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Providing NBN, ADSL, mobile voice and mobile broadband services, Southern Phone can offer you a deal with the lot.

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Southern Phone

Is Southern Phone right for me?

  • What does Southern Phone offer? Southern Phone's services span the full breadth of the broadband market, encompassing NBN, ADSL and mobile broadband plans.
  • Product highlights: If you're after more than a standalone Internet service, Southern Phone's three-pronged Internet, home phone and mobile bundles can provide a simple solution for all your communication needs.
  • Watch out for: Southern Phone's ADSL plans do not include line rental, so bear in mind that you'll need to pay extra if you don't already have an active phone service.

Southern Phone NBN and ADSL plans

Southern Phone's broadband plans explained

Southern Phone caters to the vast majority of Australians with its NBN plans, supporting all the main access technologies. Fibre to the premises (FTTP), fibre to the node (FTTN), fibre to the building (FTTB), hybrid-fibre coaxial (HFC), fixed wireless and satellite customers can all take advantage of Southern Phone's NBN services. These plans cover three of the four core NBN speed tiers, with support for Basic (nbn12), Standard Plus (nbn50) and Premium (nbn100) connections.

If the NBN isn't hitting your area any time soon, Southern Phone also offers a range of ADSL plans delivered over Telstra's copper-wire network. By default, these plans include a standalone ADSL service but no line rental – you'll need to pay extra if you don't already have an active phone line.

Southern Phone ADSL

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Southern Phone NBN

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Southern Phone mobile broadband plans

Southern Phone's mobile broadband plans explained

If you're looking for a little more versatility in your broadband service, Southern Phone's mobile broadband plans have a lot to offer. Powered by the Optus 4G network, these plans operate on 12-month contracts and feature a variety of data caps to suit all needs.

Southern Phone mobile broadband

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Southern Phone extras

If you don't have a compatible modem, an NBN connection isn't going to do you much good. Thankfully, Southern Phone offers the NetComm NF10WV Wi-Fi router modem, which is included with a 24-month contract, or you can upgrade to a NetComm NF18ACV Wi-Fi router which offers AC1600 wireless speeds and supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Southern Phone also offers the option of a voice over IP (VoIP) phone service alongside its NBN plans or standard phone service alongside its ADSL plans.

The bundles include the $10 per month Medium voice deal, which offers unlimited local and national calls along with calls to mobiles for 37 cents per minute. You can vary this by mixing and matching your own broadband and voice services rather than choosing from the pre-configured bundles.

Southern Phone also offers "Home Plus" bundles, which include a home phone and mobile voice service. You can also opt for a "triple bundle" which includes NBN (12-month contract) or ADSL (24-month) broadband, a home phone line and mobile phone service. Once again, these pre-configured triple bundles don't offer every plan permutation, so you might prefer to shop a la carte.

How does Southern Phone compare?

As with most Internet providers, Southern Phone keeps its monthly pricing consistent regardless of contract length. The following comparisons are all based on its more flexible month-to-month plans, but keep in mind that Southern Phone's data allowances can vary if you sign up for a bundle. Also remember that the compared plans may or may not include a phone service and set-up fees.

NBN plan comparison

  • Large range of affordable capped plans.
  • Above-average typical evening speeds.

ADSL plan comparison

  • Decent range of data caps.
  • Line rental will cost you an extra $24.95 a month.

Mobile broadband plan comparison

  • Plans are available on both the Optus and Telstra 4G networks.
  • Solid data inclusions for the price.

Phone pack comparison

Why should you consider Southern Phone?

Southern Phone probably makes the most sense if you're chasing a double or triple bundle with low data limits for the convenience of keeping everything on one bill. It's also handy to have mobile broadband in the mix, even if it's not included in the bundle options.

When you look at any individual Southern Phone service, it struggles to beat out the competition, especially as you ask for more data, but once you bundle them they might become more attractive.

Southern Phone Broadband deals

Sorry, we can't find any deals for this provider right now.

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