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Synergy review: Gas and power in WA

When you sign up with renewable-focused power company Synergy, you’ll join over a million other Western Australians in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

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Synergy is WA's largest energy retailer, with power plans available to anyone in the south west of the state and gas plans for large businesses. Synergy's power prices are government-regulated if you use less than 50MWh annually.

Learn about Synergy's plans and comprehensive solar solutions with our review below.

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The annual estimated gas prices are based on a residential customer on the ATCO network who consumes 4015MJ yearly on a single rate tariff. Your actual bill may vary depending on your consumption.

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Where is Synergy Available?

Synergy supplies energy across the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) of Western Australia. The provider supplies more than one million customers with energy from a wide range of sources, including wind farms, solar and other renewables. For non-contestable customers on the SWIS, Synergy is the only electricity provider in the region. Most residences and small businesses are considered to be non-contestable if they use less than 50MWh of electricity per year.

Electricity prices in Western Australia are set by the government. The rates and charges vary depending on your property type, usage and whether you're powering a home or a business.

Synergy also provides gas to businesses that spend approximately $6,400 p.a. (approximately 180GJ p.a.) or more on gas.

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A quick review of Synergy


  • Synergy provides comprehensive solar and GreenPower options, and the company owns a wind farm that is an accredited GreenPower supplier.


  • Synergy is only available within the south-west of the state and doesn't offer gas to residences or small businesses that use less than 180GJ of gas per year.

Solar panel

Does Synergy offer solar?

Synergy offers a wide range of solar options to meet customers' individual needs. Synergy's solar department, "SolarReturn", helps customers with a range of solar solutions from installing panels to purchasing batteries. The company offers solar bundles specifically designed to withstand extreme WA conditions. Depending on the bundles you choose, you can purchase a range of products from Synergy, including the following:

  • Solar panels
  • Solar inverters
  • Solar monitoring systems
  • Batteries

Explore your options in our guide to solar power

Green energy

How green is Synergy?

Green Electricity Guide Rating: 1.5/5

Yes, Synergy is GreenPower accredited. You can choose to support Australia's renewable industry by purchasing an agreed amount of green energy, which is based on a percentage of your electricity consumption. Synergy has an online calculator tool to help you estimate your desired green energy contribution.

The provider also operates a wind farm in Albany that is an accredited supplier for the GreenPower program. The Albany wind farm reduces gas emissions by the equivalent amount of removing 15,000 cars from Australian roads for a whole year.

Check out our guide to GreenPower

How can I pay my bills?

You can pay your Synergy bill using the following methods:

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  • Time of use
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