ANZ Credit Card Complimentary Travel Insurance

Interested in ANZ credit cards with complimentary travel insurance? Find out more about your options here.

A range of ANZ credit cards come with premium benefits, including complimentary insurance for overseas trips, interstate flights and rental car excess payments. These policies are underwritten by QBE Insurance Australia, and have the potential to save you hundreds of dollars. Just as with purchased insurance, though, there are terms and conditions you need to meet before you can use this cover. This guide looks at the ANZ credit cards that come with complimentary travel insurance, what coverage options they provide and how to make an insurance claim, so that you can get the most out of this bonus feature. ANZ offers complimentary travel insurance to both platinum and black credit card customers. There are six options currently available.

Compare ANZ credit cards with complimentary insurance

Rates last updated July 23rd, 2017
Name Product Purchase rate (p.a.) Balance transfer rate (p.a.) Annual fee Product Description
ANZ Platinum Credit Card - Exclusive Offer
0% p.a. for 3 months (reverts to 19.74% p.a.)
0% p.a. for 12 months
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($87 p.a. thereafter)
Receive a low introductory offer of 0% p.a. on purchases for 3 months and 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 12 months.
ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum
19.99% p.a.
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($295 p.a. thereafter)
Get 50,000 bonus Qantas Points when you apply online, are approved and spend $2,500 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months.
ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures card
20.24% p.a.
$225 p.a.
Receive 40,000 bonus Velocity Points when you spend $500 on eligible purchases in the first three months.
ANZ Rewards Platinum
18.79% p.a.
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($95 p.a. thereafter)
Receive 50,000 bonus Reward Points when you spend $2,500 within the first 3 months from card approval.
ANZ Low Rate Platinum
11.49% p.a.
0% p.a. for 16 months with 2% balance transfer fee
$99 p.a.
Enjoy platinum benefits with exclusive discounts, complimentary travel and purchase insurances and a 24/7 personal concierge.
ANZ Frequent Flyer Black
19.99% p.a.
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($425 p.a. thereafter)
Receive 75,000 bonus Qantas Points when you apply online, are approved and spend $2,500 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months.
ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card
18.79% p.a.
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($375 p.a. thereafter)
Receive 75,000 bonus points when you spend $2,500 on eligible purchases within first 3 months and complimentary travel insurance.
ANZ Platinum Credit Card
19.74% p.a.
0% p.a. for 16 months with 2% balance transfer fee
$0 p.a. annual fee for the first year ($87 p.a. thereafter)
Enjoy platinum card benefits with a 24/7 personal concierge and complimentary overseas travel and medical insurance.
ANZ First Visa Credit Card
19.74% p.a.
0% p.a. for 16 months with 2% balance transfer fee
$30 p.a.
Get up to 44 interest-free days on purchases and take advantage of a low minimum credit limit.

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What are the eligibility requirements?

To activate your complimentary travel insurance, you will need to use your participating ANZ credit card to pay for some of your trip. The total spent needs to be at least AUD$250 (inclusive of taxes and other charges), and must go towards the following:

  • Transport costs (airfares and/or cruises)
  • Land content costs (tours, hire cars or other hired transport and accommodation)

It’s important to note that with this insurance, reward points are “not considered currency in determining achievement of minimum spend”. So if you’re booking your trip with ANZ rewards or frequent flyer points, you still have to spend at least $250 to get this cover. There are also a number of other requirements you need to meet to use this cover. QBE has outlined the following key conditions:

  • Card status. You must be a current eligible ANZ cardholder, or a spouse or child of the cardholder.
  • Age. You have to be 80 years of age or under on the day you activated the insurance policy.
  • Residency status. You should be an Australian citizen, resident, or the holder of a visa that allows you to live and work in Australia (including a 457).
  • Location status. You must have spent at least 75% of your time in Australia in the 12 months before your trip. New residents and visa holders who have been in Australia for less than a year can get cover if they have been in Australia for at least 75% of the time since they gained their residency or visa.
  • Ticket. You must have a valid return ticket to Australia.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions. Under this policy, QBE will not insure you or anyone else for issues that are caused by a pre-existing medical condition, or for any travel you take for the purpose of getting medical treatment.
QBE defines a pre-existing medical condition as: “any existing medical condition, including but not limited to mental disorder, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction or pregnancy and/or any chronic or ongoing physical, medical or dental condition.” These conditions will not be covered if consultations, treatment or medication has been prescribed or taken before you paid for your flights, or before your trip begins. In some circumstances, the complications that arise from any of these conditions may be covered by the insurance. You can contact QBE on 1300 135 271 to discuss these exceptions and find out what cover you can get based on your individual circumstances.
Providing you meet these conditions, your cover will be automatically activated before your trip. If you have questions about these requirements, or want to get a letter of eligibility for your insurance, you can call QBE on 1300 135 271.

