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More Telecom's SIM-only mobile plans take advantage of Telstra's 4G network to keep Aussies connected on the go.

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More Telecom

Is More Telecom right for me?

  • What does More Telecom offer? SIM-only mobile plans across parts of the Telstra 3G and 4G networks. Unlike More Telecom's business broadband plans, its mobile plans are available to all Aussies, no ABN required.
  • Product highlights: No-lock-in contracts, data caps span a wide range of needs, Telstra network coverage.
  • Watch out for: Telstra typically limits other telcos to using only parts of its mobile network. Such is the case with More Telecom. This can lead to poor reception in certain areas of the country, even if the full Telstra network covers those areas.
More Telecom mobile plans are not currently available via finder. You can visit their website at for more information or compare alternative options available below.

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More Telecom SIM-only mobile plans

More Telecom's SIM-only plans explained

More Telecom offers a variety of SIM-only mobile plans on no-lock-in contracts. These plans operate on parts of the Telstra 3G and 4G networks, with billing charged in advance for each month of service.

How does More Telecom compare?

  • Numerous data caps to choose from
  • Improved rural coverage via Telstra mobile network
  • Steeper prices than a lot of the competition

Like most mobile providers that leverage Telstra's 4G network, More Telecom prices its plans at a premium compared to those that use Optus's or Vodafone's networks. Whether the higher speeds and broader coverage of Telstra's network is worth that premium depends largely on where you live and what you use your mobile service for.

Why should you consider More Telecom?

More Telecom is a tough one to recommend. Unless you absolutely require a plan on Telstra's 4G network, there are numerous alternatives out there that offer more call and data inclusions at a much cheaper price.

Presuming Telstra coverage is non-negotiable, More Telecom's plans are relatively competitive, though you can find better deals from other providers if you shop around. Still, More Telecom is at least worth considering, if only as a baseline to compare the competition against.

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