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Save $179 by finding the right travel cover | Dollar Saver tip #64

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Save: $179

Tip overview:

Have you been on holiday since the pandemic? Then you've probably noticed it's got a lot more expensive.

According to our analysis of ABS data, an international trip costs 33.45% more than it did pre-COVID. That's 17 percentage points more than the Consumer Price Index (CPI), meaning travel costs have risen way more than anything else the CPI is tracking.

So where are the savings I hear you ask? Sadly, we can't make inflation go away, though we do have some tips on lowering travel costs in our inflation report.

We can also help cut your travel insurance costs in half.

To do this, we've come up with the Finder Score. It ranks policies based on their comprehensiveness to help you get more value for your money (if you're a sucker for detail, feel free to check out our Finder Score methodology).

Did you know?

A Finder survey revealed almost 1 in 3 Australians (28%) – equivalent to 3.5 million people – suffered a travel mishap while abroad in the past 12 months.

Take a 3-week trip to the US. Looking at our travel insurance engine, the Finder Score's highest scoring policy costs $191. The most expensive travel insurance policy costs $370.

Without compromising on cover (in fact, you're technically getting a more comprehensive policy according to our scoring) you could be paying over 50% less for a policy.

Heading on holiday soon? Check out our travel insurance engine, filter by the Finder Score and save yourself some money (Oh yeah, we also compare more brands than any other site in Australia).

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