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How do I know if I’m covered and what I’m covered for?

ANZ credit cards come with three main types of complimentary travel insurance. These are broadly defined as follow:

  1. Overseas travel and medical insurance. A comprehensive international travel insurance policy that includes medical expenses, cancellations, damage or loss of luggage and other personal items, rental vehicle expenses and loss of life or income. Cover begins on the day you depart your home in Australia and ends on your return or after six months of travel, whichever happens first.
  2. Transport accident cover. Covers you against accidents or injuries that may be sustained when you are travelling on an authorised travel vehicle, including planes, trains, tourist buses and ferries. The insurance also covers any accidents or injuries that occur when you board or leave these carriers. The cover begins from the date your trip commences up until the date you return home.
  3. Rental excess cover. Reimburses you for the amount of any collision excess that you have to pay when you have hired an eligible vehicle in Australia. Cover begins and ends based on the dates and terms of your rental vehicle agreement.

These three types of travel insurance also cover your spouse and any dependent children that are travelling with you throughout the journey. They will also have to meet the eligibility criteria, including payments to your card for part of their travel bookings.

QBE defines a spouse as a “legal or de facto spouse or a partner with whom you are in a permanent relationship. We may ask for proof of the marriage or permanent relationship”.
Your children, stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces and nephews who are under 21 years of age on the date your cover is activated and who are financially dependent on you during the trip will be considered as dependents who are eligible for insurance coverage. For transit accident insurance, dependents up to the age of 25 can also be insured if they are studying full time and unmarried. Check with QBE Insurance if you are unsure of the eligibility of a child travelling with you.
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How do I make a claim?

QBE is responsible for processing all insurance claims made under these policies, and specifies that all claims must be made within 30 days of the completion of your journey. You can take the following steps to submit a claim at any time:

  1. Contact QBE. Call the insurance company on 1300 135 271 in Australia or + 61 3 8523 2800 from overseas. You can also email QBE at To speed up the claims process, make sure you report incidents as soon as you can after they happen.
  2. Follow all other requirements relating to the issue. QBE outlines a number of requirements for specific claims, including submitting expenses to your private health fund for medical issues and reporting damaged or lost luggage within 24 hours of its disappearance. Refer to the ANZ Premium Cards insurance booklet (.pdf) for information on these specific conditions.
  3. Fill out the claim form. QBE will provide you with a claim form once you have got in touch. Make sure you include as much detail as possible when filling it out.
  4. Provide supporting documentation. Depending on the type of claim you are making, you will need to provide evidence in the form of receipts, medical or police reports, declarations, valuations and incident reports.

QBE will settle your claim within 10 working days of receiving a completed claim form with all the necessary supporting information, or contact you if more information is required.

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What insurances am I covered under?

Before you head off on a trip with this insurance, it’s important to know what you’ll be covered for and how much you can claim for each issue. The tables below outline what coverage you get, policy limits and excess costs for each type of complimentary travel insurance available with an ANZ credit card.

What does excess mean?

Note: An excess in insurance is basically the amount you must pay towards any claim that you make.

International travel insurance

Medical benefits
BenefitPolicy limit (per person)Excess

Overseas medical and dental expenses


Evacuation and repatriation

Unlimited $250

Hospital compensation

$8,000 plus $500 if due to mugging Nil
Critical illness or injury – emergency travel expenses for companionUnlimited Nil
Post-hospital accommodation$500 Nil
Dental expenses due to sudden and acute pain$2,000 $250

Cancellation and additional expenses

BenefitPolicy limit (per person)Excess

Cancellation or holiday deferment costs

Unlimited Exceptions: Agents fees up to a maximum of $2,000$250

Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses


Exceptions: Meals up to $500 and internet and telephone calls up to $250


Loss of reward points

Non-medical evacuation and repatriationUnlimited$250
Luggage and personal effects
BenefitPolicy limit (per person)Excess

