafone Small Plan 40GB $45 36 Month plan. The minimum total cost is $1,343.88 over 36 months, which gets you the 128GB Apple iPhone 14.

The same plan paired with an 128 GB iPhone 15 also happens to be the cheapest for the new handset in Finder's database. With the newer phone the minimum total cost is $1,543.68 over 36 months.

That means you're saving $199.80 by not succumbing to the shiny new iPhone 15. And you're still getting a very new phone model.

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