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Save $270 by switching mobile plans | Dollar Saver tip #56


Save: Up to $270

Tip overview:

Shop around for a cheaper mobile plan and you could save more than you think.

Mobile networks are making headlines this week with the Optus outage.

It's a reminder that we're hugely dependent on our mobile service - but we're also often paying too much for it.

The average Australian spends $50 a month for their mobile plan, according to Finder's consumer research.

But you can often do much better.

Did you know?

Finder's research shows that customers who aren't with one of the big 3 networks (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) pay over 50% less for their mobile service on average.

For instance, right now there's a Finder exclusive offer with Southern Phone which costs just $5 a month for the first 6 months and includes 5GB of monthly data.

That would save you $270 compared to the average.

Everyone's requirements for mobile service differ - you might need lots of data or prefer a particular network.

If you want more data, you could score 40GB a month on Belong (which uses Telstra's network) for $35 a month - still a lot less than the typical $50.

If you've got a relative who's a really light user, a Catch Connect 365-day plan with 60GB of data costs just $89 for the whole year.

Whatever your situation, comparing and switching can save you big bucks, so it's worth a quick check.

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