Luggage and personal effects (total)


Personal computer, cameras & video camera


Any other item

Emergency luggage$1,000Nil
Replacement golf and surf equipment$200Nil
Replacement passports and travel documents$3,000Nil
Fraudulent use of credit or debit cards$3,000Nil
Extra travel cover
BenefitPolicy limit (per person)Excess

Travel delays, missed connections (special events)


Resumption of trip


Withdrawal of services

Emergency accommodation due to terrorism$3,000Nil
Domestic pets$500Nil
Rental vehicle expenses
BenefitPolicy limit (per person)Excess

Rental vehicle insurance excess


Return of rental vehicle

Accidental death, permanent disability and loss of income
BenefitPolicy limit (per person)Excess

Accidental death

$50,000Exception: $1,000 for each accompanying dependent childNil

Funeral expenses or repatriation of remains


Total permanent disability


Loss of income

Personal liability and legal expenses
BenefitPolicy limit (per person)Excess

Personal liability

$3,000,000 per eventNil

Legal expenses

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Transport accident insurance

The table below outlines the specific scenarios and insurance sums for transport accident claims. Note that QBE does not specify any excess payment requirements for this cover.

Transport accident injury resulting in:Sum insured

Loss of life


Loss of both hands or both feet


Loss of one hand and one foot

Loss of entire sight in both eyes$375,000
Loss of entire sight in both eyes and loss of one hand or one foot$375,000
Loss of one hand or one foot$175,000
Loss of entire sight in one eye$175,000

Rental excess cover

This coverage will provide you with up to $5,000 for rental collision excess costs within Australia. It has an excess payment of $350 per event.

Interstate flight inconvenience insurance

This insurance covers you, your spouse and any dependent children when you experience delays or cancellations for domestic flights you have booked and paid for in full using your eligible ANZ credit card.


Flight delay


12-hour luggage delay


Loss or damage to personal items

Funeral expenses as a result of accidental death$4,500
Cancellation of domestic travel arrangements$1,500
Rental vehicle excess cover$1,250

Purchase security insurance

This policy provides cardholders with coverage for 90 days to protect against the theft, damage or loss of most personal items purchased with an eligible ANZ credit card. The moment the items are charged to your credit card, the policy becomes active, regardless of where in the world the purchase was made. Claims are capped at AUD$3,500 per claim for jewellery, watches and fine art or $135,000 in any 12-month period.

The following items are not eligible for this insurance:

  • Items purchased for the purpose of resupply/resale
  • Business-related items
  • Animals or plant life
  • Computer software or non-tangible purchases
  • Cash, trading cards, traveller’s cheques, collectable, gambling or second-hand items
  • Consumables, e.g. food or oil
  • Vehicles – boats, automobiles, motorboats or airplanes
  • Real estate and movable fixtures or fittings, e.g. dishwashers, air conditioners
  • Purchased items exceeding $10,000
  • Anything over $3,500 in jewellery, watches and fine art
  • More than $135,000 over a 12-month period to your account

Extended warranty

This cover extends the Australian manufacturer’s warranty on personal goods purchased on an eligible ANZ credit card. The insurance comes into effect at the end of the warranty period and matches that timeframe when the Australian warranty is for no more than five years. The table below offers some examples:

Australian Warranty PeriodExtended Warranty PeriodTotal Warranty Period

7 days

7 days14 days

14 days

14 days28 days

1 month

1 month2 months
6 months6 months1 year
1 year1 year2 years
3 years1 year4 years
5 years1 year6 years
Over 5 yearsNo cover-
In this policy, “goods” refers to any personal property that has an Australian warranty and is used domestically or in the household (so, not for business purposes). It outlines the following exceptions:

  • Goods purchased with the intent of reselling or resupplying them
  • Goods purchased for transformation or to be used in the operation of a business
  • Goods used in operating a business
  • Goods that do not have a unique identification serial number given by the manufacturer
  • Goods that already have an Australian warranty that is longer than five years
  • Vehicles with engines including but not limited to boats, cars, motor boats and airplanes, as well as parts and accessories for these items
  • Second-hand goods, which include antiques
  • Real estate and movable fittings or fixtures that are an integral part of a residential, commercial or other type of property
  • Goods that cost more than $2,000

Best price guarantee scheme

This policy covers the difference in price when you purchase a personal item with your ANZ credit card and then see the same item advertised in a catalogue at a cheaper price within 21 days of your purchase. To make a claim, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • The catalogue must have been printed after you made your purchase
  • The store where the catalogue item is located must be within 25km of your original purchase
  • The difference in price must be $75 or more
  • The cheaper item must be identical to the item that you purchased

Claim limits for the best price guarantee are capped at $300 per item.

