Ampol Energy
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Ampol Energy review

Newly launched Ampol Energy is offering households in South-East Queensland a single, but competitively-priced, electricity plan and the added perk of saving on fuel.

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Ampol Energy review

Ampol Energy is keeping it simple with just the one electricity plan known as 'Powering On'.

It's well-priced and gives customers the option to save 10 cents a litre on fuel.

Although Ampol Energy has only launched in South-East Queensland, it does have plans to expand across the rest of the east coast.


  • 10 cents a litre off fuel if you shop at an eligible Ampol
  • Monthly billing available
  • No move-in fees apply


  • Credit card fees apply

Compare electricity plans from Ampol Energy

Currently Ampol Energy plans are only available to residents of south east QLD. If you live in another state you can compare electricity plans here.

Name Plan features Reference price Typical annual cost
Ampol Energy - Powering On
Basic Plan Information | (AMP522155MRE15@EME)
Single rate tariffFeed in tariff available
Reference price
17% less
than reference price
Estimated cost/year (typical usage)
View details
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The annual estimated electricity prices are based on a residential customer on the Energex network who consumes 4600kWh yearly on a single rate tariff. Your actual bill may vary depending on your consumption.

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Rewards and features

Rewards and features

💰 10 cents a litre off your fuel

One of the main perks of joining Ampol Energy is you'll save on your fuel bill.

You'll be able to save 10 cents a litre at 600 participating Ampol locations for up to 1,500 litres per year.

You can redeem this via your app or by scanning the QR code within the 'Rewards tab' of your Ampol app at the counter.

Customer service

Customer service

Phone Call
Phone Call
Payment assistance
Financial hardship assistance

How do I get in touch with Ampol Energy?

If you have a question or concern you can reach Ampol Energy by:

  • Ringing the customer service team between 9am to 6pm AEST
  • You can also email them, via their customer support address -

Customer satisfaction

Ampol Energy is relatively new to the market, as it only received its licence in June 2023. We'll update our guide when customer reviews are added.

Solar energy

Solar energy

Does Ampol offer solar feed-in tariffs?

Ampol Energy doesn't have a dedicated solar plan but its regular electricity plan offers feed-in tariff at 5 cents per kWh.

Name Product Solar feed-in tariff
5 cents per kWh

Green energy

Green energy

Is Ampol Energy environmentally friendly?

We normally look at The Green Electricity Guide by Greenpeace to determine green credentials for an energy provider in Australia.

However, given Ampol Energy is new to the market, it hasn't been included in the guide.

But based on what we know so far, you don't have the option of offsetting your carbon footprint just yet.

You also can't add-on GreenPower which allows the retailer to measure your power usage and match it with renewable energy.

Having said that, Ampol Energy's website states it has plans to introduce the GreenPower add-on and offer the option to offset your carbon footprint at a later date.

It also plans to launch an EV plan though details on what it'll look like remains to be seen.

Ready to switch to Ampol Energy?

Now that you've read our review of Ampol Energy, you can check out its plan once again before signing up. If you're still unsure, you can compare other energy providers on Finder before committing to a decision.

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