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Goodtel mobile review

Our verdict: Goodtel is for those looking to make a difference over scoring the best mobile deal possible, with the telco giving 50% of its profits to 9 different charities.

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  • 50% of the Telco's profits are donated to charity
  • 500GB data banking
  • 14 day no-risk trial


  • Plans aren't the best value from a price perspective

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Name Product Data Price Apply Price
Goodtel 12GB
PostpaidNo lock-in contract
Goodtel 12GB
  • Unlimited national calls & texts
  • Wholesale Telstra 4G/3G network
per month
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  • Unlimited standard national calls & texts
per month
Goodtel 25GB
PostpaidNo lock-in contract
Goodtel 25GB
  • Unlimited national calls & texts
  • Wholesale Telstra 4G/3G network
per month
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  • Unlimited standard national calls & texts
per month
Goodtel 32GB
PostpaidNo lock-in contract
64GB for $41 for the first 3 months, then 32GB for $41. Eligibility criteria, T&Cs apply.
Goodtel 32GB
64GB for $41 for the first 3 months, then 32GB for $41. Eligibility criteria, T&Cs apply.
  • Unlimited national calls & texts
  • Wholesale Telstra 5G/4G network
per month
View details
  • 64GB for $41 for the first 3 months, then 32GB for $41. Eligibility criteria, T&Cs apply.
  • Unlimited standard national calls & texts
64 GB
per month
Goodtel Mobile is not currently available via Finder. You can head to the Goodtel Mobile website or compare alternative plans available below.

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Goodtel mobile review: Our verdict

Goodtel is a mobile and NBN provider designed for those who want want to do the right thing over getting the absolute best mobile deal.

It has a lot going for it in terms of ethical values. It donates 50% of its profits towards charities of its customers' choice, meaning some of your money goes towards a good cause. It's also certified carbon neutral by the government-backed Climate Active program.

Beyond this, Goodtel's plans themselves aren't great bang for your buck. The plans cost more for the data offered than many other mobile providers and you won't get all the additional features it's competition can offer.

Goodtel could be right for you if:

  • You like to try before committing. You'll get a full refund on your plan fees if you don't like your plan within 14 days of activation.
  • You're interested in referral discounts. You and a friend will receive $20 off one of your bills if they sign up using your referral code.
  • You value customer support. Goodtel has locally-based customer support available 7 days a week, including live chat on its website.
  • If you want an easy way of giving back to the community. Goodtel has a bunch of different charitable organisations you can choose to support.

But keep in mind that Goodtel:

  • Only has pay-as-you-go international roaming, which can get very expensive very quickly.

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Value for money

Goodtel's mobile plans are a bit more expensive than most, partly because it donates 50% of its profits to good causes.

Its entry-level plan ($26 for 12GB) is quite expensive, costing $8 per 1GB of data. These kinds of lower data plans usually cost around $5-$15.

  • Good to know: The rest of Goodtel's plans aren't too shabby, but they still average $1.11 per 1GB. This is a little more expensive than the benchmark you want to aim for $1 per 1GB.

coverage icon


Goodtel mainly uses parts of the Telstra 3,4 and 5G mobile network.

  • It covers 98.8% of the population, more than Vodafone and Optus, but not the same as Telstra's full 99.5% coverage.
  • You shouldn't have any problems in metro areas but you might have some loss of reception in rural and regional areas.

Does Goodtel have 5G?

Yes, Goodtel offers 5G connectivity via the Telstra 5G network but only on its 120GB for $71 plan. The rest of Goodtel's plans operate on the Telstra's 4G network.

  • Keep in mind that Goodtel does not use Telstra's full 4G network coverage. This is a feature reserved only for Boost Mobile and Telstra itself.

customer service icon

Customer service

Goodtel is available to help with your concerns 7 days a week. You can:

  • Ring the customer support team 7am-Midnight AEST
  • Get in touch via live chat on the Goodtel website
  • Send a question through on the Goodtel Facebook page
  • Good to know: Goodtel has local customer support based in Victoria.

bonus icon

Bonus features

Goodtel has a couple of fun features included on its plans:

🥘 50% of profits go to charity

Goodtel is currently partnered with 9 charities, including the National Breast Cancer Founation, OzHarvest, ChildFund Australia and more.

You pick a charity when you sign up and Goodtel will donate 50% of your plan profits towards that cause.

🌳 Carbon neutral

Goodtel is certified carbon neutral by Climate Active, a government-backed program.

Goodtel invests in the Savannah Burning project in the Tiwi Islands and has an office powered by 100% renewable energy.

⌛ 14-day risk free trial

If you aren't happy with your mobile plan within 14 days of activation, you can contact Goodtel through its online enquiry form and get a full refund.

✅ B Corp Certified

Goodtel is one of 2 telcos in Australia to receive a B Corp Certification (the other is Start Broadband).

This means that Goodtel meets high standards of performance, accountability and transparency across its company's operations.

🌏 International inclusions

You'll get unlimited international minutes on 2 of Goodtel's plans: 15 countries are included on the $56 Big plan and 15 countries on the $46 Mega plan.

This could be handy if the country you'd like to call is included and you prefer the bigger plans Goodtel has to offer.

💸 Referral bonus

If a friend signs up to Goodtel using your referral code, you and your friend will each get $20 off your next bill.

Which rivals are giving Goodtel a run for its money?

For cheaper carbon neutral plans:

belong logo

Belong is another carbon-neutral mobile provider that has cheaper data on its plans (if you aren't worried about Goodtel's charity donations).

For better bang for your buck:

Moose logo

Moose Mobile has a wide range of good value plans that suit almost any budget or data need, with cheaper 12-month contracts for those who don't mind commitment.

For better coverage:

Boost Logo
Boost Mobile is the only smaller provider that has full access to the Telstra 4G mobile network, rather than the reduced network Goodtel uses.

Ready to sign up to Goodtel?

Unfortunately, Goodtel isn't available for purchase through Finder. You'll have to visit Goodtel's website to buy your plan there.

Otherwise, continue comparing mobile plans on Finder to find one better suited for you.

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What if I want to keep my current phone number?
All you need to do is choose the option to transfer your number when you activate your SIM. Goodtel doesn't list a timeframe, but it shouldn't take more than 24-48 hours for the transfer to complete.

If your current mobile number isn't registered under your name, it might take a couple more steps. Read our guide on how to change ownership of your mobile number here.

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