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ANZ’s premium credit cards offer a wide range of complimentary insurance options, including cover for both domestic and international travel. While these credit card perks offer you a way to get insurance without paying for it, there are still many terms and conditions you need to consider. This guide covers the essential details of ANZ credit card complimentary insurance but it is still important to refer to theANZ Premium Insurance guide for full details of each policy. Alternatively, you can contact QBE directly on 1300 135 271 with any specific questions or concerns.

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22 Responses

  1. Default Gravatar
    michelleMay 22, 2017

    We have tried to make a claim via QBE travel insurance provided on our ANZ credit card, ridiculous amounts of paperwork for one change due to Hurricane Matthew in November last year, we can not get any answers at all. They now require written confirmation from the hotel that we did not receive a refund from them. This sounds easy but we booked via a travel agent and booked a large chain hotel in America. We are not getting any response to emails or calls as they do not have specific bookings as they are the mother chain. is there a complaints line for QBE we can call because so far the policy is useless and the correspondence has gone on for 6 months with o solution in sight? we have documents from travel agents stating no refund given but that is not enough.

    • Staff
      LiezlMay 22, 2017Staff

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for reaching out. Just to confirm though, is financial comparison website and we do not represent any company we feature on our pages.

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. You can contact QBE’s Customer Care Unit directly, quoting your policy and/or claim number, to lodge a complain.

      I hope this has helped.


  2. Default Gravatar
    ChrisMay 10, 2017

    My husband and I are going to Bali soon and we paid for the accommodation and 3/4 of the airfares using our Frequent Flyer ANZ American Express card. The other 1/4 of the airfare was paid by using Virgin points. Can confirm to me that we have full travel insurance cover (including medical) for our 8 day holiday?

    • Staff
      MayMay 10, 2017Staff

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Yes, you’ll get covered so long that aside from the FF points, you’ve also spent a total of at least AUD$250 (inclusive of taxes and other charges) on your eligible ANZ credit card and have met all other eligibility requirements outlined above. You can further confirm your eligibility to get the insurance by calling QBE directly. Their number is listed above under “Conclusion” section.


  3. Default Gravatar
    CarmelMay 8, 2017

    Please advise on a credit card that will give free travel insurance for a domestic holiday. It must include rental car excess item.

    • Staff
      HaroldMay 9, 2017Staff

      Hi Carmel,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      While travel insurance can be a complimentary feature offered by a credit card, it’s not exactly free. Technically it comes at the cost of the card, which could have an annual fee or other expenses, and may have other requirements such as purchasing your travel fares using the card. You may want to consider the available options here.

      I hope this information has helped.


  4. Default Gravatar
    KhimMarch 23, 2017


    I am interested in reading more about your oversea travel insurance. I am having trouble downloading the ANZ premium insurance guide. Are you able to email me a copy? We have the Visa Black.


    • Staff
      MayMarch 23, 2017Staff

      Hi Khim,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Are you looking to get the PDS for the complimentary travel insurance attached to your ANZ Visa Black Card? If so, please refer to the link I sent to your email.


  5. Default Gravatar
    ZaraFebruary 16, 2017

    Hi, does the travel insurance cover cruises? I assume it does as it not listed as an exclusion but couldn’t see anything about it being included or mentioned

    thanks in advance

    • Staff
      MayFebruary 16, 2017Staff

      Hi Zara,

      Thank you for your question and for contacting – we are a financial comparison website and general information service designed to help consumers make better decisions. Please note that we are not affiliated with any company we feature on our site.

      Yes, cruises are also covered. If you wish to get full details of the complimentary travel insurance attached to the eligible ANZ credit card, you may refer to the page I sent to your email that contains the link to the PDS.


  6. Default Gravatar
    SidNovember 28, 2016


    Quick question regarding the extended warranty on offer with the ANZ Black card. So, if I buy an eligible item having 2 years Australian warranty, extended warranty would be another 2 years- so total of 4 years. My question is can I still claim extended warranty (3rd year and later) if I have surrendered the card since, even if I had originally purchased the item using the ANZ black card? Thanks.

