More Telecom mobile plans compared

More Telecom's SIM-only mobile plans take advantage of Telstra's 4G network to keep Aussies connected on the go.

Since its founding, More Telecom has focused on supplying Australian businesses with phone and Internet services designed to handle the particular requirements of the commercial industry. However, the telco has recently expanded its operations to include residential mobile plans targeted at regular Aussies.

Powered by parts of Telstra's 3G and 4G networks, these SIM-only mobile plans operate on month-to-month contracts with no long-term commitment required. Each plan comes with unlimited standard calls and texts throughout Australia as well as monthly data inclusions ranging from 1GB up to 30GB.

More Telecom SIM-only mobile plans

More Telecom's SIM-only plans come in six configurations:

  • SIM-only 1GB for $19.90 a month
  • SIM-only 3GB for $29.90 a month
  • SIM-only 6GB for $39.90 a month
  • SIM-only 9GB for $49.90 a month
  • SIM-only 15GB for $59.90 a month
  • SIM-only 30GB for $89.90 a month

Like most SIM-only mobile providers, More Telecom automatically charges for any data you use over your monthly cap. A 1GB top-up will be added at a price of $10 each time you exceed your cap, up to a maximum of 5GB extra per month.

If you've got friends or family overseas, More Telecom offers an international call pack alongside its mobile plans. For $10 extra a month, you get 120 minutes of calls to the following destinations: Argentina, Bangladesh, Bangladesh (mobile), Brazil, Canada, China, China (mobile), Czech Republic, Denmark, Denmark (mobile), France, Germany, Germany (mobile), Greece, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, (mobile), India, India (mobile), Indonesia, Indonesia (mobile), Ireland, Ireland (mobile), Israel, Israel (mobile), Italy, Italy (mobile), Japan, Malaysia, Malaysia (mobile), Malta, Malta (mobile), Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands (mobile), New Zealand, New Zealand (mobile), Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Pakistan (mobile), Peru, Philippines, Philippines (mobile), Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Singapore (mobile), South Africa, South Africa (mobile), South Korea, South Korea (mobile), Spain, Spain (mobile), Sweden, Sweden (mobile), Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United Kingdom (mobile), USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Vietnam (mobile).

How does More Telecom compare?

Like most mobile providers that leverage Telstra's 4G network, More Telecom prices its plans at a premium compared to those that use Optus's or Vodafone's networks. Whether the higher speeds and broader coverage of Telstra's network is worth that premium depends largely on where you live and what you use your mobile service for.

How do More Telecom's small plans compare?

At the budget end of the mobile space, More Telecom fails to offer the raw value for money that many of its competitors do. Providers like Yomojo, Moose Mobile and amaysim offer more data for your dollar at this price point, albeit with the caveat that they use Optus' 4G network instead of Telstra's. Even if you're specifically in the market for a Telstra-powered plan, though, you can find better value from the likes of Belong or TeleChoice.

How do More Telecom's medium plans compare?

More Telecom doesn't stack up any more favourably with its medium-sized mobile plans. Once again, plans from providers like Moose, Spintel and Exetel will get you far more data at a lower price on Optus's network, plus many plans bundle in international credit at no extra cost. If using Optus's network just isn't an option, Belong and TeleChoice continue to offer better deals than More Telecom.

How do More Telecom's large plans compare?

The gap between More Telecom and the front-runners of the SIM-only space only increases at the higher tiers of mobile data caps. For the same price as More Telecom charges for its 15GB plan, you could get 30GB or more from Moose Mobile, Jeenee Mobile or amaysim. Even against other providers operating on Telstra's network, More Telecom can't keep up: Belong and TeleChoice outperform it handily, as do KISSMobile and Pennytel.

Why should you consider More Telecom?

More Telecom is a tough one to recommend. Unless you absolutely require a plan on Telstra's 4G network, there are numerous alternatives out there that offer more call and data inclusions at a much cheaper price.

Presuming Telstra coverage is non-negotiable, More Telecom's plans are relatively competitive, though you can find better deals from other providers if you shop around. Still, More Telecom is at least worth considering, if only as a baseline to compare the competition against.

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