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Save $134 by being sparing with the aircon | Dollar Saver tip #61

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Save: $134

Tip overview:

Use your air conditioner for a couple of hours a day less than the average Aussie and you can cut your cooling costs dramatically.

Many of us are already reaching for our air conditioners after sweating through 40-degree temperatures. We're also stressing about energy bills given the price hikes this year.

But there's a way to keep cool and keep your bills down at the same time.

According to Finder research, Australians on average run the air conditioner for 5 hours daily over summer. Using the air conditioner for a couple of hours less each day can save you a decent amount of money.

Let's assume you run your air conditioner for 3 hours a day instead of 5. You'll be able to save on average $134 over 90 days.

That's a national average. Here's how much you save depending on where you live:

QLD: $282.6

SA: $140.40

NSW: $113.40

VIC: $52.20

ACT: $55.80

NT: $253.80

WA: $97.20

TAS: $59.40

Did you know?

Almost 1 in 3 (27%) Australians rated their energy bill as one of their top 3 most stressful expenses, according to Finder's Consumer Sentiment Tracker.

Here's a look at some of the energy-saving habits Aussies will be adopting this summer:

  • 53% plan to switch off the lights more
  • 47% will cut back on using their air conditioner
  • 36% will keep their blinds down so their home can stay cool for longer
  • 16% will take cold showers
  • 12% will switch energy providers
  • 6% will go into the office more
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