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1st Energy made history by becoming the second electricity retailer to service Tasmania in early 2019.

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Is 1st Energy right for me?

  • What does 1st Energy offer? Electricity to customers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and, as of early 2019, Tasmania.
  • Product highlights. Discounts don't expire at the end of the contract term, while flexible payment options make paying your account easy.
  • Watch out for. While there are big pay on time discounts available, make sure you consider your home's usage and compare overall costs before signing up.
Important: Providers may change or remove discounts at any time. Always check the provider's website for what discounts are available.

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1st Energy electricity

While 1st Energy has been delivering electricity to customers in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland since 2014, in February 2019 it made history by becoming the first competition energy retailer to arrive in Tasmania, going up against the state-owned Aurora Energy.

1st has a number of market offers available across all the states that it operates, as well as standing offers (which are typically less competitive). One advantage is that its discounts don't expire at the end of a contract period, so you can get the discounted rate so long as you're a customer.

Those plan prices may not be fixed though, so make sure you compare before signing up.

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Can I get solar power?

Many of 1st Energy's plans do incorporate a solar feed-in tariff for customers who have solar panels installed in their homes. If you're expecting to sell a lot of the energy you produce back to the grid, you should take special note of 1st's feed-in tariff, as it may not be the most attractive on the market, depending on your location.

If you don't have solar panels, 1st Energy doesn't currently offer a solution to help you get solar installed. However, it can help you upgrade your electricity meter should you get solar panels installed. Your solar installer will help you navigate through that conversation with your energy retailer.

Can I get GreenPower?

Unfortunately not. 1st Energy is not an accredited GreenPower energy retailer, so you cannot pay to offset your electricity usage with renewable energy.

How can I pay my bills?

There are a number of payment methods available for customers:

Why consider 1st Energy?

  • Always on discounts. There's no need to worry about sudden bill increases as your discount period ends, because 1st Energy discounts keep going so long as you're a customer on an eligible plan.
  • Payment options. Pay with direct debit, online payments, BPAY or Centrepay.
  • Monthly billing. Help your monthly budget with monthly billing options.

How do I contact 1st Energy for support?

Support1300 426 594

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