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Australia’s air conditioning usage statistics 2022

Finder's latest research shows 64% of Aussies rely on their aircon in the summer months.

Do you leave the air conditioning on for your pet? Or do you keep it running to come back to a cool house? This is not only hurting your hip pocket but the environment too.

Finder's Consumer Sentiment Tracker found some interesting figures on aircon habits from 1,114 respondents for 2022.

Aussies spend a collective

$2.4 billion

on aircon over the summer period

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How often are Australians using their aircon?

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64% of people use their aircon during the warmer months
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These Aussies keep their unit running for 5.8 hours per day on average, down from 6.3 in 2022

1 million

The number of Aussies who leave the aircon running when they're not at home over the 3-month summer period.

This has almost halved since 2020 when 1.9 million Australians left their aircon running while they were out.

Which state is the most reliant on their aircon?

70% pie chartSouth Australians are the most reliant on their aircon unit, with 80% switching it on over the summer. This is up from 77% in 2020.
60% pie chart

Just 55% of NSW residents use their aircon throughout the warmer months. This is down from 60% in 2020.

At what temperature are Aussies running their aircon?

22.1 degrees

This is 2.9 degrees lower that the optimal temperature of 25.

How to save on cooling costs

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Run your aircon economically

25 degrees is the optimal setting for cooling. You can save on your summer bill by adjusting your aircon to this temperature.

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Keep the sun out

Your windows don't block out the sun's UV rays. If you want to stay cool, make sure to keep your blinds and curtains closed to keep the sunlight out. As soon as the sun sets and the temperatures start to drop, open up your house to let the cooler air in.

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Use a fan instead

Fans do an excellent job at cooling down a room if used strategically. Place your fan in front of an open window during the evening to suck the cool air in, and if you can, try to create a cross-breeze by opening another window or door on the opposite side of the room.

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Take a cold shower

Jumping in the shower is a great way to cool down instantly. Try to wet your hair, that way you'll stay cooler for longer.

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