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Commander mobile plans

Commander's business-focused phone and SIM-only plans offer data sharing and discounts for existing Commander customers.

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Is Commander right for me?

  • What does Commander offer? Commander offers both SIM-only and phone contract plans powered by the Optus 4G network. These plans are aimed at businesses, much like Commander's broadband plans.
  • Product highlights: Get data sharing across multiple Commander mobile plans as well as discounts for existing Commander customers.
  • Watch out for: While sharing data across your business's mobile plans can be handy, it also means one employee could end up using your entire company's data pool, leaving the rest of your employees high and dry.

Commander SIM-only plans

Commander's SIM-only plans explained

Commander's SIM-only plans are available exclusively on 12-month contracts and are geared towards businesses wanting to stay connected on the go. All plans come with unlimited national talk and text and operate over the Optus 4G network.

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Commander phone plans

Commander's phone plans explained

If you're looking to furnish your employees with new smartphones, Commander has a select range available on 24-month contracts. On the plan side, pricing and inclusions are identical to Commander's two SIM-only plans. That means you get unlimited national calls and texts, either 15GB or 30GB of monthly data and an allotment of international minutes for calling any of the 58 countries listed on Commander's website.

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How does Commander compare?

On their own, Commander's mobile plans aren't the most generous offerings on the market. But while you can find standalone plans from competing telcos with more data and extra inclusions at a cheaper price, Commander has an advantage for businesses buying in bulk. With a $5/month discount for existing Commander phone or Internet customers plus data sharing across all Commander mobile plans, there's reason to consider going all-in with Commander.

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Why should you consider Commander?

Commander's mobile plans are best considered as part of a complete Commander telecommunications package rather than on their own. When combined with a Commander Office Phone or Internet service, the $5/month discount brings Commander's mobile plans closer to the value of competing residential plans. Add to that the benefit of data sharing across multiple Commander mobile plans linked to the same account, and Commander could be a solid investment for your business.

Commander mobile deals

Sorry, we can't find any deals for this provider right now.

To compare offers from other Aussie telcos, head over to our round-up of the latest mobile plan deals.

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