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Ski travel insurance

You can add on ski cover with most travel insurance policies and get covered for resort cancellations, unused lift passes, COVID and more.

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What you need to know

  • If you are hitting the slopes, ski insurance is a key travel insurance add-on.
  • It can refund you for things like trip cancellations, damaged skiing equipment, unused lift passes and costly mountain rescues overseas.
  • Ski travel insurance is important both in Australia and abroad. COVID cover is included with some policies.

What is ski travel insurance?

Ski travel insurance is a type of cover which is specifically designed for people visiting the slopes to ski, snowboard, or take part in any other recreational snow sports.

It usually comes as an optional add-on to a standard travel insurance policy, but provides additional cover that's useful for people who are skiing or snowboarding.

What does ski insurance cover?

  • COVID-19 related travel expenses. Some policies will cover you for cancellation or medical expenses if you get COVID-19 before or while on your trip. You can also get your money back if there's an outbreak at the ski resort you booked. Find out more about ski travel insurance COVID-19 cover below.
  • Lost or damaged equipment. Travel insurance can help towards the cost of replacing expensive ski equipment if it's lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. It can even pay for a replacement lift pass if that goes missing too.
  • Equipment hire. If your gear is lost or damaged, insurance will cover the cost of rental so you can get back on the slopes as quickly as possible.
  • Injury on the slopes. Lots of standard travel insurance policies won't cover medical expenses if you hurt yourself while skiing, but ski insurance will.
  • Mountain rescue. Even a relatively small injury can require mountain rescue if you're in a tricky spot. Ski insurance will cover the cost of helicopter rescue, as well as transport to the nearest hospital.
  • Unused lift passes. If an injury or even bad weather keeps you off the slopes, ski insurance can reimburse you for your unused lift pass, as well as wasted equipment hire or ski lessons.

How does ski insurance work?

Ski travel insurance can help for those breaks to Thredbo or Hotham – or if you're hitting the slopes in Europe or America for a longer trip.

Ski insurance is specifically designed for ski trips and goes beyond what's covered under standard travel cover. It offers financial protection if:

Ski equipment

Your ski equipment gets lost, damaged or stolen during your trip. Such equipment is unlikely to be covered under a regular policy.


You break your leg and have to visit a private medical facility for help


Personal liability if you injure someone and they try to sue you


The ski fields close down because of bad weather and you have to change resorts or are forced to cancel

Corona virus

You catch COVID-19 or there's an outbreak at the ski resort you booked. Conditions apply and the country must be deemed safe to travel to by Smartraveller.


Other trip cancellations: for example, if you have to cut short your trip after an injury on the slopes.

Fingers crossed, none of these will happen to you, but this is why travel insurance with COVID coverage is so important when you're on the go, even for a staycation.

"Is off-piste skiing covered?

Depending on the policy you get, you may or may not be covered for other forms of skiing.

A piste is recognised as a marked run or path down a mountain. Off-piste skiing refers to skiing in the backcountry or on unmarked trails. As there are more risks involved, only a handful of insurance providers will offer off-piste cover.



  • Yes
Off-piste skiing covered under Comprehensive, Domestic or Frequent Traveller Policies with Snow Pack. Backcountry snow sports are not covered.
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Fast cover

Fast Cover

  • Yes
Off-piste skiing is covered under Snow Sports Plus policy
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  • Yes
Off-piste skiing is covered under Snow Sports cover
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  • Yes
Off-piste skiing is covered under Winter Sports Travel Insurance
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  • Yes
Off-piste skiing is covered under Snow Sports cover
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  • Yes
Off-piste skiing covered (with a professional snow sport instructor/guide all the times)
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  • Yes
Off-piste skiing covered under Snow Sports Plus
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Travel insurance saver

Travel Insurance Saver

  • Yes
Snow Sports Cover can be added onto the Comprehensive, Australian Travel and Annual Multi-Trip policies for an additional premium. Consider the PDS and TMD from TIS and if the product is right for you.
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  • Yes
Off-piste skiing covered (with a professional snow sport instructor/guide all the times)
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  • Yes
Off-piste skiing (only as provided under the Winter Sports and Winter Sports Professional Ski PDSs)More info


  • Yes
Off-piste is coveredMore info

Note: This information was last updated August 2023

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