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Aussie Broadband mobile plan review

Our verdict: If you're looking for big data 5G mobile plans, Aussie Broadband is 1 of the only providers to offer this. But watch out with its regular 4G plans, which are only worth it if you already have an Aussie NBN plan.

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  • 100% Australian customer support
  • Potential access to the Optus 5G network
  • Comprehensive app for mobile plan management


  • Worse value on 4G plans when not bundled with an Aussie Broadband internet plan
  • Can only be purchased by speaking with the Aussie Broadband service team

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Name Product Features Data Price
  • Get the first 3 months free when bundled with any NBN plan then $15/mth after. Use code 3FREEBF. New customers only. T&Cs apply. Ends 10 December 2021
  • Unlimited standard national calls & texts
$15.00 per GB
per month

per month
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  • Get the first 3 months free when bundled with any NBN plan then $19/mth after. Use code 3FREEBF. New customers only. T&Cs apply. Ends 10 December 2021
  • Unlimited standard national calls & texts
$7.60 per GB
per month

per month
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  • Get the first 3 months free when bundled with any NBN plan then $29/mth after. Use code 3FREEBF. New customers only. T&Cs apply. Ends 10 December 2021
  • Unlimited standard national calls & texts
$1.93 per GB
per month

per month
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Aussie Broadband mobile review: Our verdict

Despite being well-loved for its NBN plans, Aussie Broadband's mobile plans come up a little short. Overall, its 4G range of plans aren't too impressive, costing more than other providers in the market.

That being said, if you're looking for big data (up to 240GB), Aussie does stack up better in this scenario with much more competitive prices.

It's also 1 of only 2 smaller providers that currently offer access to 5G networks outside of the major players (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone). If that's something you're after, Aussie could be worth considering.

Aussie Broadband's mobile plans could be right for you if:

  • You're in the market for a 5G mobile plan to make the most of your 5G phone. Aussie's 5G plans offer more bang for your buck than the bigger providers.
  • You want reliable local customer support.
  • You're looking to get more than 1 plan under your account to make use of data sharing.
  • You want a comprehensive mobile app to get access to support and manage your plan on the go.

Just keep in mind that Aussie Broadband:

  • Doesn't offer signing up to its mobile plans on its website. You'll need to enquire online and speak to a member of Aussie's support team.
  • Has pay-as-you-go international roaming, which can be expensive. You'd be better off getting a local or travel SIM if you're going on a trip.

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Value for money

Aussie Broadband's 4G mobile plans come with varying data limits depending on whether you've already got an Internet plan with it.

Existing Aussie customers will get up to 20GB of bonus data, which makes the plans a lot more appealing.

But if you don't already have an Aussie Broadband plan, its plans are lacklustre, especially the ones with under 50GB a month. There are other providers offering similar features for cheaper.
Aussie Broadband's 5G mobile plans offer plenty of data, allowing you to make the most of your 5G download speeds.
  • Good to know: You pay an average of $0.90 per 1GB of data across Aussie's 5G plans, which holds up very well against the $1 for 1GB benchmark.

Keep in mind that you'll also need a 5G capable phone in order to access the 5G network.

Things to watch out for:

  • 4G plans come with different data amounts depending on whether you've bundled an Aussie Broadband Internet plan too. Make sure you've selected the correct option on Aussie's website or you could be looking at the wrong plan inclusions.
  • Aussie Broadband's 5G plans operate on the Optus 5G network, so make sure you're within its coverage area to gain access to it.
  • You can only purchase a mobile plan from Aussie if you speak to one of their support members. You cannot sign up via its website.

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Aussie Broadband uses the Optus 4G/5G network, which is the second largest network in Australia.
  • You'll get identical coverage to a plan from Optus, with full access to the Optus 3G/4G network covering 98.5% of Australians.
  • If you buy a 5G plan, you'll also be able to use the Optus 5G network so long as you have a compatible device and live in a covered area.
  • Metro customers should have no problem with coverage, but you might notice a drop in rural or regional areas compared to Telstra's network (which is larger).

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Customer service

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User-friendly app
5 star
4.7 Finder average
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Aussie customer support

If you're looking to sign-up to Aussie Broadband's mobile plans or simply want to ask a question,it has loads of contact options. You can:

  • Ring up its Australia-based customer support team between 8am-midnight AEST any day of the week. Aussie Broadband's support team is based in Victoria.
  • Ask a question via its Twitter or Facebook pages for a quick response
  • Submit an email enquiry via the form on Aussie's website
  • Raise a support ticket via the app if you've already signed up. You can also manage your account, edit payment details, see data usage, and run extra troubleshooting via the app.
  • Keep in mind: While it has a variety of support channels, Aussie Broadband does not have any in-store locations so you won't be able to get face-to-face help.

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Bonus features

Aussie Broadband's extra features are all surrounding its data inclusions.

📳 Data sharing

Data is automatically shared between 4G mobile plans that are on the same account. This can be convenient for billing or balancing out your usage.

🌐 Internet bundling

Aussie Broadband's 4G mobile plans come with an extra 1-20GB of bonus data when you also have an Aussie Internet plan on the same account.

If you're already an Aussie Broadband customer, this will significantly boost the value of its mobile plans since you'll get more data for the same price.

➕ Data add-ons

If you run out of data and need a little to tide you over to the next recharge, you can purchase extra in blocks that expire at the end of the month:

  • 1GB for $10
  • 5GB for $15
  • 20GB for $20

Which rivals are giving Aussie a run for its money?

Aussie Broadband has some great plans - especially its 5G options - but here are some other providers that measure up well.

For cheaper plans:

moose mobile logo
Moose Mobile is well-known for its affordable set of mobile plans, with ongoing low prices and frequent, long-lasting sign-up deals to drive costs down.

For more affordable 5G:

While it has a smaller range than Aussie, SpinTel's 5G plans are a little cheaper, saving you around $10 a month for the same data limits and Optus 5G speeds too.

For better coverage:

aldimobile logo

ALDImobile not only has a spiffy set of low-priced mobile plans, it uses the Telstra wholesale network which could work better in rural and regional areas.

Ready to sign up to Aussie Broadband?

Unfortunately, Aussie Broadband's mobile plans are not available to purchase via Finder. You'll need to head to Aussie Broadband's website at and submit your details there. The sales team will then call you back to arrange your new mobile plan.

Otherwise, for an easier sign-up process, you can compare more mobile plans on Finder and purchase your selection online.

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What if I want to keep my current phone number?
All you need to do is indicate that you want to keep your number during the sign-up process. Aussie will usually complete the transfer in 15 minutes to 1 hour, but it could take up to 48 hours.

If your current number is under someone else's name (a parent or a partner), it might involve some more steps. Check our guide on how to transfer ownership of your mobile number.

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