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numobile Phone Plans

Don't need the latest phone model? Grab a SIM-only plan or refurbished phone with numobile to save.


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Need a new phone but aren't keen on shelling out hundreds for the latest model? With numobile you can choose between getting a SIM-only plan and buying a phone outright, or pick up a refurbished handset with numobile and a reasonable no-nonsense plan to go with it on a 24-month contract.

Top features:

  • Decent value on plans.
  • Refurbished handsets for a cheap price.
  • Freeze service while travelling so you’re not paying for a plan you’re not using while overseas.

Compare SIM only plans from numobile here

Compare numobile's refurbished phones on a plan here

If you want a new phone but are intimidated by the price, you can get a refurbished handset from numobile with a simple monthly plan, including models like the iPhone X or Galaxy S9 series.

numobile review: Why choose it?

numobile can be a fantastic way to save money whether you're grabbing a SIM-only plan with them or get tingan almost good-as-new handset on the cheap. On top of basic data and calls, numobile offers:

  • International inclusions. Depending on which plan you buy, you'll get unlimited international calls to 20 to 30 countries, including China, Brazil, France, the US, the UK and more. You'll also get 100 minutes of talk to up to 35 more. These inclusions are similar for long-expiry plans.
  • International inclusions. Some of numobile's plans offer unlimited talk and text to 15 separate countries.
  • Data bank. Data you don't use will be added to a data bank that you can access any time, up to a maximum of 200GB.
  • Data add-ons. If you run out of data for the month and need a little bit more, you can buy an extra 2GB for $10 or 5GB for $25.
  • "Freeze" service. You can't get roaming, but you can choose to suspend your service for up to three months if you go travelling without losing stored data in your data bank.


  • No early termination fees. If you leave a contract early, you'll only have to pay out the remaining value of the handset you bought.
  • Decent value. numobile's plans are perfectly good value, especially considering you're getting a phone as well, at a reasonable price.
  • Refurbished handset. When you don't need a brand new handset, a refurbished one can be a great option.


  • Have to get a phone. If you don't want a new phone, numobile's not for you.
  • No extras. numobile doesn't have any fancy extra features on its plans.

numobile network coverage

The numobile plans rely upon Telstra's wholesale 3G and 4G network, which reaches about 98.8% of the population. Usually, it's only rural or regional areas that might experience a difference in coverage compared to the full Telstra network.

numobile: FAQ

How to switch to numobile?

Switching to numobile is a fairly simple process.

  1. Select which refurbished phone you're interested in from among those on offer.
  2. Purchase the plan you want online, which will come with its own SIM.
  3. Activate your SIM once it arrives and pop it into your handset. If you want to keep your own number, let numobile know at checkout or activation and it will arrange the transfer with your previous provider.
  4. Your SIM should be activated and your new service ready to go in a few hours to a day.

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