    • Staff
      MayNovember 28, 2016Staff

      Hi Sid,

      Thanks for your question.

      Usually, the benefits of the credit cards will no longer take effect and cannot be used in the event that you close or cancel your account. So in case you will close your eligible ANZ card, the extended warranty insurance benefit attached to it can no longer be taken advantage of or claimed.


  7. Default Gravatar
    AndrewNovember 6, 2016

    I am about to travel for a week to Hong Kong and have an ANZ Platinum card. Do I need to pay the fares using this card and do I need to inform the bank when I am leaving and returning. I assume it only covers the card holder.

    • Staff
      JasonNovember 10, 2016Staff

      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      You must meet the eligibility requirements to get the complimentary insurance of this ANZ Platinum card. The coverage will automatically activate once you spend a total of least AUD$250 (inclusive of taxes and other charges) for transport or land content costs using the card. The complimentary travel insurance will also cover your spouse and any dependent children that are travelling with you throughout the journey once they meet the eligibility criteria, including payments for their travel bookings using your ANZ Platinum card.


  8. Default Gravatar
    sandyOctober 23, 2016

    My family and I are heading to Europe in May 2017 however we are purchasing tickets now, October 2016. Your complimentary insurance covers us from the day we start to travel for a period of 6 months. What happens if a close member of our family (not travellers) becomes seriously ill or dies and we need to cancel the flights prior to departure? Are we covered? Do we get our travel costs covered and reimbursed?

    • Staff
      MayOctober 28, 2016Staff

      Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for you question. Just to confirm that you’ve reached – a comparison website and general information service, not actually ANZ nor QBE Insurance.

      The Cancellation and Additional Expenses are actually included in the complimentary travel insurance attached to your eligible ANZ credit card, however, certain conditions apply.

      On pages 31 to 33 of the T&Cs, QBE Insurance has not stated that the cancellation and travel expenses will be covered if the reason for cancellation is due to a serious illness or death of a family not travelling with you.

      For your reference, I have sent to your email the ANZ travel insurance PDS.


  9. Default Gravatar
    September 16, 2016

    Does this insurance cover me if I’m going snowboarding ?

    • Staff
      YsaSeptember 21, 2016Staff

      Hi Todd,

      Thanks for your question.

      Unfortunately, there seems to be no mention of covers on snowboarding and other sports activities on the ANZ credit cards insurance policy.

      I have forwarded the PDF of the insurance policy to your email for your perusal. Should you wish to clarify on this further, you’ll need to get in touch with the QBE Insurance Group Limited (insurer) customer service team for direct assistance. You can find their contact information on the document I’ve sent to your email.

      I hope this helps.


  10. Default Gravatar
    KayleighJuly 21, 2016

    I am interested in the ANZ rewards Travel adventure card. In relation to the travel insurance – it says it is valid for 6 months from the day of departure.
    I am heading on a trip for 9 months, can I chose to begin this insurance 3 moths in to my trip to cover the final 6 month period?

    What is the average time to be accepted for this card once applied for?

    Thank you.

    • Staff
      MayJuly 21, 2016Staff

      Hi Kayleigh,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      For ANZ complimentary travel insurance, the cover begins on the day you depart your home in Australia and ends on your return or after six months of travel, whichever happens first. So for your 9-month travel, you’ll be covered for the first 6 months of your trip. You may want to get a separate insurance cover for the last 3 months of your journey.

      As for the ANZ credit card application, if you will apply online, you should receive a response in 60 seconds, with an online application reference number. Once you’re approved, you will usually receive your card and welcome kit within five business days. Your PIN will be mailed two business days after the card is issued.

      Hope this has helped.


    • Default Gravatar
      EDGARJune 23, 2017

      Could you please send me the form required from QBE to apply for ANZ Platinum Travel Insurance Cover for an upcoming princess cruise?

    • Staff
      RenchJune 24, 2017Staff

      Hi Edgar,

      Thanks for your inquiry. Please note that we are not affiliated with any company we feature on our site and so we can only offer you general advice.

      You may contact the insurance company directly for this request. Please contact QBE on 1300 135 271 to request for the requirements.

      Best regards,

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