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Bendigo Telco Mobile Plans

Bendigo Telco’s SIM only plans give you an opportunity to help out local communities.


Bendigo Telco

Bendigo Telco was founded by a group of Bendigo businesses who wanted better access to telecommunications way back in 2000. It retains a commitment to local communities today, and also has a range of mobile plans.

Top features:

  • Month-to-month plans so you're not locked into a contract.
  • International call credit available on some plans.
  • Supports small local business.
Bendigo Telco mobile plans are not currently available via Finder. You can visit their website at for more information or compare alternative options available below.

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Bendigo Telco has a nice range of postpaid SIM only plans for customers who provide their own handset.

Bendigo Telco review: Why choose it?

You can get a decent bit of data with a Bendigo Telco plan, although its plans won't be the cheapest on the market. On the other hand, its slightly higher prices are balanced with its community initiatives. It has a community enterprise program where you can choose to have one of its community partners receive a portion of your monthly bill, if you're interested in supporting such things.

Plans also come with a couple of extra features. On top of the included data and calls, you get:

  • International inclusions. The more expensive Bendigo Telco plans have international call credit automatically included which you can use for overseas communications. Rates depend on where you're calling.
  • Roaming. If you want, you can turn on roaming for your number by contacting Bendigo Telco before leaving. Keep in mind that roaming rates can be incredibly expensive and you might be better off with a local SIM or other solution.



  • Unlimited calls. Bendigo Telco's mobile plans all have unlimited national calls and text.
  • Small local business. If you enjoy supporting small local businesses, you should consider going with Bendigo Telco.


  • Low value. Bendigo Telco's plans offer comparatively little data for their price when compared to other providers.
  • No extras. Those looking for additional features in their plans will have to look somewhere else.

Bendigo Telco network coverage

Bendigo Telco uses the Optus 3G and 4G networks, which cover around 98.5% of Australians.

Bendigo Telco: FAQ

How do I switch to Bendigo Telco?

Switching to Bendigo Telco is a fairly simple process.

  1. Make sure you have an unlocked phone already to put a SIM in. Bendigo Telco doesn't offer phones with plans.
  2. Purchase the plan you want online, which will come with its own SIM.
  3. Activate your SIM once it arrives. If you want to keep your own number, let Bendigo Telco know at checkout or activation and it will arrange the transfer with your previous provider.
  4. Your SIM should be activated and your new service ready to go in a few hours to a day.

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